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Participation in meets and events is a qualification criteria for a number of Association events. Consult the event specific rules provided on this page.

It is also used as part of the criteria for the TTGLAC Awards. 50% of the events programmed for that age group on that day must be completed for it to be registered as a meet. Athletes are to compete in their age groups unless the TTGLAC Committee has determined age groups be combined due to numbers. No athlete can change an event for another unless with prior Committee consent. If an athlete does participate in an event not programmed in for their age group on that day, it will not be entered in the results for that meet.

Independent Meets: As per SALAA guidelines, at most 5 events from an individual visit at another affiliated Little Athletics centre may contribute towards an athlete's qualification total. The recorder for TTGLAC requires verification of those results from the visited Centre's recorder, either by signature on the competition ticket, or by email.

Programme 2018/2019

All programmes are subject to change depending on weather conditions, athlete numbers and other circumstances.

#DayDate Timeprog
16 Sunday 6th Jan 9:15am Home 3
17 Sunday 13th Jan 9:15am GGLAC to visit TTGLAC 4
18 Sunday 20th Jan 9:15am Northern Regional Open Day - Ingle Farm LAC to host
19 Sunday 27th Jan 9:15am Home 1
20 Sunday 3rd Feb 9:15am Home 2
21 Saturday Sunday 9th Feb
10th Feb
9:00am State Multi Event Championships
Saturday16th FebFamily BINGO!!!
22Sunday 17th Feb 9:15am Home 3
23 Saturday Sunday23rd Feb
24th Feb
9:00am PB Classic #2 (PB Day) SA Athletics Staduim open
24 Sunday 3rd Mar 9:15am Northern Improvers Games Barossa LAC to host open
25 Sunday 10th Mar 9:15am Home - last home meet open
26 Sunday 17th Mar TBA State Challenge SA Athletics Stadium
27 Saturday Sunday 23rd Mar
24th Mar
TBA State Individual Champs SA Athletics Stadium
Saturday30th Mar TBA Presentation Night

Weather Policy


Any modifications to the meet due to weather will be made at the discretion of the Committee.

If it is raining we will attempt to hold a meet although some events will be cancelled for saftey reasons, such as High Jump and Hurdles. Any decision to cancel a meet due to rain will be made by the Committee 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start.

Hot Weather - Sunday Meets

If the temperature forecast for Sunday issued by the Bureau of Meteorology (Adelaide) at 5:00pm on Saturday is 37°C or above the meet will begin at 8:45am. The warm-up will begin at 8:30am.

If the temperature during the meet reaches 37°C then the meet will be run as a modified meet. The Committee will determine the order of events and which events will be cancelled.

Hot Weather - Friday Twilight Meets

If the temperature at 4pm as reported by the Bureau of Meteorology (Adelaide) is 37°C or above, the meet will be modified according to the conditions. For example all middle distance events will be cancelled and the total number of events reduced to three.

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Results from each club T&F competition can now be accessed online via ResultsHQ.


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Centre Best Performances

 Boys as of 20180401

 Girls as of 20190106

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The SALAA Standard Events and Technical Specifications are provided in Chapter 6 of:

 SALAA Standard Competition Rules 2017/2018 (494 KB)

Equipment Specification

Hurdles (Boys):

Age Group Distance
Flights Height
Run In
Run Out
U7-U9 Boys 60 6 45 12 7 13
U10-U11 Boys 60 6 60 12 7 13
U12 Boys 60 6 68 12 7 13
U13 Boys 80 9 76 12 7 12
U13 Boys 200 5 68 20 35 40
U14 Boys 90 9 76 13 8 13
U14 Boys 200 5 76 20 35 40
U15-U17 Boys 100 10 76 13 8.5 10.5
U15-U17 Boys 300 7 76 50 35 40

Hurdles (Girls):

Age Group Distance
Flights Height
Run In
Run Out
U7-U9 Girls 60 6 45 12 7 13
U10-U11 Girls 60 6 60 12 7 13
U12 Girls 60 6 68 12 7 13
U13 Girls 200 5 68 20 35 40
U13-U14 Girls 80 9 76 12 7 12
U14 Girls 200 5 76 20 35 40
U15-U17 Girls 90 9 76 13 8 13
U15-U17 Girls 300 5 76 50 35 40

Shot Put (Boys):

Age Group Mass Colour
U6-U7 Boys 1kg (size of 2kg) Blue
U8 Boys 1.5kg (size of 2kg) Yellow
U9-U12 Boys 2kg Orange
U13-U14 Boys 3kg White
U15-U16 Boys 4kg Red
U17 Boys 5kg Green

Shot Put (Girls):

Age Group Mass Colour
U6-U7 Girls 1kg (size of 2kg) Blue
U8 Girls 1.5kg (size of 2kg) Yellow
U9-U12 Girls 2kg Orange
U13-U17 Girls 3kg White

Discus (Boys):

Age Group Mass
U6-U7 Boys 350gm
U8-U11 Boys 500gm
U12-U13 Boys 750gm
U14-U16 Boys 1kg
U17 Boys 1.5kg

Discus (Girls):

Age Group Mass
U6-U7 Girls 350gm
U8-U11 Girls 500gm
U12-U13 Girls 750gm
U14-U17 Girls 1kg

Javelin (Boys):

Age Group Mass
U11-U12 Boys 400gm
U13-U14 Boys 600gm
U15-U17 Boys 700gm

Javelin (Girls):

Age Group Mass
U11-U14 Girls 400gm
U15-U17 Girls 500gm

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SALAA set down requirements for all competitions conducted by or on behalf of the Association and are used as a guide to centre competition. All competitions are conducted under these rules.

 SALAA Standard Competition Rules 2017/2018 (494 KB)

Little Athletics events are conducted under a set of modified IAAF rules. The SALAA Officials Club publish an Officials Guide that is provided in the Chaperone age group folders for easy reference during T&F competition. The guide may be downloaded:

 Modified Rules Officials Guide 2017/2018 (2.955 MB)

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Results HQ
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