Tea Tree Gully Little Athletics Centre
Bulkana Oval
Spring Crescent
Banksia Park, S.A. 5091

Registered members of the TTGLAC are covered by the Australian Little Athletics insurance policy.

Australian Little Athletics Insurance Policy

The policy is provided by V-insurance Group. It covers all registered members, officials, accredited coaches and voluntary workers involved in the administration and organisation of Little Athletics.

 Certificate of Currency 2016-2017 (342 KB)

The policy provides insurance against personal injury and loss or damage to property and equipment.

Personal Injury

The Australian Little Athletics Insurance includes payments for:

  • Death or permanent disability;
  • Non-Medicare medical expenses;
  • Student tutorial costs;
  • Household help allowance.
  • Bed care Benefit; and
  • Loss of income.

Further details are available in the Claim Form.

In the result of personal injury it is necessary to complete an Injury Report Form and a Claim Form. Details of how to make a claim are included in the form.

 Sports Injury Report Form (197 KB)
 Personal Injury Claim Form (446 KB)

Property & Equipment Loss or Damage

For any loss or damage to property and equipment the following claim form must be completed and signed by the relevant parties. Details of how to make a claim are included in the form.

 Property & Equipment Claim Form (278 KB)


Barossa Valley LAC Cross Country Host Day, 16 June 2013.