Tea Tree Gully Athletics Centre Bulkana Oval, Spring Crescent, Banksia Park, S.A. 5091 Seniors | Centre Management

The TTGLAC is managed by a sub-committee of the TTGAC Centre Management Committee. The TTGLAC Committee for the current Season is:

Position Name
President Claire Robertson Holland
 Secretary (21 KB) Jane Sternagel
Team Manager Jono Bates
 Chief Recorder (70 KB) Jono Bates
Treasurer Leanne Green
 Registrar (26 KB) Claire Robertson-Holland
Fund Raising/Social Diana Wain
Publicity and Promotions Jane Sternagel
General Committee KAndrew McKelvie
Kylie Burge
Julia Larkin
Laura Mitchell
Eduardo Pena
Kristie Wassermann

Other non-committee positions vital to the running of our centre are:

Position Name
Canteen Coordinator Natalie Bastian
Coaching Coordinator Jane Sternagel
Child Safety Officer Mel Lienert
First Aid Officer Vacant
Tiny Tots Coordinator Jane Sternagel
Webmaster Scott Hewett
Onesimus Hewett
Uniform Coordinator Diana Wain

Committee Meetings

The TTGLAC Committee meets on average once a month. The day and time are as mutually agreed by the committee members.

The committee meeting agenda and minutes are available to our members upon request.

Past Presidents

The past presidents of the Little Athletics sub-committee are:

Honour Roll

Season President
2022/2023 Tom Ainslie
2021/2022 Jane Sternagel
2020/2021 Jane Sternagel
2019/2020 Jane Sternagel
2018/2019 Jane Sternagel
2017/2018 Jane Sternagel
2016/2017 Jane Sternagel
2015/2016 Jane Sternagel
2014/2015 Jane Sternagel
2013/2014 Di Ferguson
2012/2013 Jim Stear & Di Ferguson
2011/2012 Craig Hams
2010/2011 Craig Hams
2009/2010 Marc Marshall
2008/2009 Marc Marshall
2007/2008 Marc Marshall
2006/2007 Stephen Fairfield
2005/2006 Stephen Fairfield
2004/2005 Barry Carter
2003/2004 Barry Carter
2002/2003 Richard Staples
2001/2002 Richard Staples
2000/2001 Colleen Hargans
1999/2000 Colleen Hargans
1998/1999 Richard Staples
1997/1998 Richard Staples
1996/1997 Richard Staples
1995/1996 Beryl Robertson
1994/1995 Bruce Ainslie
1993/1994 Bruce Ainslie
1992/1993 Geoff Ryan
1991/1992 David Johnson
1990/1991 Don Robertson
1989/1990 Don Robertson
1988/1989 Jeff Page
1987/1988 Jeff Page
1986/1987 Greg Potter (TBC)
1985/1986 Loralie Dunn
1984/1985 Loralie Dunn
1983/1984 Laurie O'Connell
1982/1983 Laurie O'Connell
1981/1982 Denise Yard
1980/1981 Lea Parker
1979/1980 Malcolm Hann
1978/1979 Alan Cocks
1977/1978 Alan Cocks
1976/1977 Alan Cocks
1975/1976 Alan Cocks
1974/1975 Alan Cocks
1973/1974 Alan Cocks
1972/1973 Otto Arens

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Season 2022/2023 begins 25th Sep 2022 Bulkana Oval. Program info
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SALAA Metropolitan Centre of the year
Updated: 13 Aug 2022
Well Done !! TTG Won the The SALAA Metropolitan Centre of the year
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Tea Tree Gully Athletes representing SA for the National Cross Country Championships 2019