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Officials' Levels


Officials are an essential part of running an athletics competition. Officials are accredited under the Australian Athletics Officials Education Scheme (AAOES). The scheme provides a seamless and transparent pathway for all athletics Officials regardless of their affiliation with SALAA or ASA, from the grass roots to the international level.

The scheme concentrates on event groupings and officials are encouraged to be proficient across a number of event groups.

The levels of the scheme delivered within Australia are:

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Officials' Resources


SALAA set down requirements for all competitions conducted by or on behalf of the Association and are used as a guide to centre competition. All competitions are conducted under these rules.

 SALAA Standard Competition Rules 2017/2018 (494 KB)

These rules and instructions are a collection of the relevant Little Athletics South Australia Competition Rules together with rules of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) as found in the IAAF official handbook. Unless otherwise specified in this regulation the IAAF Rules and Regulations will be used, and applied.

 IAAF Competition Rules 2014/2015 (4.066 MB)

Amendments to the rules are published on the IAAF website.

The SALAA Officials Club publish an Officials Guide that is provided in the Chaperone age group folders for easy reference during T&F competition. The guide may be downloaded:

 Modified Rules Officials Guide 2017/2018 (2.955 MB)

ALA Officiating Tips

A collection of videos by Little Athletics Australia circa 2010, providing tips for officiating events. A great collection for starting families and group chaperones. It includes a playlist of 8 short overview videos:

  1. Starting a Race (1:11)
  2. Timekeeping (0:58)
  3. General Track Rules (0:53)
  4. Horizontal Jumps - Run Up (1:50)
  5. High Jump (1:02)
  6. Circular Throws (1:38)
  7. Javelin (1:59)
  8. Recording (2:00)

The Australian Athletics Officials Education Committee (a joint initiative of Athletics Australia and Little Athletics Australia), have developed a number of 'handy' hints, a document to assist officials undertaking their roles.

 Officials Handy Hints (3.195 MB)

They are primarily aimed at novice officials, who would like a handy guide they can keep in their bag at athletics carnivals. Each handy hint has a brief outline of the following:

  • Significant rules of the event
  • Equipment required to conduct the event
  • Officials required to conduct the event
  • Risk management considerations

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