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Little Athletics is a volunteer based organisation. It would not be possible to run the TTGLAC without the support of volunteers.

Every parent/support person fits into the grand scheme. Without your help, this recreation would cease to exist for our children.

Parents, like our athletes, come in many shapes and sizes with all sorts of experience and talents that they usually don't even know they have!

Parent participation is vital to keep our Centre functioning. A roster is established for parents to assist with set-up, canteen, timekeeper, starter and pack-up:

The roster assigns responsibility to parents based on the age group of their child/children. The parents are asked to agree amongst themselves who will fill the required quota. It generally only requires one or two parents to assist the committee.

Please feel free to make yourself available for timekeeping, chaperoning and officiating.


Volunteers undertake a wide range of roles. These include:

  • Set-up before competition.
  • Chaperones

    Chaperones have the task of ensuring Athletes enjoy their activities in an organised and supportive atmosphere. Acting as a chaperone involves recording of performances and marshalling Athletes to events.

  • Officials

    Our Centre needs parents to act as officials during competition. Without officials there can be no competition. Parents need not be formally qualified; however, the opportunity to gain qualification exists through courses run by the Association.To see how you can become an accredited official see the Officials page.

    Parents who become involved will participate in an essential and most rewarding role. Any result where an Athlete achieves a Centre Best must be witnessed and signed off by an Official. To cater for this it is recommended that each age group have at least one 'C' Grade Official. Talk to a Committee member about becoming a 'C' Grade Official.

  • Starting

     Fact Sheet - Starter (132 KB)

     Fact Sheet - Starter Health & Safety (91 KB)

  • Timekeeping.

    Timekeepers have the task of measuring the elapsed time between the start and the finish of the race and determining the placings. Timing commences from the sight of smoke from the starting gun and concludes when any part of the Athletes torso (not head, arms or legs) crosses the finish line. When timekeeping, times are rounded up to the next tenth of a second. e.g.

    watch shows 10.18 seconds - recorded as 10.2 seconds or
    watch shows 10.10 seconds - recorded as 10.1 seconds or
    watch shows 10.11 seconds - recorded as 10.2 seconds)

    Our Chief Timekeeper will provide advice and guidance to those parents who need assistance.

     Fact Sheet - Timekeeping (116 KB)

  • Finish Marshall

     Fact Sheet - Finish Marshall (126 KB)

  • Serving in the Canteen.
  • Cooking the BBQ.
  • Pack-up after competition.
  • Participation in working bees.

    An annual Working Bee is held to conduct a general tidy-up and perform minor maintenance work.

  • Oval marking

    Assisting our Grounds and Equipment Officer in marking out the track prior to the Track & Field season start.
Contact a Committee Member if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.
T&F Competition
Updated: 8 Sept 2022
Season 2022/2023 begins 25th Sep 2022 Bulkana Oval. Program info
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Well Done !! TTG Won the The SALAA Metropolitan Centre of the year
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