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TTGLAC Newsletter #2 (28 Oct 2018)

Posted: 25 Oct 2018

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TTGLAC Newsletter #1 (6 Oct 2018)

Posted: 9 Oct 2018

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TTGLAC Parent Roster 2018-19

Posted: 3 Oct 2018

 TTGLAC Parent Roster 2018-19 (PDF)

TTGLAC Newsletter #8 (26 April 2018)

Posted: 8 May 2018

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TTGLAC Newsletter #7 (1 March 2018)

Posted: 7 March 2018

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TTGLAC Newsletter #6 (16 February 2018)

Posted: 25 January 2018

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TTGLAC Newsletter #5 (25 January 2018)

Posted: 25 January 2018

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TTGLAC Newsletter #4 (5 January 2018)

Posted: 5 January 2018

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TTGLAC Newsletter #3 (7 December 2017)

Posted: 8 December 2017

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TTGLAC Newsletter #2 (16 November 2017)

Posted: 16 November 2017

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TTGLAC Newsletter #1 (23 October 2017)

Posted: 23 October 2017

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New Season 2017/18 (9 September 2017)

Posted: 9 September 2017

Well it's that time again when we brace our for the excitement and business that is Track and Field athletics! TTGLA Committee has been working really hard over the winter months to make this season fun and exciting for everyone.

With a new Member Portal being rolled out by SALAA we are hoping that the registration process for you guys is a lot simpler this year. SALAA are intending to send you all a welcome back email and the link to access this new portal either today or this week. Please keep an eye out in your inboxes and also your Junk box. (There is a complete "How to" guide on our website if you get stuck.) Once you have successfully registered and paid online, we will have your numbers and rego packs ready at the next Sunday meet or you can arrange pick up at a Wednesday night training. Please note, ALL payment is done on line and athletes membership will not activate in our system until this is done. This is out of our control now with the new system.

Tea Tree Gully Little Aths are starting the season with an Information and Introduction to Track and Field this Sunday 17th September at the Club starting at 9am. This is ultimately aimed at brand new families wanting more information and to get a glimpse of a few of our events. You are all more than welcome to pop up and attend as it would be lovely to have some athletes out in their uniforms to demonstrate, and befriend these new families. However if this is not for you or you are unable to attend, our season starts officially on Sunday 24th September. There will still be a lot of new families attending so please be patient and encouraging.

All this season information can now be found on our website. We will also have our event roster and full calendar on Team App by Wednesday.

Remember if you are needing new uniforms these can be purchased online through our website and will be ready for collection the next week.

So as you can see lots happening! I hope to see you all back out on the track for season 17/18.


Jane Sternagel, TTGLAC President

Newsletter (29 June 2017)

Posted: 29 June 2017

Good morning everyone,

Please find attached what will be the final newsletter and email sent from this STG registration system!!

SALAA will be introducing a new portal very shortly and we hope that it will make registering for the new season much easier!

 TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 987 KB)

Thank you for being part of TTGAC, and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon.



Nominations open! (5 June 2017)

Posted: 6 June 2017

Good afternoon everyone,

Well it has been a while between emails and I hope you are all well and keeping warm.

Firstly can I say a big thank you to all those athletes and their families that attended our end of Season Presentation night back in April. It was a great night with much fun had on the oval. There does seem however, to be quite a few unclaimed certificates and awards, so if you weren't able to attend please email me and we can arrange to pick up or drop these off to you.

Our Cross Country season is well under way now and we have had a fantastic group of kids attending on a regular basis!.... but... we'd always like more! If you've not done cross country before have a think about coming out for a run, even if its just for fun and a bit of winter fitness. We are really keen to add another teams championship trophy to our cabinet so the more the merrier!! All details can be found on the SALAA website and the new winter handbook is now in Team App under DOCUMENTS. Look forward to seeing some more faces soon....

In the off season, the new committee have already been working hard planning season 2017/18. A fantastic new sponsorship proposal is being created and will be really valuable to all members. More info on this to come real soon!!

As part of SALAAs commitment to recognising and rewarding the hard working volunteers that make this sport work, nominations are now open for the 2016/17 awards. We are calling for any and all nominations in the categories of: COACH, OFFICIAL and CENTRE HELPER. Please read through the attached information and if you would like to nominate someone within the club for any of these awards, please forward their name and a brief description why you nominated them to la@ttgathletics.com.au.

Enjoy your long weekend and hope to see you all soon,


Leader Messenger Article (3 May 2017)

Posted: 14 June 2017

Read the Leader Messenger article promoting the TTGLAC cross country achievements and activities.

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Season 2016/2017

  • TTGAC AGM and Presentation night (29 March 2017) - (Posted: 3 April 2017)

    Hey everyone,

    Well, nothing wraps up a great season like a good party!!! Our end of season presentation night and AGM is next Saturday 8th April starting at 3pm. Presentations go for 1.5 hrs followed by bouncy castle, ice cream van, disco and oval shenanigans!.... and then some footy on the big screen. Bring your deck chairs, 'sensibly' packed eski and a wooly coat and enjoy celebrating the year that was! It was a busy one and one that we have learnt loads from. Thank you to all those who have completed the survey monkey. Your honesty has given us lots to work with, making season 2017/18 very exciting indeed! If you haven't yet done it there is still time... we will keep them open until after the AGM.

    Thank you to those fabulous parents who helped with today's TTG SAPSASA day. Again it was held together by some amazing parents doing a fabulous job for their kids and others. I'm so lucky to be in such good company! And well done to all the Gully kids who represented both their school and our club, in such high fashion. After seeing some kids out there today, and then comparing them to the kids that are involved at our centre every Sunday morning, I think Little Athletics not only teaches our kids how to run faster and throw further, it teaches them sportsmanship, manners and creates well rounded, polite young people..... and to me, that's winning right there!

    Enjoy the rest of the week and look forward to seeing you all on the 8th April.

    Jane x x x

  • SA Athletics Academy (27 March 2017) - (Posted: 3 April 2017)

    Hi all,

    Please find important information regarding the upcoming Athletics Academy offered by SALAA for winter training and event conditioning.


    Its a really great opportunity for you as parents to be proactive in your athletes personal development.

    Looking forward to seeing heaps of Gully kids out there!!!



  • Newsletter (24 March 2017) - (Posted: 6 June 2017)

    Hi everyone,

    Well its that time of year when we, as a committee, put our season under the microscope and look at what worked, what was great, and the important one,....what we can do better.

    We have created a quick 10 question survey that we are hoping will give us some much needed and valued feedback to plan for an even better 2017/18.

    Its all anonymous, so please be honest, but also be realistic and remember the club is run by volunteer parents, giving up their time, for your kids. Constructive criticism is healthy, trash talk is destructive.

    Also just a quick reminder that TTGLAC are hosting the TTG District SAPSASA carnival on Wednesday 29th March. Michelle would still love some helpers in the canteen and we could really use some more parents to hover around the jumps and throws area. We will also need someone to help at the end of the running tracks, to make sure athletes are correctly recorded. Please, if you have a sneaky day off, or will be there with your kids can you lend a hand.

    Enjoy your free weekend, and please try and sit down sometime soon and give us your feedback.


    Thanks heaps,


  • Modified Open program (11 March 2017) - (Posted: 11 March 2017)

    Hi all,

    Well with the weather sticking true to form and looking wet and soggy, we have made a few modifications to tomorrows Open program. Field events will still run as per normal but the times for the straight track and circular track events will run slightly earlier. Last time we did this we were well ahead of schedule so to get all events done and dusted before the storm hits, we have moved them forwards.....

     Open Program (PDF 486 KB)

    Remember its a fun day, and parents, I encourage you to have a run against your child! Or if you wanna have a crack at starting etc please do so!!

    Thanks guys,

    Jane x x

  • Newsletter 8.3.17 (8 March 2017) - (Posted: 9 March 2017)

    Hi guys,

    Please find attached the link to this weeks newsletter. It's getting close to one of the last ones for the season but is still packed full of info!

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 891 KB)

    Remember this Sunday is our last home meet, with a open program and lots of fun and shenanigans. It's also our Tiny Tots presentation so please come on time as we have quite a few medals to present.

    I'm not even going to mention the weather,..... but look forward to seeing you all Sunday morning! LOL



  • Newsletter ((24 February 2017)) - (Posted: (24 February 2017))

    Hi All,

    Please find attached this weeks newsletter.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 1.833 MB)

    Its good news week!!!



  • Relay eve (11 February 2017) - (Posted: 11 February 2017)

    Hi all

    Please find attached the parent roster and important relay info.

     TTGLAC Parent Roster (318 KB)

     TTGLAC Relay Eve Newsletter (PDF 29 KB)

    The time table is still the same as on the SALAA website and the Team App.

    If you need any more information please don't hesitate to ask me.

    See you all Sunday,


  • Newsletter (10 February 2017) - (Posted: 10 February 2017)

    Hi guys,

    Please find attached this fortnights newsletter for your reading pleasure.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 1.177 MB)



  • Relay Timetable (6 February 2017) - (Posted: 7 February 2017)

    Hi guys,

    Well its cotton wool week for all our relay athletes!!! Mums and Dads, please ensure your kids are safe this week and refrain from attending Bounce, Lattitude, Ice Skating and similar venues!!! LOL we don't need any silly injuries.

    I have attached the final program as issued by SALAA so you can start planning your day. All athletes please make sure you are there at least 45 mins before your event. Car parking can be a bit crazy on days like this so please don't expect a quick walk in.

     Program (PDF 348 KB)

    Can all athletes please check they have correct uniform. This means full set of badges, Age, rego, jetstar. I will have a heap of spares on the day just in case.

    Shoes! I do have spare screw in spikes for those needing them. Otherwise, InterSport, our wonderful sponsor at TTP should still stock them for us. Remember 7mm Christmas trees, or pyramids. No needles!

    If you are still unsure of what event you are doing, please email me. There are a few last minute juggles happening with field teams so stay tuned. We are also needing to finalise our Mums and Dads teams. I think I have some starters....

    MUMS: Anna McKenzie, Gabi Raikiwasa, Caieta Davey, Jane Sternagel

    DADS: Craig McKenzie, Tiv Raikiwasa, Tim Davey, ............? one more gun!!

    I will be in contact later in the week with some helpful hints, especially if the weather is going to be warm.

    Stay SAFE and UNINJURED for now,

    Jane x x

  • Northern Improver's Games (2 February 2017) - (Posted: 2 February 2017)

    Please find attached important information regarding the upcoming Northern Improver's Games coming up on the 26th Feb 2017.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 571 KB)

    This is a totally different event to this Sundays Open Day at Playford.

    If you have any questions please email me!



  • Newsletter 26.1.17 (26 January 2017)- (Posted: 31 January 2017)

    Hi All,

    Please find attached this weeks newsletter and also the Open Program for the up coming Northern Regional Day to be hosted by Playford LAC, Duncan Anderson Reserve, Trimmer Drive, Elizabeth Vale.

    Rules and regulations regarding this day will be on our website, Teamapp and in hard copies in the chaperone folders on Sunday.

     Program (15 KB)

     TTGLAC Newsletter (1.175 MB)

    See you all Sunday morning,


    PS:... before Christmas we had a pair of girls waffle shoes go missing or mistakenly taken home. If you do have them by accident could you return them to Claire, our Uniform Coordinator. ;o)

  • Multi Event Parent Roster (16 January 2017) - (Posted: 16 January 2017)

    Hi Everyone,

    Please find attached the parent roster for this weekends Multi Event Champs.

     TTGLAC Parent Roster (406 KB)

    As you can see SALAA have been very generous in their allocation of events for TTGLAC and this equates to more events than families!!!!

    I have tried to allocate you at times around your child's events, as hardly any of our families and athlete events correspond, so I had trouble even trying to allocate parents at their own child's events.

    Apologies to the Sunday families..... it will be a double day for some of you.

    I have left some allocations blank as I feel if we all do the duties allocated we will have done by far enough. If we get a call over the speaker then so be it, and we will draw straws!! lol!!

    If you can not do your allocated event please try and do a swap with another family. If we work together we should be fine.

    Good luck to all. The weather looks great. A little bit warm but hopefully not hot enough for the Hot Weather policy to kick in. Keep an eye on your emails later in the week if the weather does look like its turning hot, SALAA will make a call regarding the heat late in the week.

    See you all there,


  • Newsletter (5 January 2017) - (Posted: 10 January 2017)

    Hi Everyone,

    Please find attached this weeks newsletter. It includes up coming dates and the new roster for the remainder of the season.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 1.265 MB)

    Please remember to follow us, TTGAC and Little Athletics SA on Facebook for all the latest event information and updates.

    See you all Sunday,


  • Newsletter 10.12 (10 December 2016) - (Posted: 10 December 2016)

    Good morning all,

    Please find attached this weeks newsletter.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 1.897 MB)

    Sorry its a tad late but I'll be lucky to get to Christmas on time the rate I'm going!!! LOL

    Have a great weekend!


  • Newsletter (24 November 2016) - (Posted: 28 November 2016)

    Hi all

    Just a cheeky newsletter full of heaps of information heading forward!

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 1.934 MB)

    Get your diaries ready!!!



  • Important Relay Information (23 November 2016) - (Posted: 24 November 2016)

    Hi everyone,

    Please find attached some very important information regarding the upcoming State Relay Champs in Feb 2017.


    The 'event' numbers will also apply to athletes wanting to participate in the State Multi Event Champs in January 2017. A list of Multi Event Qualifiers will be on the notice board this Sunday. It indicates on there the number of 'events' required for eligibility for both the Relays and Multi Event Champs.


    Jane Sternagel

  • Newsletter (11 November 2016) - (Posted: 12 November 2016)

    Hi All,

    Please find attached this fortnights newsletter.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 2.395 MB)

    Again it contains some important dates and reminders.

    See you all Sunday!


  • Newsletter (28 October 2016) - (Posted: 28 October 2016)

    Good morning everyone,

    Please find attached this weeks newsletter.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 2.331 MB)

    Information about BINGO night, general training, Introduction to Coaching Course, upcoming dates and registrations included, plus the next two weeks rosters.

    Have a great day!


  • Newsletter (26 September 2016) - (Posted: 12 October 2016)

    Please find attached our first newsletter of the season with all your helpful registration information.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 1.899 MB)

    If you are returning to TTGAC this season, jump online and register so your goodie bag can be packed and ready for quick collection. If you are not returning, thank you for being part of TTGAC and all the best for your future endeavours.

    If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact me at la@ttgathletics.com.au or Pam on la.registrar@ttgathletics.com.au

    Look forward to seeing you all again soon,

    Jane Sternagel

    TTGLAC President

Season 2015/2016

  • Winter news (15 May 2016) - (Posted: 5 June 2016)

    Hello everyone!

    Well with the winter weather fast approaching, I thought it was a good time to up date you all on what is happening within the club over winter.

    I would firstly like to welcome all the new committee members and thank you for making the decision to help develop this fabulous club. The winter months are spent brain storming and planing for the season ahead so if you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know so we can include them in our planing.

    We have a selection of coaches that continue to train during the winter. Our winter coaches are:

    • John Bos - middle distance/conditioning Mon/ Wed/ Friday
    • Graham Ellis - sprints/ fitness Thursday
    • Don Robertson - middle distance (seniors/ 11 up) Monday

    For more info on any of these sessions please contact me on 0414640477 for details as some sessions have limited numbers.

    Our Cross Country season kicked off this Sunday with Gawler LAC hosting at Dead Mans Pass. Well done to all those who attended. All cross country info can now be found on our website, www.ttgathletics.com or in our winter handbooks.

    For those of you that didn't quite get it right for mum last Sunday, or forgot all together, why not redeem yourself with a 2016/17 Entertainment Book!! At $65 and with part proceeds coming back to the club, it's a great investment.....and might earn some brownie points with mum!!!! Follow this link for easy purchase options. https://www.entertainmentbook.com.au/orderbooks/9292e78.

    For those looking for something a bit warmer this winter we have reduced the cost of our grey hoodies, ($30) to clear old stock, in readiness for a new design next season. The new designs are in the very very early stages, so if you have any thoughts or designs you'd like us to consider, please let me know. We also are introducing and trialling some new winter merchandise so watch this space for things to come!

    I hope this is enough to keep you all up to date and I will be in touch over the winter, with all important updates.

    Thanks everyone, rug up and stay dry!


  • Newsletter (14 April 2016) - (Posted: 15 April 2016)

    Good evening everyone,

    Thank you to all those who attended the TTGLAC presentation day last Saturday. We had a great day and it was good to see so many happy faces, (most of them beautifully painted up), out there having fun. As you are aware, we had Rob taking photos and these are now available to view and purchase through the Geosnapshot website or this link. www.geosnapshot.com/e/tea-tree-gully-athletics-centre-presentation-day.

    With the end of the summer track and field season comes the start of the Cross Country season. John has put together his training schedule and we hope to see many of you join us this winter. Its great fitness and such good fun!

    For those of you that just need one more fix of Track and Field, please come along and join the cheer squad at this years Australian Athletics Championships, to be held at SA Athletics Stadium on Sunday 24th April. TTGLAC has 2 fabulous representatives and SA as a whole, have some amazing athletes on show.

    Please, if you are free and looking for a great day out, head down to Mile End, in your red, blue and gold and support these amazing athletes!!!

    So again, I thank you all for your support and commitment this season and I look forward to seeing you all in season 2016/17!



  • Newsletter (7 April 2016) - (Posted: 8 April 2016)

    Good afternoon everyone,

    With only two sleeps to go until our end of season celebrations, we are all things crossed hoping for some nice weather on Saturday afternoon! Bulkana Oval, as lovely as it is, has a reputation to be colder that Antarctica once the sun goes down. Please bring warm clothes, jackets etc. to pop on into the evening. We will have the club room open and heaters on but still be prepared.

    Attached is some information about food that is available on the night. Big thanks to Rotary Club of Makin Edge for their support in allowing our committee a night to relax and enjoy. Remember you are also welcome to byo food and drinks. I think my eski will have a few celebratory bubbles...;o)

    With all good things, they must come to an end eventually, and this is sadly the case for our under 17 athletes. I can not emphasise enough how fabulous this group have been over the years and how much energy and fun they have bought to the club. In appreciation of all that they have done, we have put together a little farewell momento... please click on the link and take a look..... ????

    Remember the day kicks off at 3pm sharp with a small break for the AGM at 4:30pm, and then more frivolities into the early evening and concluding with our Senior presentations.

    For those who are unable to join us, thank you for all your support and involvement this season. We hope you have had fun, and we look forward to seeing you all again on October 2016, for a even better season!!

    Take care,


  • Final Newsletter (30 March 2016) - (Posted: 30 March 2016)

    Hi everyone,

    Please find attached the final Summer Newsletter for Season 15-16.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 3.608 MB)

    Its been a pleasure being part of such a great team this season and I'm really looking forward to the fun that is Cross Country!!

    I hope many of you will join us this winter!!

    Congratulations to all on a fabulous summer season, and see you again in 2016/17.

    Many thanks


  • SIC information and roster (17 March 2016) - (Posted: 18 March 2016)

    Hi everyone,

    Please find attached the parent roster for the weekend's competition. As you can see there are a few events we haven't allocated a parent for so we may need to fill in some gaps with anyone available as the day goes on. We have been given a big allocation this year so will do our best.

    For athletes wearing spikes, they must be the 7mm 'christmas trees' or 'pyramids'. Needle spikes are not allowed. Inter Sports ( formerly Champs near Kmart) at TTP have them and I have purchased two sets if anyone needs spares on the day.

    Remember hats and sunscreen and food and water.

    Best of luck team and will see you all on the track!!


     Parent Information 102 KB)

  • AGM documents for all members (17 March 2016) - (Posted: 17 March 2016)

    Hi all,

    Please find attached important information regarding the up coming AGM on the 9th April. If you cannot down load this information it can be found on the website under About Us, Management, TTG Centre Management Committee, Annual General Meeting.

    Many thanks

    Jane Sternagel

  • Urgent SIC confirmation!!! (15 March 2016) - (Posted: 15 March 2016)

    Hi All,

    Can all families participating in the sic this weekend, PLEASE go to the TTGLAC website and check that your athletes events are correct!

    We need to confirm this ASAP.

    Can you please let me know ASAP if there are any concerns.

    Many thanks


  • Newsletter 8 (25 February 2016) - (Posted: 25 February 2016)

    Hi all,

    Please find attached this weeks newsletter. Its a bit of a good news weekly with relay photos and ASA Championship results.

    There is also a bit of exciting fundraising news to keep you 'entertained'....... boom boom!!!!

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 3.201 MB)

    Thanks guys,

    Jane x

  • Golden Grove visit (19 February 2016) - (Posted: 20 February 2016)

    Good morning all,

    Just a reminder that we are at Golden Grove LAC, Tilley Reserve, tonight with warm ups starting at 6:30pm.

    Owen and the team always put on a fabulous night so head on over and have some fun. Tonight is for everyone so Tiny Tots you are welcome too.

    After some hiccups with img I'm playing it safe and have posted tonights program of events on our website.

    After some confusion last Sunday we have ironed out the gremlins and the SIC and State Challenge qualifiers are correct and available on our website for those who have not yet registered. Remember Sunday night (21/2/16) is the cut off for these events.

    Have a great day and see you tonight,


  • Newsletter (12 February 2016) - (Posted: 13 February 2016)

    Hi All,

    Please find attached newsletter #7 with some important information regarding the upcoming State Challenge and the State Individual Championships.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 2.699 MB)

    Please note

    *** The State Challenge is only available to U9 - U15 athletes, who registered with a centre before the 30th November 2015, and who are not participating in the State Individual Championships in two (2) or more events.***

    Please feel free to ask questions, I know it can be very confusing!!!!

    All these events come with an entry fee which can be paid directly through our online shop on the website home page, or cash. All forms need to be handed to Joleen or to the canteen.

    Sunday's Open program is on the website so you can start to plan your morning. Please use this as an opportunity to push for any last qualifying times and results.

    Wow, its definitely starting to feel like the business end of the season. Hang in there......

    Thanks guys and see you all Sunday,


    • Canteen: Visciglio, Northway
    • BBQ: Opitz, Pompilli
    • Setup and Pull down: Possingham, Raikiwasa, Robson, Sandercock
    • Timer: Simmunsen
  • 5th Feb meet (5 February 2016) - (Posted: 5 February 2016)

    Good morning everyone,

    Just a quick reminder that we have a Little Aths meet on tonight at home at Bulkana Oval starting at 6:30 sharp for those can make it.

    We have a special guest coming to help present some awards and would love to see as many of you there to support this. I'll give you a couple of clues to see if you can work it out.. " Olympics, Cycling, Adelaide Crows, AOM!?!?!?!" Good luck ;0)

    We also will need extra volunteers to run the canteen and BBQ tonight as Michelle, Pam and Mel are all away with other commitments. If we do not get sufficient helpers then the canteen WILL NOT OPEN!!!! Please offer your help if you can or have missed a previous turn on any of the rosters!!

    See you tonight!


  • Newsletter (27 January 2016) - (Posted: 28 January 2016)

    Hi Everyone,

    Please find a email full of attachments!! ......below is this weeks newsletter:

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 2.458 MB)

    Also attached is this Sunday's Program, Oval Map and Northern Regional Day Rules of competition.

    All information can also be found on the home page of our website.

    I hope everyone has a great day, it should be loads of fun with good weather forecast, and a mega instant raffle!!!!

    Lets do our club proud and remember to offer help to committee, canteen and BBQ during the day.

    Thanks in advance,

    Jane Sternagel

  • Newsletter (22 January 2016) - (Posted: 27 January 2016)

    Hi everyone,

    Just sharing the new version of the parent >roster for the rest of the season. There arent too many weeks left, so lets all do our bit and see the season through.

    Thank you to those parents that have helped previous. It makes the committee job a bit easier. Plus I hope your learning a bit about how the day runs.

    On top of this roster there will be a Relay Roster coming out and a State Individual Champs Roster.

    Our next big one that we will need ALL hands on deck for is the Northern Region Open Day on Jan 31st!! Other Centres will be running events but TTG have to run the two running tracks all day. This will require timekeepers, marshals and some scribers. If we all have a go it will take the pressure off everyone, so please make yourself available at some point during the day to help. The committee will be there rotating all day but parental help will also be needed. Days like this are a huge money opportunity for our clubs and with the luxury of our canteen and bbq we will also be calling for helpers in these areas too.

    The weather looks good for Sunday, and our Pro Meet Saturday night! Again all welcome to come and have a look. Racing starts at 6pm.

    See you all then,


  • Newsletter (13 January 2016) - (Posted: 14 January 2016)
  • Newsletter (8 January 2016) - (Posted: 9 January 2016)

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    I hope you've all had a great break and a fun time with family and friends over the holiday period.

    So now sees the start of the second half of the season and what a busy half it is. I will keep you up to date with cut offs and nomination requirements as much as I can so please read your emails and check in on the website regularly for all information.

    Having said that, nominations are now open for the State Carnival for the Under 9-Under 12 athletes on Sunday 7th February. I don't know much about this day anymore than what is advertised on SALAAs website. I'm guessing its like a PB day style where kids choose 5 events. There will be carnival activities provided like bouncy castles and face painting. Its a good chance for the kids to have another run on the 'big' track. Entry is $10 and all nominations are done online. Cut off for this event is 22nd January 2016.

    The next biggie is State Relays. We will be calling on athletes and parents to register an interest in this event so we can pick athletes that are available and able to compete. Athletes will be selected on their recorded times from all meets so far and teams, both track and field, will be decided by the independent relay committee. Any parents interested in coaching or assisting our club coaches are asked to contact myself or John.

    Just a reminder that we will need the continued support of all our families again to continue making this season amazing! A new roster is in progress, and this weeks roster is as follows:

    • Canteen: Wiesner/ White
    • BBQ: Williams/ Wilson
    • Setup and Pull down: Worley/ Pullinger/ Avery/ Barr
    • Timer: Belkner
    • <

    Also with the weather set to rise again over the weekend, please check the Hot Weather policy (pg 20 of your hand book) and check BOM at 5pm Saturday night to see if we will implement the early start.

    Ok, well that should be enough to ease us back into it! lol.....

    See you all Sunday,


  • Newsletter #4 (24 December 2015) - (Posted: 24 December 2015)

    Hi Everyone,

    Please find attached this weeks newsletter which contains some important dates.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 3.307 MB)

    Have a great holiday period and see you all in the new year!!

    Jane x x/p>

  • Newsletter (10 December 2015) - (Posted: 10 December 2015)

    Hi everyone,

    Please find attached this weeks newsletter. Take special note of the parent roster for tomorrow night and also

    • the cut off dates for the tt-U8 Whole Foods Classic, and
    • the cut off for State Multi Event Championships.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 3.007 MB)

    Have a great day and hope to see many of you tomorrow night.


  • Hot Weather Policy (3 December 2015) - (Posted: 4 December 2015)

    Hi everyone,

    With this weekends weather forecast looking like a scorcher, can you please take note of our HOT WEATHER POLICY. It states:

    Hot Weather - Sunday Meets

    "If the temperature forecast for Sunday issued by the Bureau of Meteorology (Adelaide) at 5:00pm on Saturday is 37�C or above the meet will begin at 8:45am. The warm-up will begin at 8:30am.

    If the temperature during the meet reaches 37�C then the meet will be run as a modified meet. The Committee will determine the order of events and which events will be cancelled."

    In the event of this happening, can our set up helpers please be at the oval on or around 7:30am so we can get the day started on time. That way we can have the meet all done before the heat really starts to hurt! Its mornings like this that extra parental help for set up ALWAYS helps.

    • Canteen: Visciglio, Lovell
    • BBQ: Marshall, McDonald
    • Set Up / Pack Away: McGowan-Graeber, McKenzie, Naseby, Ovenden + others!
    • Timer: Richter

    Other important notes:

    • Christmas Party and Modified Meet is next Friday night, 11th Dec @ Bulkana Oval ( more info to come next week)
    • State Multi Event Championships (under 9 and over) nominations are now open....and close on DEC 13th 2015!!! Please check your Inboxes and Junk mail for info sent from SALAA in regards to this. All information about this event is in that email! Payment can be made online via our weblink http://www.ttgathletics.com.au/la/LAIndex.php
    • Please check your Summer Handbooks for SALAA events happening in the New Year. They will come thick and fast so be aware of dates and cut offs. Results will be on the website very shortly....

    Thanks guys, stay cool and see you all bright and early Sunday morning!


  • Newsletter #4 (26 November 2015) - (Posted: 1 December 2015)

    Hi everyone,

    Please find attached this weeks newsletter. Its a good read if I do say so myself.....

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 2.864 MB)

    Lots of information for both Little Aths families and Senior Aths.

    Remember there is no home meet this week at TTG, but I will see a bunch of you at SA Athletics Stadium for the Jetstar Classic on Sunday.

    See you back at TTG on Sunday December 6th.



  • Jetstar Classic (15 November 2015) - (Posted: 15 November 2015)

    Hi every one,

    Just a last minute email for this years Jetstar Classic (formerly known as PB Day)......to register you will need your username and password which was emailed to you on registration of your children. Each child has a unique username and password. If you cannot recall this email, please email myself or Emma at la.registrar@ttgathletics.com.au to retrieve it. ALL registrations and payments are done on line this year as decided by SALAA.

    Its a great chance for children to have a run at the "BIG" Stadium and to experience the track and other areas.

    Would love to see as many TTGLAC kids as possible!!!

    Also for those families who spoke to me today about wayward emails,...please let me know if this one finds you.

    As the week goes on, and as to not clog your inbox today, I will send around some basic rules regarding some events...ie long and triple jump measurements, HJ rules and Shot Put and Discus dos and don'ts. We need to all be up to date with these to create fairness at events and also if we are called on to help at any given SALAA meet.

    Thanks guys, and well done again today on another great meet!! ;o)

  • Newsletter #3 (12 November 2015) - (Posted: 13 November 2015)

    Hi All,

    Please find attached Issue #3 of our TTGLAC Newsletter.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 756 KB)

    Please take note of cut off dates for up coming SALAA events and also the parent roster.

    With this warm weather fast approaching can we also be mindful of the hot weather policies as outlined in your Summer Handbooks.

    Remember many hands make light work, so I hope to see some friendly helpers out on Sunday morning!

    See you Sunday,

    Jane Sternagel

  • Jetstar Classic (9 November 2015) - (Posted: 10 November 2015)

    Hi everyone,

    Please take note of the CUT OFF date for this years Jetstar Classic (formerly known as PB Day)......to register you will need your username and password which was emailed to you on registration of your children. Each child has a unique username and password. If you cannot recall this email, please email myself or Emma at la.registrar@ttgathletics.com.au to retrieve it. ALL registrations and payment is done on line this year as decided by SALAA.

    Its a great chance for children to have a run at the "BIG" Staduim and to experience the track and other areas.

    Would love to see as many TTGLAC kids as possible!!!

  • Roster Reminder (5 November 2015) - (10 November 2015)

    Good evening everybody,

    Just a friendly reminder as we fly through the weeks that our season 2015/16 parent roster is up and running.

    I have attached the next few weeks leading up to the the Jetstar Classic (formerly Personal Best Day).

    Please can you double check if your name appears on the roster. Remember if you can not do your role for some reason please find an alternative family to help you or make a swap. Alternatively, if you are just a cheeky early morning person who loves the good fresh air a Sunday morning can bring, then we'd love to see you out too. It's now time that our committee have a little breather themselves, so more parent help is really going to be required.

    Im hoping this rain has freshened up our oval, and will make for some good performances this week.

    Thanks everyone and see you all Sunday,


  • Newsletter and Registration Information (28 October 2015) - (Posted: 29 October 2015)

    Hello everyone,

    As promised here is the Program of events for Sundays Northern Regional Games to be held at Gawler Little Athletics Centre, Trinity College, Trinity Back Oval. ( ....again if it fails it will be on the website.)

    The program starts at 9:30 am so if we can all get there around 9am we will do a group warm up. Tiny Tots remember you are part of this day too so please join us and have some fun!

    Tea Tree Gully Little Athletics Centre has been allocated Triple Jump and Long Jump to host. The event times are

    TRIPLE JUMP 1: 9:30am, 10:30am, 11:30am and 1:20pm

    LONG JUMP 2: 11:40am, 12:40pm, 1:30pm

    These should be quite short stints, so if we all put out hand in and help when your child is at that event, it will run very smoothly. I endeavor to be hanging around to help organise these events but if you are confident enough when your child is using one of these events please feel free to step in and give me a loo break!!!

    We will have the TTG tent up so look for us to come and park your deck chairs.

    Fingers crossed for a fabulous day,

    See you all then,


  • Newsletter and Registration Information (16 October 2015) - (Posted: 16 October 2015)

    Good evening everyone,

    .....by the time most of you read this it will probably be Good morning, so hello all.

    This week has seen the start of Nova and Little Athletics SAs Come and Try radio promotion. This means there is bound to be lots of new faces around the club on Sunday so please make them welcome.

    This week also sees our committee running extremely low on helpers due to external commitments and the All Schools Championships at SA Athletics Stadium. So this week we are really calling on members to step up and help, especially with regards to setting up and time keeping. It is very easy and John and I will be floating to assist you. We may also need a second starter, so if you are willing to give this a go or have done it before and are keen to have another go please let me know.

    With out help this week we will fail to start on time, if at all, and it would be such a dissapointment and embarrasment to our amazing club.

    We have created a parent roster for this season and I will attach it to this email, but...., big but...., IF it fails it will be posted on our website tomorrow. Remember if you cannot do you allocated role please sort out alternative help through friends or fellow age group parents.

     TTGLAC Parent Roster (PDF 47 KB)

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation and I look forward to seeing you all Sunday.

    Jane Sternagel

  • Newsletter and Registration Information (16 October 2015) - (Posted: 16 October 2015)

    Hi everyone,

    I hope this email and newsletter reaches you all. I am trying the new IMG email system. All feed back welcome!

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 839 KB)

    I hope everyone had a good day last Sunday and I look forward to seeing you all again this weekend. Remember to allow plenty of time to sort uniforms and any registrations. Our club rooms will be open from 8:30am to allow you time before the day starts.

    The bbq will be going again this Sunday and will be a regular part of our food options this season. We will also have some dohnuts and cakes available in the canteen. ??

    In order to kick off at 9:15am sharp we need the oval to be set up, and as a committee alone, we push to get it done. Many hands make light work they say, so if you can head to the oval by 8am and help it would be much appreciated! ????



  • Newsletter and Registration Information (2 October 2015) - (Posted: 2 October 2015)

    Good Evening everyone,

    Well its finally time to dust off those joggers and get ready for Season 2015/16!

    Please find attached our first Newsletter which contains everything you will need to get the season started.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 572 KB)

    It contains information on how to:

    • Register Online
    • Order Uniforms Online
    • Information and Registration Night Fri 9th October 6:30pm - 8:30pm - to collect Rego packs and Uniform Orders
    • First Home Meet Sunday 9am - 11am

    Please check it out and I look forward to seeing you all again real soon!!

    Jane Sternagel

    TTGLAC President

  • TTGLAC Newsletter (10 September 2015) - (Posted: 19 September 2015)

    Good morning everyone

    You are receiving this email as an existing Tea Tree Gully Little Athletics registered athlete. Our new Track and Field Season commences mid October, so we would like to provide some guidance around the registration process.

    How to register :

    • All athlete registrations will be online under the IMG registration system
    • Returning athletes will need to LOG IN to roll over their details from last season
    • There are currently issues with the IMG system delaying our registration process

    When to register :

    • The system will be up and running within the next couple of weeks, so please refrain from registering until we advise
    • For those that have already registered, we will link your registration to last year's data - thank you for your eagerness to register early!

    Sports Vouchers :

    • We are accepting Sports vouchers to provide $50 discount to those eligible, so please gather your forms if you intend to claim (as you will provide them with your registration)

    Please find attached instructions with links and procedures to undertake this registration process, WHEN ADVISED TO DO SO. Our registration open night/ bag collection will be 9th October, and full season information will be available on this night, but please feel free to contact us is you have any queries in the meantime:

    Jane Sternagel (President) la@ttgathletics.com.au (all general enquiries)
    Emma Chalmers (Registrar) la.registrar@ttgathletics.com.au (all registration enquiries)
    Pam Cummings (Treasurer) treasurer@ttgathletics.com.au (all finance/Sports Voucher enquiries))

Season 2014/2015

  • TTGLAC Newsletter (10 July 2015) - (Posted: 21 July 2015)

    Dear Member,

    Good afternoon everyone,

    Well its been a while since we wrapped up an incredibly successful Summer Season and its now only weeks away from wrapping up what looks like is going to be another very successful Winter Season.

    Our Cross Country runners have been doing fabulously well over the winter and representing the club at a level that has impressed everyone from coaches, to parents and officials. This year due to the amazing numbers of athletes participating, we, as a committee, decided to elect Winter Captains to oversee the younger athletes coming through and to lead by example and give guidance when needed. I am very pleased to announce our inaugural Winter Captains are Kasey Cummings and Zac Bemmerl. These have proved to be a popular choice with the kids and they are doing themselves and the club proud. Congratulations guys.

    It is on this note that I invite you to come along for a look and to join us on our host day on Sunday 19th July at Bulkana Oval, from 11am till 2pm. If you've never done a run like this, pop out to the Club and have a go. The cross country time table of events will be attached. Unfortunately it will be too late to qualify for State Championships the week after, but its a great opportunity to have a look at how a cross country meet is run and what happens if you're not 100% sure.

    We will have the canteen going with an array of beautiful winter soups for sale as well as a bbq and egg and bacon sandwiches. Hopefully there will be a bit of water in the bottom creek after this weekends storm so there will be plenty of grubby athletes to cheer on too.

    This meet is always popular with other clubs on the winter program, and as well as having a reputation for a very well run day, we have a reputation of putting on a fantastic Instant Raffle too. So with this in mind I'm putting out a call for any donations of wine, goods, vouchers, or the likes to have as prizes on our raffle table. If you can help in any way please email Paul Geesing, our fund raising coordinator on la.social@ttgathletics.com.au. Alternatively reply to me via this email and I can arrange for goods to be picked up or a drop off point to deliver to.

    We are really hoping to pull off another successful day and hopefully the weather is fitting for a Cross Country meet.

    I look forward to seeing some of you next Sunday.

    Many thanks

    Jane Sternagel

    TTGLAC President

  • TTGLAC Newsletter (2 May 2015) - (Posted: 3 May 2015)

    Good evening everyone,

    Well the dust has well and truly settled now on the summer season that was. I hope you had as much fun as I did at the Presentation Night. Even though numbers were down we hope that those that did attend had a good time. The bubble soccer was a huge hit and will definitely have to make a reappearance at some point again. Congratulations to all those who won medals and trophies and well done to all who were part of the TTGLAC Summer season 2014/15.

    I know some of you have been resting up, while others have been into some x country training. Personally, I have had the amazing opportunity to travel to Perth recently with the SA State Team, who competed in the 2015 Australian Little Athletics Championships. Our athletes performed incredibly well, with 6 medals won in total. 1 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze. Our TTG athletes represented us so very well and as a club we should all be very proud of them. Emilaya made the finals in all her events, and Kyla made the final top 8 in her Shot Put, while Erin held her events together very well to be competitive in the Multi Event. Full results will be posted on the Little Aths website shortly. So for any under 12's that will be heading into Under 13's next season, definitely set this as one of your goals. Adelaide is hosting next years event and its going to be spectacular!

    At the AGM there were a few new faces that put their hand up to become part of next seasons committee. Welcome to you all! There is always room for more so if you missed your chance at the AGM please feel free to contact me any time. We are also open to offers of help even if you cant make the full commitment to the committee. If you run a business or have contacts that may be able to help and assist us at any point in the season please feel free to let us know.

    I would also love to hear any feed back on what did and didn't work for people during the season. Whether it be the rosters or the programme itself, or the equipment or the committee, the start of the season or the presentation night.... all feedback be it good, bad or otherwise, is always useful so we can work at making it better in the future.

    So now, the next part of our season becomes the wet and wooly one.

    Cross Country starts this weekend and here is a quick snippet from John:


    The first Cross Country competition for season 2014/2015 is hosted by Southern Hills LAC on Sunday 3 May 2015 from 11:00am at Flagstaff Hill Primary School [1], 145 Black Road, Flagstaff Hill. The course is an interesting one and features a steep hill on the longer loops. Part of it is run on a school oval but then it descends downhill into an adjacent nature reserve and of course what goes down must eventually come up. Look out for the TTGAC tent on the oval. For those that haven't been out before make sure you arrive about 45 minutes before your scheduled event so that you have time to walk the course. Maps are provided by the host centre on the day. For athletes that have never run a cross country race please come and talk to a coach before the race for some instructions.


    The cross country schedule published in the handbook and on the website is still being finalised by SALAA. We still don't have a location for the West Lakes and Districts LAC Host Day on 24 May 2015 and the host for the event on 7 June 2015 is still to be determined. We'll keep you informed of changes as they are notified by SALAA.

    Cross Country training is now in full swing on Wednesday nights at 4:30pm at Bulkana Oval. This is a great chance for your kids to practise some skills that they will need during the season.

    Thanks everyone and hope to see you all again real soon.

    Jane Sternagel

  • TTGAC: 2015 AGM Reports (9 April 2015) - (Posted: 10 April 2015)

    Hello everyone,

    On the eve of our AGM and presentation night, please find attached some formal documents in readiness for Saturdays AGM. There is also a bit of information regarding some coaching courses being run over the winter in readiness for next season.

    Don't forget the fun and games and all important presentations start at 3pm and we will break at 4pm for the AGM. The presentation will then continue at the end of the AGM, followed by more fun on the oval.

    Remember Papas Gourmet Hotdogs (YUMMO!) are the food suppliers for the evening and will be selling Gourmet Hotdogs for $10, kids dogs for $5, hot chips an drinks. Tea and Coffee will be available for free inside the clubrooms.

    The face painters are keen to get busy and the Bouncy Castle and Bubble Soccer should be a real hoot!!

    Fingers crossed the weather is looking good for Saturday but please remember Bulkana Oval sits on the edge of Antarctica at times, so BRING WARM CLOTHES for later in the afternoon!!

    Load up the eski, deck chars and picnic blankets and I look forward to seeing you all Saturday afternoon.


    Jane Sternagel


    The TTGLAC is committed to providing high quality athletics coaching and supports the ongoing education of our volunteer coaches. If you are interested in becoming an accredited athletics coach then please contact our Education Officer, John Bos (la.education@ttgathletics.com.au). Training courses are run by Athletics SA throughout the year. Details are available on the centre web site and the Athletics SA web site.


    Dear Member,

    Please find attached the following documents in support of the AGM this Saturday afternoon.

    Hope to see you there.

    Kind regards,


    Tea Tree Gully Athletics Centre
    CMC Secretary
    Direct 08 8343 3852 | Mobile 0408 899 429

  • SIC Saturday 21st March (19 March 2015) - (Posted: 20 March 2015)

    Hi All,

    Please find attached the parent roster for Saturdays SIC. (if you cannot open it or read it it will be on our website) It is a biggie as SALAA have changed the way they allocate events so we are all spread out over all events over the whole day!!! They allocate what times we need helpers on what events so we have tried to allocate around each athletes events. We no longer just look after one event as we have done at other meets this season. Please appreciate the time and effort that has gone into this one,..... and we are still working on Sundays!

    Hence it will take a bit of deciphering.

    We have tried to allocate parents as close to their child's event as a big majority are only doing one event. So to read this roster,.....

    • The allocated jobs are in the top left hand corner and they have been numbered 1 to 18.
    • The box directly underneath will have the family name, the time allocation and the job number. Ie: Shot Put 1 is #10, Time keeper track 2 is #5.
    • The box on the far right is when the athletes events are on, and some side notes.

    So the main box is the one you need to take note of. Your name, your time and your job number.

    Phew!!....and remember if you cannot fill your allocation please organise with another parent to do so. Committee members cannot fill in and cover everyone this time. We have our own children that we need to support on this big weekend.

    Also attached is a role description of each job. There will be a Chief Official from the LASA Officials Club overseeing each event as it is a championship event. We are there purely as helpers! No need to stress!

    A final program and event specific rules should have been sent to all entered athletes today via SALAA. If you did not receive this please email me asap.

    BIG REMINDER!! Correct Centre uniform is to be worn. This includes NO BLACK SOX!!! White or club sox only! ...and for athletes wearing spikes, please refresh yourself with the rules per event.

    Pre race day nerves are a common thing at this time so parents be mindful that kids may not be themselves Friday night or Saturday morning. Let them be..... Give them a good head start by a nice carbohydrate dinner Friday night. Pasta or rice is ideal.

    Fluids! Allow them to drink plenty Friday night and over night and then monitor their fluid intake as the day goes on. It could be warm so this is very important! but don't gulp a litre pre race or you will end up with a sloshy belly.

    Breakfast should be eaten, however with a belly full of nerves sometimes they don't feel like it. Keep it simple. Toast with honey, banana. Nothing too heavy or that may cause gastric stress; i.e. too much fibre!!!!

    So with all that said I wish every athlete the very very best of luck. Do your best and try your hardest, and thats all anybody can ask. Be proud of what you achieve and most importantly be a good sport and have fun!

    See you all on the track, nerves and all!!

    Jane x

  • TTGAC AGM Notice (2015) - (Posted: 16 March 2015)

    Dear Member,

    Please find attached the following documents in support of the 38th AGM to be held on Saturday 11th April 2015 at the Bulkana Oval clubroom:

    The AGM will be preceded by Little Athletics Track & Field Presentations on the oval starting at 3pm with a break at 4pm for the AGM.

    Kind regards,


    Tea Tree Gully Athletics Centre
    CMC Secretary
    Direct 08 8343 3852 | Mobile 0408 899 429

  • TTGLAC Newsletter (5 March 2015) - (Posted: 6 March 2015)

    Good evening everyone,

    Please find attached this fortnights newsletter. It will be the last official one for a while. There will be regular correspondence happening during the winter season to keep everyone up to date with what's happening.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 1.319 MB)

    (Note under important dates on page 2, the third heading should be Multi Event Championships.)

    As it is well and truly mad March here at Bulkana Oval we have a lot of schools hiring our facilities and using the oval. You will notice on Sunday that there are actually 8 lanes marked. The inside line is and addition and not for our little aths to run in. Please remember this on Sunday and avoid the inside lane.

    Remember Sunday morning is the 'special meeting' to be held inside the club at 9:15am, and also collection day for those who ordered Krispy Kremes!!!

    Another exciting development that will be happening on our break is the removal of our old kitchen facilities and the installation of a beautiful flash new one! This has been a working project for close to 12 months now, with TTG Council grants allowing this to happen. Petra, Pam, Paul, with the help of Farquar Kitchens, have come up with a design that will see the kitchen fully renovated and modernised. The installation of a new oven, hot plate, range hood, dishwasher and sink with loads of cupboards and storage space will see this really enhance the hall for future functions and hall hire. We will keep you posted with updates!

    Hence why part of our presentation night includes having Papas Gourmet Hotdogs come and cater for us. Hotdogs are $10 each, with a selection of 6 toppings, 1/2 size hotdogs for kiddies $5, fries are $5 and $3 drinks. They will have plenty for everyone so feel free to go back for seconds. They will be serving all afternoon and evening so hopefully there won't be the tea time rush that can often happen.

    Have a great weekend everyone. Unfortunately I will not be there due to family plans. A few other committee members will be absent too, so please chip in and help where you can to make our last meet a goodie!

    Thanks everyone,


  • Little Aths Info (25 February 2015) - (Posted: 25 February 2015)

    Hello everyone,

    Well what a crazy weekend that turned out to be! Im hoping you all survived the heat and made it through unscathed.

    Congratulations to all those that took part in the Adelaide Track Classic, it sounds like we had a couple of nice wins too. I hope the families that went got something out of the night and enjoyed watching some of Australia's best Track and Field athletes on our home turf.

    Thank you to all that came out to Golden Grove on Friday night. It was a beautiful night in the end under lights and I believe there were quite a few quick times being recorded! Awesome job guys.

    Please remember that we still have our general training sessions on a Wednesday night, 4:30pm, at the club. All other coaches are preparing athletes for State individual Champs. We have been very lucky to acquire the coaching services of Jeff Page for the following few Thursdays to assist athletes with some sprints and hurdles coaching. Jeff is one of the founding members of the TTGAC and a wealth of information and knowledge when it comes to athletics. He will be at Bulkana Oval on Thursdays from 4pm till 5:30pm. Please take him up on this fabulous opportunity. We are also looking forward to Jeff joining us on a regular basis in season 2015/16.


    • Sunday's Multi Event Championship is being reviewed as we speak and I will let you know definite dates as soon as SALAA release them.
    • Under 15 age groups will compete on a separate date, early evening, Friday 20th March. The Under 15 State Team Athletes will then be announced at the SIC the following day. With the split in age groups now we are not sure how SALAA will do programming but I'm sure they will let us know as soon as they can.
    • Krispy Kreme orders are due in this Sunday 1st March.
    • Special Meeting 8th March at TTGLAC starting at 9:15am to vote on constitutional changes.
    • Improvers Games 15th March at Ingle Farm Little Athletics Centre
    • * SIC 21st and 22nd March!!!
    • * AGM 11th April. Presentation night starts at 3pm with a short interval for the AGM at 4pm, followed by more fun and presentations

    Remember this week we are back at home so please check your parent roster for those age groups that are required to assist.

    Make sure your all clean and tidy Sunday morning as we have a team photo planned for the morning before warm ups! Really wanting a lasting impression to join the numerous new photos being displayed in the hall.

    Thanks and see you on the track,


  • TTGLAC Newsletter (8 January 2015) - (Posted: 9 January 2015)

    Hi Everyone,

    Please find attached Issue 6 of the Gully newsletter.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 1.339 MB)

    Jane Sternagel

    TTGLAC President

  • TTGLAC Newsletter (19 February 2015) - (Posted: 20 February 2015)

    Hi folks,

    Please find attached this weeks newsletter and the parent roster for Multis on Sunday, and Golden Grove's program for Friday night.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 1.263 MB)

    Looks like SALAA will use the hot weather program so this parent roster will probably change! I will email out asap with any info that I get from SALAA. Please be flexible when it comes to parent help....it could get a little crazy!

    For all others, see you Friday night at Golden Grove!



  • TTGLAC Newsletter (14 February 2015) - (Posted: 14 February 2015)

    Hello everyone,

    Just a quick email with some friendly date reminders and a program for this Sundays open meet.

    We WILL be using the hot weather policy which means tomorrows warm up, (pardon the pun), will start at 8:30am and the meet proper will get under way about 8:45am. Unfortunately we don't have a revised hot weather program so you will need to adjust the event times by bringing them forward half an hour.

    We have made the decision to limit the athletes to 4 events due to the heat. Athletes in the u15+ age groups may do more if they feel its appropriate at the time.

    Please can I have as many helpers out for set up (7:30am) tomorrow as possible. We really need to get an early start.

    Again for the safety of the younger athletes we will not be running 50m, 300m, 500m, or 700m for the u6-u8 non qualifying age groups and to help streamline both tracks.

    Tiny Tots transition will still go ahead and the events will be Discus, 70m and Long Jump. To not create congestion at the discus we will get the Tiny Tots underway right on 8:30am while the older athletes are doing announcements and warm ups. Once they have completed a jump at long jump could they please return to the tiny tots area to finish up with the rest of the group...weather permitting.

    Could I also have a few parents to assist again with the remaining Tiny Tots? A manual and event specific activities will be available for help.


    • State Individual Forms and money are due 23rd February. Jason will take forms at the Golden Grove away visit. (qualification lists attached)
    • Improvers Games forms are due 24th February.
    • KRISPY KREMES!! orders are due 1st March.

    Also another cheeky reminder that we are looking to recruit new committee members for next season. We are always looking for fresh ideas and new faces and its a great way to make a difference.

    Check your parent rosters for this weekend so it can run as quickly and smoothly as possible, and see you on the track,

    Jane Sternagel

  • Adelaide Track Classic (10 February 2015) - (Posted: 10 February 2015)

    Hi All,

    Just a last minute reminder if anyone else is interested in jumping on board with the Adelaide Track Classic Night on Saturday 21st February 2015. All the positions are for 4x100m relays. We still have a few vacancies for the following: -

    • Under 9 boys (4 vacant positions)
    • Under 11 boys (3 vacant positions)
    • Under 11 girls (4 vacant positions)
    • Under 13 girls (1 vacant position)
    • Under 15 boys (4 vacant positions)
    • Under 15 girls (2 vacant positions)

    Should your age group not be there you can still apply in order to fill the positions and your child can run in the nearest older age group. There is free admission for the child and one adult. And an opportunity to a win medal as well as seeing the professional athletes close up like the Australian Olympian Gold medallist hurdler Sally Pearson and the Gold Commonwealth javelin thrower Kim Mickle.

    Please let us know by email as soon as possible if you and your child are interested.


  • TTGLAC Newsletter (6 February 2015) - (Posted: 8 February 2015)

    Hi Everyone,

    A jam packed newsletter with lots of dates and info and our delicious fundraiser of Krispy Kremes. See you all on Sunday.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 1.082 MB)


  • Newsletter (30 January 2015) - (Posted: 30 January 2015)

    Hi Everyone,

    Just a last minute reminder that this weekends meet is tomorrow, SATURDAY 31st Jan at Salisbury East Little Athletics Centre. Northern Region Open day starts with warm ups at 9:15am. Please don't forget hats and sunscreen. It will be one of those days that will catch you out if you don't sunscreen up!!

    Helpers are always needed on these days to make the meet run to schedule so please pop over and lend a hand when you can.

    There is no home meet on Sunday. Have the morning off to go for a walk, go out for breakie or just a good old sleep in! I know I will.

    Meets resume as normal on Feb 8th, back at Bulkana Oval.

    The club is also putting a call out for any athletes in the under 9, 11, 13 and 15 age groups that would like to be part of an exhibition meet, as part of the Athletics Australia Adelaide Track Classic, held at SANTOS on Saturday night 21st February.

    This is not compulsory and doesn't really have any thing to do with the SALAA program but its a fabulous opportunity for kids to have a run on the big track and then stay and watch our future athletics super stars as they compete seriously in a meet. The Adelaide Track Classic is the 5th round of the national Australian Athletics tour. Big name players usually include Sally Pearson and javelin champion Kim Mickle. All events are straight finals so it makes for some great fast paced athletics action. All kiddies involved in this will get free entry plus one parent! Seriously worth a go. Please let Emma or myself know if you are interested or want more information.

    Hope to see you all tomorrow!!


  • Leader Messenger Article (28 January 2015) - (Posted: 8 February 2015)

    Read the Leader Messenger article featuring Tea Tree Gully athletes following the State Relay Championships.

  • Newsletter (27 January 2015) - (Posted: 27 January 2015)

    Hi everyone,

    Please find attached all relevant information relating to this SATURDAYS NORTHERN REGION DAY.

    Also attached is Issue 7 of the Gully Newsletter,...good read if I do say so myself. ;o)

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 816 KB)

    There is lots going on over the next few months and I know, trust me, it can be very very confusing, especially for new families. I am trying to make it as simple as possible and feed you information as you need it, not to bombard you with programs and confuse you. I know this sometimes cuts our lead in time down but I'm hoping its keeping everyone up to date enough. And to everyone and anybody, if you have any questions or queries, please call or email me and we can sort it out. I'm learning too, so a lot of these questions are giving me the chance to learn investigate further.

    Another reminder to U13 and U15 parents, to nominate your child if they are interested in being looked at for the State Team travelling to Perth in April. For any new parents, if you're not sure what this is all about email Jason at and to all parents, we will give you as much info as we can as soon as SALAA gives it to us.

    We are also looking at a fun new fundraiser to kick in shortly so stay tuned...!

    Have a great week folks,


  • Friday night is a HOME meet! (14 January 2015) - (Posted: 15 January 2015)

    Hello everyone,

    Just sending everyone a quick reminder that this Friday night, 16th January 2015 we are at


    with Golden Grove LAC coming to visit US!


    There seemed to be some confusion on Sunday as to where we were meant to be.

    Please DO NOT head to Tilley Reserve as no one will be there! The meet starts at 6:30pm sharp with set up starting at 5:15pm...It is a normal run meet, and we are using Program 3. There is a BBQ for tea, Sausage Sizzle only, ( no pastries) but we will have other canteen facilities.

    Also just a reminder that Personal Best day is on Sunday 18th January at Santos Stadium. Please check the program attached for times of events. (Note field events run all day where as the track events have allocated times.) Another BIG point for Personal Best Day is correct centre uniform and correct footwear. ONLY under 11 and up athletes are allowed to wear spiked shoes. All other athletes are to wear sneakers or 'waffles'. Can I please make a BIG point that spike shoes with the studs removed WILL NOT be allowed and SALAA will prohibit athletes from competing.

    Looks like the weather is going to be good but knowing Bulkana, bring a jacket for when the sun goes down!

    See you on the track,



  • TTGLAC Newsletter (8 January 2015) - (Posted: 9 January 2015)

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm hoping this finds everyone whether you are at home, work or still on holidays!

    Please find enclosed Issue 6 of the Gully News letter.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 1.339 MB)

    Also attached is the Program, Map and Information regarding Personal Best Day on the 18th January 2015. We have again been allocated Long Jump 5 to run, which is on the far north eastern side of the oval. We will aim to have a committee person there all day but will require parents to pop through during the day to help out, especially if its a warm day.

    Also attached to this email is the parent roster again for our normal sunday meets.....

  • TTGLAC Newsletter (19 December 2014) - (Posted: 19 December 2014)

    Hello everyone,

    I was thinking the year didn't warrant another newsletter but after such a fantastic weekend at Santos with the IGA State Relay Championships I just couldn't help myself.

    On Sunday 14th Dec, 80 amazing athletes and their equally amazing parents took part in this years relay champs.

    It was a long, and at times stressful process for our committee and myself leading up to the day, but wow!! It was so very worth it!

    With a swag of medals in both track and field, a couple of state best performances and an impressive 4th by both Mums and Dads, I am so proud to say that TTGLAC finished second overall in the teams championship, beaten only by Eastern Districts who have had a strangle on these relays for seven years now.

    Apart from an amazing effort on the track by our kids, you guys as parents, really showed how great we are as a club. Our change over 1 area ran like clock work all day and every one organized themselves to be part of it when needed. It's this commitment by parents on days like this that shows our level of dedication and goodwill, which is then so very obviously reflect back by your children in their performances.

    Not only were we awesome on the track, the kids behaviour, comradery and sportsman ship on the day was brilliant! Seeing little ones cheer on big ones and vice versa was great to see.

    Sue Bowman, CEO of SALAA commented to me personally after the meet how fantastic our guys were. She said "I saw a lot of them at medal presentations and their manners and behaviour was excellent!" Well done guys!!

    So lastly, can I say a huge thank you to Jason Seymour, for organizing a multitude of shuffles, our coaches, Phil, Di, Emma, and Keith for teaching these kids over the past month. I think we had a few fumbles but not one dropped baton so well done. And to John Bos for keeping a level head ALL day even when faced with protests and missing athletes! To all of you I say Thank you!!

    So relax now and enjoy your break. Some specialised coaches are training right through, in readiness for a big second half..... Other wise regular training starts back on Wednesday 7th at 4:30.

    Again congratulations to all and stay safe over the Chrissy break!!



    Track relay medal winners:

    • U9 Girls 4x 100m - Silver: Tryphena Hewett, Tahlia Lienert, Bethany Sternagel & Isabella Reitano
    • U9 Girls 4x 200m - Gold: Tryphena Hewett, Tahlia Lienert, Bethany Sternagel & Amara Bos
    • U10 Girls 4x 100m - Bronze: Kiara Searle, Zoe Armstrong, Lara Ellis & Aimee Lampshire
    • U10 Girls 4x 200m - Gold: Kiara Searle, Zoe Armstrong, Lara Ellis & Bridget Custance
    • U11 Girls 4x 100m - Bronze: Sara Belkner, Alannah O'Brien, Mackenzy Borgas & Kiara Skene
    • U11 Girls 4x 200m - Bronze: Sara Belkner, Alannah O'Brien, Mackenzy Borgas & Kiara Skene
    • U12 Girls 4x 100m - Bronze: Claire Ferguson, Sophie Barr, Mikala Searle & Mackenzie Collins
    • U13 Girls 4x 100m - Silver: Emilaya Ellis, Jazmine Noye, Taylah Spackman & Charli Hams
    • U13 Girls 4x 200m - Silver & SBP: Emilaya Ellis, Jazmine Noye, Taylah Spackman & Charli Hams
    • U14 Girls 4x 100m - Bronze: Arielle Abate, Ivy-Rose Hughes, Rachel Gill & Alana Armstrong
    • U14 Girls 4x 200m - Silver: Arielle Abate, Ivy-Rose Hughes, Rachel Gill & Alana Armstrong
    • U15 Girls 4x 100m - Bronze: Erin Chalmers, Breanna Davison, Kasey Cummings & Montana Spackman
    • U15 Girls 4x 200m - Bronze: Erin Chalmers, Breanna Davison, Kasey Cummings & Montana Spackman
    • U13 Boys 4x 100m - Silver: Mitchell Wilson, Nathan Visciglio, Connor Pullinger & Josh Adey
    • U13 Boys 4x 200m - Bronze: Mitchell Wilson, Nathan Visciglio, Connor Pullinger & Josh Adey
    • U16 Boys 4x 100m - Gold SBP: Liam Gill, Jake Adey, Brad Ward & Thomas Liivamagi
    • U16 Boys 4x 200m - Gold SBP: Liam Gill, Jake Adey, Brad Ward & Thomas Liivamagi

    Field relay medal winners:

    • U9 Girls - Gold: Lily Noye & Emily Worley
    • U10 Girls - Gold: Jayde Hickey, Taylor Hurkmans & Heather Ferguson
    • U13 Girls - Gold: Sarah Gill, Jennifer Cummings & Kyla Stear
    • U17 Girls - Bronze: Kimberley Elliott, Emma Holmes & Gemma Vink
  • TTGLAC Newsletter (12 December 2014) - (Posted: 13 December 2014)

    Hi everyone,

    Well on the eve of State Relays I hope this finds everyone fit and well. Parents, please wrap your children in cotton wool for the next 48 hrs! This means no skate parks, ice skating rings or "Bounce"!!!!

    Please find attached the relay team selections for the day. Also attached is a site map and the rules of conduct relating to all things Relay.

    Also with this email comes a parent roster. It has been done to try and accommodate everyone evenly. The times you are required at the change over point are on the left hand side. If however it clashes with your child's event or you are unable to for some reason, do your allocated time, please take it upon yourself to find a swap as Jason, John and I will be flat out organizing the younger members of the club! This one has to be on you guys. There will be plenty of us there..... SALAA, in their wisdom, have also requested we provide a Chief Marshal for the whole day! I know it's a big ask but it will be in fits and spurts! If there is anyone amongst you that would consider this role please let me know. As it is we failed to find a attendee to attend an information night last Thursday due to committee being heavily committed to other things.

    We are a big club and a strong club and to not be able to full fill our roles would be rather embarrassing! Attached are the marshalling rules and instructions. Have a read through. It isn't that hard. The main thing will be just watching that athletes are within the change over zones.....and there is no running out of lanes.

    BIG REMINDER to double check uniforms! Jetstar badges need to be on the front RHS opposite the age group badge. Not on the sleeve. Old IGA sleeve badges are to come off! I will be equipped with cotton picker and double sided tape on Sunday if we have any disasters.

    Please make sure children remember their shoes! If they have two pairs (waffles and spikes) please bring both.

    Most importantly please be early! Most coaches will want kids there no less than 40 mins before their first event. Double check the final program and if you strike some trouble getting there please ring John Bos.

    It looks like it will be warm, but not ridiculous, so remember hats, drink bottle, sun screen!

    From experience, nutrition is very important for days like this. It's a long day and athletes potentially will be competing several times. Carbohydrate in the form of pasta, spag bog, lasagne are all great options for tea Saturday night. Avoid fast uptake carbs (Maccas, HJs etc) which are really just sugars. This will actually create a sugar low and a feeling of fatigue.

    Most importantly take on fluids all day Saturday and into Saturday night! Get that body beautifully hydrated ready for Sunday!

    Speaking of peak performance I am not sure which Dads and Mums are still serious about forming a team. It may be a case of let's do it on the day for us guys! So if your keen bring your sneakers, we will have team tops, and we will go from there....

    If there are any superstitious people, nows the time! Favourite knickers, old sox. Sleeping upside down, tying shoe laces!! What ever works.... let's do it!

    I'm excited, and can feel the butterflies building. If your kids are nervous on the day the best thing you can do as a parent is relax. (easier said than done I know) Don't put any extra pressure on them or ask too many questions. If they go quite... Let them be. If they go hyper..... Let that be too.

    This is a great learning curve for younger athletes and one that should be enjoyed, nerves and all!

    Well all that being said, the next thing is to wish all our athletes, teams and coaches the very best and first and fore most... Have fun!

    See you on the track,

    Jane Sternagel

    PS Paula has the senior girls 'boy leg' pants available for those that were interested. I believe Paula will bring them on the day or you can arrange through Paula via the website to arrange other alternative pick up times.

  • TTGLAC Newsletter (3 December 2014) - (Posted: 4 December 2014)

    Good evening all,

    Please find attached the last edition of the Gully Newsletter for the year..

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 1.347 MB)

    Also attached is our 'proposed' program for Sundays Christmas Party meet. It is limited, and please note,.. subject to change, depending on how many helpers we get out on Sunday. As you are all well aware it is the crazy festive season and believe it or not our committee have other commitments too, both work and social. This being the case we are going to be very light on committee members this week with many away.

    This not only applies to the set up but general running of events. Please if you are able to help it would be much appreciated.

    Just a side note, the Christmas party invite says from 9am-11am....thats the hopeful competition time, with the fun and festivities starting around 10:45 and going for a hour or two....

    Hope everyone has a great remainder of the week and we look forward to seeing you Sunday.


    TTGLAC Committee

  • TTGLAC Newsletter (25 November 2014) - (Posted: 23 December 2014)

    Good afternoon everyone,

    This email is being sent to you to serve a few purposes.

    Congratulations to selected athletes on being part of the Tea Tree Gully Relay Team. This year we are happy with our selections on many levels. We believe we have given every athlete that nominated themselves, an opportunity to compete, and at the same time, created teams, both track and field that will bring success both at a club level and at team levels.

    Attached to this email is the Relay Team selections, both Track and Field, the Rules of Competition (PLEASE READ), and a proposed program for the days events. The Relay Team selections can also be found on our website.

    We will be hosting our first Relay Training session this Wednesday night at Bulkana Oval starting at 4:30pm. This will be generic session where athletes will be introduced to their coaches and the basic rules and expectations of relays will be explained. Field athletes are welcome to join these sessions as some extra field event training will be organised. We understand that this is short notice but if you are free and able to make it it would be much appreciated.

    This year our relay coaches are:

    • Under 9 B/ G Jane Sternagel
    • Under 10 B/ G Emma Chalmers
    • Under 11 B/ G Keith Kaesler
    • Under 12 B/ G Di Ferguson
    • Under 13 B/ G Phil Anson
    • Under 14-17 B/ G Phil Anson, John Bos

    Our other bit of information that we need to pass on is that the committee have made a decision to run Program 1 this coming week ( 30th Nov) instead of Program 6. The reason for doing this is that Program 6 is very similar to Program 3, which was run last week. It is also a longer program, which we are trying to avoid in readiness for our X Mas party on the 7th Dec. Program 6 would then be run on the 7th Dec but may not be anything like Program 6 as listed in the book, as we are wanting a modified program to allow kids a relay scratch match and a bit of fun with X Mas entertainment.

    We apologise for any inconvenience, and we hope you understand our decision.

    Have a great week everyone,

    TTGLAC Committee

  • TTGLAC Newsletter (20 November 2014) - (Posted: 21 November 2014)

    Hello everyone,

    Please find attached Issue 4 of the Gully newsletter.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 1.014 MB)

    I have also attached the Parent Roster again to refresh everyone of their dates.

    Hoping everyone's had a great week....

    See you Sunday,

    Jane Sternagel

    TTGLAC President

  • TTGLAC Newsletter (6 November 2014) - (Posted: 7 November 2014)

    Hello everyone,

    Please find attached Issue 3 of the Gully newsletter. Its a good read this fortnight with lots of dates and information regarding up and coming competitions.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 519 KB)

    There are a few references to head back to the website for information. Our website address is:


    Happy reading folks and see you all Sunday.

    Jane Sternagel

    TTGLAC President

  • TTGLAC Newsletter (29 October 2014) - (Posted: 30 October 2014)

    Hi Everyone,

    Just a friendly reminder about this Saturday at Salisbury Little Athletics Centre. Its open to ALL athletes including Tiny Tots. This is not a compulsory meet but there is a club participation trophy to be won and I think it would look fabulous along side our two X Country trophies so come out and create some numbers!! Aim to get there for a 9:15 start. Plus its a super opportunity for the kids to run against other athletes and meet new friends! Please have a read through the criteria attached. I have also included a program for those who have been able to get hold of one.

    We, as a committee have covered the Long Jump requirements but will need parent assistance with raking, spiking etc. If your kids are there when we are, please help out.

    We will have our tents out there for athletes and parent to shelter under. Please try and congregate together to create a real team atmosphere!!

    • Can I also send out a HUGE THANK YOU to all the parents that helped out on Sunday!! We had morning helpers and pack up helpers. The cricketers sprung in on us a tad early but you all responded to the call for help and it made pack up easy. Thank you also to the older age groups and the under 9 girls parents who hung around two weeks ago and helped pack up. Top Stuff!!
    • Also can I put a big call out to our Tiny Tots team in regards to our Colouring in and Name the Croc competition. I will come around and see you on Sunday the 9th, and collect any entries. Our little friend is keen to get back out into the long jump pit but would love a name!! Hope you have some good ones for me!
    • Another big last minute reminder that the Level 0 coaching course is being run at the club room this Sunday. Please if you ARE interested contact myself or John Bos. It is a fun morning with lots of basic information to be shared. Super handy for anyone new to the club, or returning EX Little Aths that need to brush up on skills.
    • We have also had confirmation that Craig Davison is able to run our C grade Officials course the following week on the 9th November. Again this is a great opportunity to learn the basic rules of competition. I am going to do this one, so would love for you to join me.
    • Great to see a number of athletes registering for the State Relays. The relay teams are prioritised by filling track teams first and then field teams. The track events are where the club scores points for the overall trophy, so this is, and always has been our priority. Also still needing Mums and Dads to fill a gun squad!! Don't be shy..... We also as a club participate in the Relay Parade. Emma is coordinating this and has some ideas starting to flow but will be needing help with a bit of stitching and creating.... more info to come.
    • PLEASE NOTE!!!! There will be a slight change to the program in that November the 9th will become PROGRAM 5 and Sunday 23rd November will become PROGRAM 3. This is to allow our older athletes another sprint run ready for relay selection. By doing this, each athlete has now been given the opportunity to run both the 100m and the 200m x 2. This will give our selection committee a greater idea of times. It will not however, change the over all programming for the season.

    That's it for now folks. Hope to see you all Saturday morning!!! IN CORRECT CENTRE UNIFORM!! ;o)

    See you on the track,

    Jane Sternagel

    TTGLAC President

  • TTGLAC Newsletter (24 October 2014) - (Posted: 24 October 2014)

    Hello everyone,

    Just a reminder that this Sunday is bring a friend day and we have a FREE sausage sizzle for the kids.

    There will be a FREE lunch voucher for those helpers who make it out Sunday morning for set up.

    Set up is crucial this Sunday as we have a special guest coming to do some presentations.

    Please also find attached the parent roster and Issue #2 of the Gully Newsletter.

     TTGLAC Newsletter (PDF 160 KB)

    See you all bright and early Sunday.

    Jane Sternagel

    TTGLAC President

  • TTGLAC Newsletter (11 October 2014) - (Posted: 14 October 2014)
  • Online Registrations (26 September 2014) - (Posted: 27 September 2014)

    Hi everyone,

    Good afternoon everyone!

    Thank you all so much for your fantastic response to trying the new online registration. As of right now we have 100 athletes registered already which is indicating a fantastic season lays ahead.

    For those that have done their regos already, don't forget you can pay and pick up your goodie bag tonight between 6:30-8:30 at the club rooms, or first thing Sunday morning.

    For those that haven't done so yet, jump online and have a go! It take less than 10 min and payment can be done electronically or can be done when we next see you!

    Once again thank you for your support and as they say.. "Let the games begin!"


  • IMG Online Registrations (20 September 2014) - (Posted: 21 September 2014)

    Hi everyone,

    Well with just under a week to go till our registration and information evening, we are encouraging you all to jump online this week and register to beat the rush!

    The new IMG online registration is fairly self explanatory and easy to get through. It is easily done via the TTGAC website.

    We do encourage you to hit SUBMIT ONLY AND PAY ALTERNATIVELY!!! Otherwise you will be stung with a 6.6% levy, applied by IMG not TTGLAC, if you submit and pay online.

    So once you have submitted your registration form only, there are four ways to pay.

    CASH- come in person and pay cash to receive your goodie bag!

    CHEQUE-same as above

    DIRECT DEBIT- go to your financial institution and transfer to TTGAC BSB- 065 149 ACC- 00900288...... Please bring copy of payment receipt.

    ( remember when using this method of payment to only pay the straight fee, not the IMG generated fee! And use your surname as reference) PAY PAY- we have a chip reader that you can use to manually pay via credit and debit cards. This method will incur a 2.9% fee + .30c per transaction.

    So with all that said, we hope you take advantage of this new way of registering. By pre registering and paying, it will make for a speedy goodie bag pick up on the night or Sunday morning.

    If you have any questions or queries feel free to contact me on la@ttgathletics.com.au and I will try and help.

    Look forward to seeing you all soon

    Jane Sternagel

  • Season 2014/2015 (16 September 2014) - (Posted: 18 September 2014)

    Hello everyone,

    The start of the new season is nearly upon us and we look forward to seeing you all, plus many new faces very soon. The first few meets are always very hectic and we rely on our experienced members to help manage these days.

    Information for the new season including registration forms, competition dates, new rules, training times etc. can be found on the website and will be included in your registration pack. Please make use of the Registration Night to avoid the queues on Sunday morning.

    Our Committee has been hard at work again securing sponsors for the coming season. There a few new sponsors on board this year and for those continuing, your support is much appreciated.

    Working Bee

    A working bee is being held at our clubrooms at Bulkana Oval on Saturday 20 September 2014 from 8:00am - 12:00. If you can spare an hour or two please come and help out. Many hands make light work.


    Registrations are now open for Season 2014/2015!! ....and let me tell you there have been a few changes!! There is now an online registration option using the IMG Sports Technology system. We encourage you to use this system for providing registration details. You have the option of paying online or deferring to a manual payment. Online payments incur an additional fee of 6.6%. Please note that the system is not mature and we expect some teething problems for this season. We ask that you be especially tolerant because it has been forced upon all centres with very little notice. We are doing the best we can!

    The registration fees have increased for season 2014/2015. This is in part due to an increase in the SALAA fee and also to a correction in the application of the TTGAC fees. Again this was beyond our control so we ask that you reserve any ill feelings for SALAA, not the TTGLAC Committee.....

    For more details check the Registration page of the website.

    Registration and Information Evening

    We are conducting a Registration and Information Evening at the clubrooms on Friday 26 September 2014 from 6.30pm - 8.30pm. Please complete the online registration prior to the night. On registration night, those that have registered online and paid online or manually by EFT will be able to use the Express Line.

    For manual payments we can accept cash, cheque, EFT payment methods and credit/debit card (Mastercard and Visa) payment facilities using PayPal Here. When making EFT payments please remember to put in your family name as a reference. Note that for credit/debit card payments an extra cost (2.9% + 30c per transaction) will be incurred. A cost calculator is provided on the website.

    We will continue to support manual registration and manual payment methods for those that can't register online. Registration forms are on the website. Remember if choosing to register manually, there are two (2) forms that need to be completed. The SALAA registration form and the TTGAC Membership form.

    T&F Competition 2014/2015

    Our T&F season starts with two Come and Try meets on Sunday 28 September 2014 and Sunday 5 October 2014 starting at 9:15am. These sessions are open to all returning members, and we encourage returning members to come along and show case how fabulous you all are, in correct centre uniform of course! These meets are intended to be a relaxed introduction to new members to get a feel for events and how our days run. These meets WILL NOT be officially recorded or count as a meet for attendance purposes, relay selection or SIC qualifying. The program can be downloaded from the website

    The first official competition meet is on SUNDAY 12 OCTOBER 2014 starting at 9:15am.

    T&F General Training Session

    The general training sessions for the 2014-2015 Track & Field season starts on Wednesday 1 October 2014 between 4:30pm-6:00pm at our Clubroom, Bulkana Oval. Note the new start and finish times. Additional specialised training sessions will be offered during the week. These will be published on the website in due course.

    Email List

    For our members who don't intend to return for season 2014/2015, thank you for your participation and time spent with us. We wish you well in your future goals and achievements. We will now be wiping our email list during October and creating a new one based on information provided on the 2014/2015 registration forms. All newsletters are replicated on the News page of our website. If you think that we have missed you off the email list then contact the Registrar or webmaster. Keep in mind that there may be some delays for the first few weeks because there is a large amount of work involved in handling all the new registrations.

    So with all that said, we look forward to seeing you fit, healthy and ready to go in a few weeks time!

    Thanks again,

    Jane Sternagel

    TTGLAC President

Season 2013/2014

  • TTGLAC Newsletter (28 July 2014) - (Posted: 29 July 2014)

    Good morning everyone,

    I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the Aussies success at the Commonwealth Games. With the Athletics underway this week, fingers crossed the Athletics Team keep the medal tally going!

    Cross Country

    ...And on the topic of winning, I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate our Boys and Girls Cross Country teams on their recent success at the State Cross Country Championships. With the girls winning out right and the boys on a tie with Flinders, it was a fantastic result for a season well done!

    With a few outstanding individual results, Harrison Bagley, Gold, and Jennifer Cummings, Silver, the day was a huge win for TTGLAC as a club.

    As a parent, coach and TTGLAC President I was extremely proud of the way in which our kids represented TTGLAC! Their support of each other and of other athletes was outstanding. Their behavior and attitude exemplary and their performances... GOLD!

    The canteen was again brilliantly run by Pam and her band of helpers, and Maria Steer put on "The Raffle of all Raffles"!

    A huge Thank You must go out to all the parents and helpers on the day. Your support, your willingness to help and the sheer number of helpers made it a great day for everyone.

    Following a great day on the track, a presentation dinner was held at the TTG Hotel. It was a great chance to unwind and soak up the spoils of a wonderful day. Cross Country medals were awarded to those eligible athletes and coaches awards were given to Max Bemmerl and Kasey Cummings for their outstanding level of continued commitment both at trainings and competition and for their personal improvements during the season!

    Well done to you both!

    So now with the Summer season fast approaching, we are still looking for helpers to fill some key roles on the committee. We are still looking for a Grounds and Equipment Officer and a Team Manager. We are also looking for coaches or parents to help assist with our Tiny Tots group. This is by far one of the more fun jobs and is one of great importance as these are the grass root kids of our club. If you are interested or thinking about any of these roles please contact me at la@ttgathletics.com.au

    SALAA News

    Last week SALAA announced our new National sponsor is Jetstar! This is a huge deal for Little Athletics nationally and will hopefully secure the ongoing success of the sport for our kids. Attached is the statement released by SALAA during the week.

    With the SALAA State Conference on in 2 weeks, 3 of our committee members will be attending to participate in 5 workshops over the weekend. We are also hoping to have some season dates finalized to be able to bring to you in the next newsletter. Our committee are hard at work finalizing programs and home meet events for the coming season and with numerous clubs wanting to visit, I can see its going to be an exciting time!

    City To Bay

    Well it's that time of year again when the legs of Adelaide come to life and SA puts on its signature fun run, the City to Bay. Each year SA Road Runners Club and City to Bay ask clubs to provide volunteers on the day to ensure its smooth running. TTGAC has been a part of this event for many years now, and with the club receiving money for every volunteer, it's a great little money raiser for the club. So if you would love to get a birds eye view of the Big Boys and Girls flying over the finishing line and be a part of a great fun day, please contact me at la@ttgathletics.com.au. Parking is provided, as well as a high vis vest and instructions on the day. Generally our job, as a club, is finishing marshals and assisting with finish line set up. Its and early start but is also a great way to see the race!


    On a sad note, TTGAC learnt of the passing of Barb Odell-Borham earlier this month after a prolonged battle with cancer.

    One of our senior athletes, Andrew Beck summed her up beautifully in his FB comments..

    "Barb was a huge advocate of the club, volunteering many hours in our sport, mainly officiating at ASA competitions, but would always answer the call when her club needed her. We were all enriched by having known her and call her a friend."

    Our heartfelt condolences go to her family both here and in the USA. RIP Barb

    On behalf of the TTGLAC Committee, I'd like to thank all our current members and athletes for their service and participation in the 2013/14 athletics season and hope to see all of you again in season 2014/15.

  • TTGLAC Newsletter (8 July 2014) - (Posted: 9 July 2014)

    Hello everyone,

    We trust that everyone enjoyed the Track & Field Presentation Day on Saturday 7th April 2014. We had great weather and a even greater turnout. Congratulations to all those athletes that picked themselves up a medal or trophy on the night.

    Well deserved!

    Following the AGM on Saturday 7th April 2014 (before our presentation) we were able to fill most positions within the three committees, which make up the Tea Tree Gully Athletics Centre. With the exception of a few roles, most Little Aths positions are now filled, but we are always happy to welcome new members if you feel you would like to be part of this exciting opportunity.

    However there are 2 important roles yet to be filled. The first is that of Team Manager, and the other is Grounds and Equipment Officer . If you are interested or would like to know more about these position and their details please don't hesitate to contact me.


    Although our track and field season is taking a break, our Cross Country season is very much alive and well. TTGAC, was host to 2 School Cross Country Carnivals last month with a great turnout of children. Once again we ran a canteen on these days and with the help of some fabulous parents it was again, a huge money maker for the club. The extra hands also made it a pleasurable day for Pam, who works tirelessly to provide good things for the kids. Thanks to all involved and well done to those kids who ran.

    Also for those athletes looking at participating in the Squad LA, registration forms are now available on our website. Dates are also available on our site.

    Cross Country Competition

    The SALAA Cross Country is well under way with athletes now heading into the final runs of the season. TTGLAC has had a very impressive showing of athletes in all age groups and with some outstanding performances. Both our boy and girl teams are looking very strong. Please if you have been attending these cross country meets, make sure you allow your kids the opportunity to have done 4 meets to be eligible for the State Champs on the 20th July.

    ......and whilst on the topic of State Champs, TTGLAC will be hosting this years Cross Country Championships on the 20th July, 2014! This is a great opportunity to showcase ourselves, our athletes and our facilities, so if there are any parents that would like to help out in any way please see John Bos or myself for more information.

    We will will aslo be running a Fund Raising Raffle on this day so if you have any donations or are able to russle up some goods or vouchers it would be much appreciated. Please contact Jim or Jane at la@ttgathletics.com.au if you can help.

    Cross Country Training

    Cross Country training has been a huge success with many athletes coming out on a regular basis. With the help of Keith, Ivy Rose and Steve and Emma we are managing these groups best we can. We hope the kids are still enjoying it and making good progress. All details regarding training are available on the web-site. The regular training sessions occur every Wednesday at Bulkana Oval starting at 4:30pm. Training goes for about 1 hour.

    Cross Country Email Group

    A separate email group has been established for Cross Country participants with a weekly email being sent out. If you haven't been receiving the emails and would like to, then contact our webmaster (webmaster@ttgathletics.com.au) or coach (la.education@ttgathletics.com.au).

    Next Newsletter

    The next newsletter will contain information regarding the start of TTGLAC season and some important SALAA dates for the coming season.

    Stay well and stay warm,

    Tea Tree Gully Little Athletics Committee

  • Leader Messenger Article (28 May 2014) - (Posted: 24 July 2014)

    Read the Leader Messenger article about the Tea Tree Gully Community Grant Application.

  • TTGLAC State Individual Championship Congratulations (26 March 2014) - (Posted: 26 March 2014)

    Congratulations to all out athletes who competed at the State Individual Championships. Out of 67 athletes who nominated to compete, TTG athletes brought home 14 Gold, 17 Silver and 17 Bronze medals.

    Medal winners:

    Age Group Athlete Medal Event
    U9 Boys Harry Kowal Bronze Long Jump
    U9 Girls Kiara Searle Gold
    Long Jump
    Taylor-Faith Hurkmans Bronze Shot Put
    U10 Boys Hudson Knox Bronze 1100m Walk
    Jake Creasey Silver 8000m
    Brey Hurkmans Silver High Jump
    U10 Girls Sarah Belkner Silver
    High Jump
    Long Jump
    U11 Girls Zoe Gidman Silver 1100m Walk
    Sophie Barr Silver Discus
    Claire Ferguson Bronze Discus
    U12 Boys Antonio Loiacono Gold 1500m Walk
    U12 Girls Emilaya Ellis Gold
    Triple Jump
    Long Jump
    Kyla Stear Gold
    Shot Put
    Maya Matiscsak Bronze 100M
    U13 Boys Lachlan Barr Gold
    Shot Put
    U13 Girls Rachel Gill Gold
    U14 Girls Erin Chalmers Silver
    Triple Jump
    U15 Boys Liam Gill Silver
    Harrison Bagley Silver 1500m
    Thomas Liivamagi Bronze 200H
    Jake Adey Silver
    Long Jump
    U15 Girls Maya Lange Bronze
    Long Jump
    Gemma Vink Gold
    Shot Put
    U16 Girls Melissa Pullinger Bronze
    Kimberley Elliot Silver Triple Jump
    U17 Girls Annie Simpson Gold High Jump

    Also Congratulations to the following athletes for recent Centre Best Performances:

    Age Group Athlete Event Centre Best
    U6 Girls Chloe Sternagel 300m 1:09.3
    U7 Girls Jaida Hobbs 500m 2:03.8
    Keira Geesing Discus 13.66m
    U14 Girls Montana Spackman Javelin 23.21m
  • TTGLAC Newsletter (6 March 2014) - (Posted: 6 March 2014)

    Wow, the end of the summer season is just around the corner, with this Sunday being our last home meet for 2013/14 Summer season, followed by 2 weeks of championships.

    This Sunday we are going to be struggling with set up. At the moment there is only 1 committee person able to be out early to set up so we need lots of families to come out at 7.45am. Under 11 Girls are rostered on, but I would like to see other families come out to assist. If we don't get helpers, then the oval will not be ready to go at 9.15, so the onus is on you, the parents, to step up and assist. You never know, there may be a free coffee/drink on offer after set up!!!!


    Don't forget to get those food orders in this Sunday. Forms will be available at the canteen.

    Improvers Championships

    For those who have entered, please check the Improvers athlete events and also see the notice board for the events your child will be competing. Due to some events not having enough nominations, reserve events will have been used for some of our athletes.

    Also keep an eye out for emails next week about parent roster at the Improvers. TTG is running a discus ring, so we require parents to assist throughout the day.


    Thanks go to Jeff Page who came out to do some specialised hurdles coaching this week. Jeff has offered to come out again for the next two weeks for hurdles coaching, so I urge those who are doing hurdles at Championships to come out and get some great tips!

    Also congratulations to our coach Grahame Ellis who has been selected by his coaching peers as a recipient to attend a week long session at the Australian Institute of Sport.

    Cross Country / Uniforms

    This Sunday will be the last opportunity for a month to register any new athletes wanting to do cross country or to purchase uniforms for winter/championships.

    Cheers, Di

  • TTGLAC Newsletter (28 February 2014) - (Posted: 28 February 2014)


    Well done to our Multi Event Championship Athletes that competed last Sunday. We saw some amazing Personal Bests and special congratulations go to our five bronze medals - Kiara Searle (U9G), Emilaya Ellis (U12G), Maya Lange (U15G), Aidan Gibbs (U15B) and Annie Simpson (U17G).

    Also Congratulations to Annie for getting a Centre Best Performance of 4.91m in the U17 Girls Long Jump.


    Please see  this flyer about our AGM/Presentation Day on Saturday April 12 plus a  food order form. Forms will also be available from the canteen and we ask that you order and pay by the last home meet of the season.

    Wednesday Training

    Thank you to Seniors Coach Pat Todd for taking Long Jump the other week. We are fortunate that this Wednesday we have another TTG senior coach coming out - Jeff Page - a hurdles coach, so for those serious about hurdles please think about coming out this Wednesday!

    State Individual Championships (SIC) Nomination Forms

    Must be received this Sunday - no late entries will be accepted.

  • TTGLAC Newsletter (20 February 2014) - (Posted: 20 February 2014)

    THIS FRIDAY is a twilight meet at home starting at 6.30pm with Golden Grove coming to visit.

    Set up is rostered for Tiny Tot boys and as it is a large group, we expect to see at least 3 parents from this group from 5.15pm to assist with set up. There will also be a sausage sizzle as well as canteen on the night, so extra helpers from the U6 boys and girls would be appreciated.

    SIC -don't forget to keep those State Championships entries rolling in. Closing date is Sunday March 2nd.

    Multi Event Day Information

    Please check the parent roster for this Sunday's Multi Event Championships at Santos covering the roles that have been allocated to Tea Tree Gully.

    Also check the list of those athletes who have registered to compete, please advise ASAP if you have your name on this list and will now not be able to attend so I can amend the roster if required.

    We have tried our best to roster on times to avoid clashes when children from the same family are competing where possible, please appreciate this is a time consuming task and the roster is set pending any late withdrawals.

    The roles are generally simple such as raking, spiking, recording and marshalling.

    Please click on the links below for more information. A more detailed program will be available on the day for purchase which is important as it names each athlete and the location of their event i.e. Long Jump 1 or 2.

     Parent Roster (81 KB)

     Parent Assist Event Allocations (11 KB)

     TTG Athletes(9 KB)

     Santos Stadium Map (47 KB)

     Programme(9 KB)

     Rules of Competition(29 KB)

     Championship Rules (17 KB)

    Please note the hot weather times are only applicable if the Sunday temperature forecast issued at 4:00pm this Friday is for 37°C or higher. Currently the forecast is for 31°C.

  • TTGLAC Newsletter (6 February 2014) - (Posted: 6 February 2014)

    Unfortunately last week's Regional Open Meet in the Barossa was cancelled due to the extreme heat. So far this Sunday is looking OK with a top around 31°C, perfect weather for Personal Bests!


    This Sunday, 9th Feb is a home meet, programme 1.

    Rostered on this week are:

    • Set up (7.45am please) U10 Boys
    • Pull Down U14 Girls
    • Canteen U10 Girls/ 11 Boys
    • Starting/Timekeeping U12 Girls/ 15 boys

    Sunday 16th Feb is also a home meet and will be an open program whereby athletes can choose the events they would like to do to get those last SIC qualifies in.


    Forms and money for Improvers Championships need to be with the recorder by Sunday 16th Feb. Please read the nomination criteria and note that those athletes who registered after the 31st December are ineligible to nominate.


    An updated sheet of qualifiers with the number of meets still needed and number of times qualified will be available in the clubrooms this Sunday.

    The very last chance to qualify will be Sunday 2nd March and the forms and money must also be handed in to the recorder on this day. Those people that registered after the 31st Dec are ineligible.

    ASA TRACK CLASSIC - Little Aths Relay teams

    Athletics SA will send through details of the ticket/entry details Friday which will be passed out this Sunday to those families participating.

    For those who nominated to run, I would like the teams to have a relay practice this Sunday before the home meet, so if you can all get to the oval at 8.45am please. If you no longer can participate can you let me (Di Ferguson) know ASAP so we can find another runner. ( Di 0428 969 023).

    ASA are also looking for basket carriers on the night. See the attached information.


    • Sat 15th Feb - ASA Track classic - relays for little aths
    • Sun16th Feb - close of nominations for Improvers
    • Sun 2nd March - Close of nominations for SIC
  • TTGLAC Newsletter (22 January 2014) - (Posted: Posted:28 January 2014)

    Well done to all our athletes who competed at the Personal Best Day on Sunday and thank you to the TTG parents who assisted on our Long Jump Pits. Results for PB day are on the SALAA website, and will be available on our website on Friday.

    Our visit to Golden Grove last Friday was cancelled due to the heat - it seems that we aren't having much luck getting to Golden Grove, it being the second year in a row we have had to cancel.


    Don't forget that we are having our home meet this Friday night, starting at 6.30pm. A sausage sizzle as well as canteen food will be available on the night. Set up is at 4.45pm - rostered on this week are:

    Set up - Tiny Tot Boys

    Pull down - U7 Boys

    Canteen /BBQ cooking - U15 ?17 Boys and Girls

    Starting/timekeeping - U6 Boys and Girls

    MULTI - EVENT CHAMPIONSHIPS (Under 9's and up)

    Entry forms and money are due by Sunday 2nd Feb at the latest. Forms and money can be given to the canteen at home competitions, or to a committee member at training Wednesdays.


    We have an Amateur Photographer, Eric McConnochie coming to our meet this Friday night and the next two Sunday home meets. Eric has a police clearance and was the photographer for the recent MS MudRun. A committee member will be with Eric and if any parent/caregiver does not want their child photographed can you please advise us with their rego number so we can give a list to Eric.

    Eric has also said he is happy to do parent/family shots as all photos he takes will be given to our centre.


    • Multi Event entries close Sunday Feb 2nd
    • Northern Regional Day , Nuriootpa - Sunday Feb 2nd
    • Golden Grove visiting us - Friday Feb 21st
    • Multi Events Championships at Santos - Sunday Feb 23rd
  • TTGLAC Newsletter (15 January 2014) - (Posted: 15 January 2014)

    Hi all, hope you are surviving the heat and keeping cool.

    Due to the forecast temperature and also as the cricket club requires the oval, there is no training tonight (Wed 15th).


    We are going to Golden Grove Little Athletics, Tilley Reserve this Friday night. Our next home meet will also be a Friday Twilight, Jan 24.

    Please find below links to information on the oval layout and proposed programme for Golden Grove.

     Programme (53 KB)

     Oval Layout (97 KB)

    Warm up commences at 6.30pm, unless the weather is too hot, then it will start at 7pm with a reduced programme. Please check our Website for updates on Friday afternoon.


    PB Day is at Santos Stadium, Mile End this Sunday and is an open meet for all registered athletes to choose up to 5-6 events to compete in. A Tiny Tot session will be held at 10am on the warm up track.

    For those attending we require a parent from each family to assist on Long Jump 5 and 6. Minimal Committee members will be at both pits, but we require every family to put in at least � hour on a pit to ensure they run smoothly and efficiently for the entire day. Ultimately it is for the children and if we can't supply volunteers, then there will be large delays, disappointed kids and disgruntled parents which no doubt our committee members will have to bear the brunt of.


    For those who put their name forward for the ASA Track Classic exhibition relays in February, our nomination has been accepted by SALAA so we will now await further details. Closer to the date we will run a relay practice, so the teams can organise their running order and practice smooth baton change overs.


    Last day for receiving entry forms and money will be on Sunday 2nd February. Entry forms, details etc are on our website.

    Look forward to seeing you Friday at Golden Grove. Di

  • Newsletter (4 January 2014) - (Posted: 4 January 2014)

    Happy New Year to all TTGLAC Members. We trust you all had an enjoyable Christmas break and are now ready to get back into Little Athletics mode. Training recommences this Wednesday 8th at 5pm and our first meet for 2014 is at home, Sunday 12th January 9.15am for warm up.

    PARENT ASSISTANCE FOR SUNDAY 12th - we require parents of Tiny Tot Girls to be out at 7.50am for set up, Canteen helpers from U9G and U10B, track helpers (starting and timekeeping) U10G and U11 B, and pull down U11 Girls.

    Adelaide Track Classic

    This year 8 Centres have been invited by Athletics SA to participate in the newly introduced exhibition races at the Adelaide Track Classic on Saturday, February 15th, 2014.

    The Centres will be determined by the first 8 to return the team nomination form completed.

    A completed nomination includes a boys and girls 4x100m relay team in the selected age groups (U/9, U/11, U/13, U/15) and two Tiny Tot athletes (1 boy and 1 girl) to participate in a 50m Sprint. Athletes participating in the event and one parent/guardian will receive free entry.

    This is an excellent opportunity for some of our athletes to experience something out of the ordinary so we are keen to fill all these age to get a nomination in ASAP. If you are interested, please send an email to dferguson@adam.com.au to advise of child/children wishing to run and their age group.

    For those who miss out on the opportunity to participate you are still welcome to come along to support the selected centres and see some of Australia's best athletes in action. A child 14 & Under is only $5. Tickets are on sale now through Ticketek and search for Adelaide Track Classic).

    Further information can be found here.

    Personal Best Day - Sunday 19 Jan

    This event is held at Santos and is open for all athletes to attend and choose events they wish to compete in. There is also a Tiny Tot event. Further information is available on the website or on the noticeboard.

  • Newsletter (13 December 2013) - (Posted: 13 December 2013)

    This Sunday is our last meet for 2013 before a 3 week break for Christmas and New Years.

    It is a short meet to cater for a visit from Father Christmas, have some family based activities and socialise at the end.

    Each athlete will receive a bag of lollies from Father Christmas as well as a free sausage and iceblock.


    Wednesday night training has finished for the break and will recommence on Wednesday January 8, 2014 at 5pm.

    Due to changes in available coaches, the training schedule will be changed. If there are any parents keen to take on a coaching role, please see one of the committee or existing coaches to have a chat about the avenues for accreditation. The more coaches we can get, the more we can assist our athletes at Wednesday training sessions.

    Committee News:

    We farewell Kirsty Keegan from the committee as the Keegan family are moving to Canberra. We wish them all the best and thank them for their support over the years.

    We are still looking to fill some roles on the committee so please have a think over the Christmas break about joining our committee, particularly as a way to familiarise yourself if you are thinking about putting your hand up at next year's AGM.

    Polo Shirts:

    The committee have been looking into the feasibility of selling TTGLAC polo shirts to parents. A couple of designs will be posted on the noticeboard on Sunday and we would love to get some feedback on whether parents would be interested in purchasing and if so what design they prefer. This venture would only go ahead in 2014 if there is enough interest.

    Lost Property:

    We have lots of drink bottles, hats and jumpers. Please have a look as at the end of the meet this Sunday, as after Sunday, we will be donating it to the Salvo's.

    Finally, on behalf of TTGLAC, I would like to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a safe and enjoyable holiday. We look forward to seeing you all out for our first home meet on Sunday 12th January, 9.15am!

  • Newsletter (7 December 2013) - (Posted: 7 December 2013)

    Congratulations to all the athletes that competed at the Relay Championships last Sunday. We had some fantastic results with a total of 8 Gold, 8 Silver and 5 Bronze medals, with a final point score that had us 3rd overall.

    A big THANK YOU goes to Grahame Ellis and Craig Hams for their organisation on the day, the other team coaches, and the Committee for organising our hats, streamers and balloons. Also thank you to all those parents who officiated on the day.


    • U9 G 4 x 100M
    • U12 G 4 x 100M
    • U12 G 4 x 200M
    • U15 B 4 x 200M
    • U15 B 4 x 100M
    • U15 B Field
    • U17 G 4 x 100M


    • U9 B 4 x 100M
    • U9 B 4 x 200M
    • U9 G 4 x 200M
    • U10 B 4 x 200M
    • U11 G 4 x 100M
    • U12 G Field
    • U17 G 4 x 100M


    • U9 B Field
    • U14 G 4 x 100M
    • U14 G 4 x 200M
    • U14 G Field
    • Dads Team

    This Sunday

    It is program 3 this Sunday. Setup at 7.45am for Under 13 girls please. Canteen Helpers from 13 Boys and15 Boys, timekeeping 6 Boys and pack up Under 6 Girls.

    New Committee Member

    Welcome to Natalie Jackway who has come on board as our Website co-ordinator and has started putting results back onto our web page.

    Look forward to seeing you Sunday!


  • Important Relay Information (28 November 2013) - (Posted: 28 November 2013)

    Message from the President

    To all those attending relays on Sunday, there are a couple of last minute details that are very important.

    1. Spike Shoes - Under 11 and 12's can only wear spikes in relays where they are running wholly in lanes. For those running 4 x 100m that means all runners can wear spikes. However, for Under 11 and 12's running in the 4 x200 or medley relay, ONLY 1st and 2nd runners can wear spikes. Those running third and fourth legs MUST wear waffles or normal cross trainer type shoes. Spike shoes with spikes removed are NOT allowed as per SALAA rules. Under 13's and up are allowed to wear spikes for all track events, laned or not, so they are OK

    As some of our athletes (including my daughter) no longer fit into their waffles and find the cross trainer type very heavy to run in, can everybody please bring out their waffle shoes so we can lend them to any athlete caught in this situation.

    2.The forecast for Sunday is currently 33. Please check the BOM website at 4.15 pm this FRIDAY, and if the forecast for Sunday is for 37 or over, then SALAA will change it to a hot weather meet regardless if the forecast changes to a lower temperature on the Saturday. Confusing I know.

    3. If it does change to a Hot Weather Competition, and you have problems with getting your child out there you must ring Craig (0402 900 098) or Grahame (0411 522 694) ASAP. Remember this is a team event and when one athlete doesn't come, it impacts on the rest of the team members as well as the coaches who have given considerable time to collate teams and train them.

    Thanks guys. For more information visit the Competition Page. Best of luck and have FUN!!! Di President TTGLAC

  • T&F Competition (28 November 2013) - (Posted: 28 November 2013)

    The next competition meet is this Sunday 17 November 2013 at home starting at 9:15am which is not quite as per the handbook as Eastern Districts have already had their visit recently.

    The Parent Roster allocations for the meet are:

    • Set-up (2) - TTB
    • Canteen (2) - U6G & U6B
    • Starter - U7G
    • Timekeeper - U7G
    • Pack-up (2) - U8B

    Committee Members

    We are on the look-out for people to join our committee mid season this year as a few members have recently been unable to continue with these roles.

    Positions that need to be filled include Education Officer, Publicity Officer and general coaching positions.

    If you wish to become more involved in organising our activities or just an interest to come on board as a general member then we would love to hear from you.

    Level C Official Course

    Well done and thanks to those who participated and completed their C grade Official's Course.

    Christmas Break Up

    Keep Sunday December 15 free for our Christmas meet and break up. It will include a shortened track and field meet with fun games and a visit from Father Christmas after. Stay for lunch with either BYO, or buy from the canteen or Sausage Sizzle.

    Key Dates 2013/2014

    • Friday 29 November 2013 - 6.30pm Home Twilight Meet, Modified "relays"
    • Sunday 1 December 2013 - 9:00am State Relay Championship, SANTOS Stadium (U9-U17 only)
    • Sunday 15 December 2012 - 9.15am Christmas Break Up
  • Newsletter (15 November 2013) - (Posted: 15 November 2013)

    Message from the President

    Thank you to every one for accommodating the slight programme change for our guest, Minister Tom Kenyon. Tom was really impressed to see the high numbers of athletes we had out on Sunday and we are certainly appreciative of the grant that will enable further equipment updates.

    On safety, we are finding that a few people are walking through the high jump areas when athletes are attempting their run up. This weekend we will trial placing bunting to high jump areas to create a greater visual reminder to take care when walking around that area.

    The next competition meet is this Sunday 17 November 2013 at home starting at 9:15am which is not quite as per the handbook as Eastern Districts have already had their visit recently.

    T&F Competition

    The next competition meet is this Sunday 17 November 2013 at home starting at 9:15am which is not quite as per the handbook as Eastern Districts have already had their visit recently.

    The Parent Roster allocations for the meet are:

    • Set-up (2) - TTB
    • Canteen (2) - U6G & U6B
    • Starter - U7G
    • Timekeeper - U7G
    • Pack-up (2) - U8B

    Committee Members

    We are on the look-out for people to join our committee mid season this year as a few members have recently been unable to continue with these roles.

    Positions that need to be filled include Education Officer, Publicity Officer and general coaching positions.

    If you wish to become more involved in organising our activities or just an interest to come on board as a general member then we would love to hear from you.

    Level C Official Course

    Well done and thanks to those who participated and completed their C grade Official's Course.

    Christmas Break Up

    Keep Sunday December 15 free for our Christmas meet and break up. It will include a shortened track and field meet with fun games and a visit from Father Christmas after. Stay for lunch with either BYO, or buy from the canteen or Sausage Sizzle.

    Key Dates 2013/2014

    • Friday 29 November 2013 - 6.30pm Home Twilight Meet, Modified "relays"
    • Sunday 1 December 2013 - 9:00am State Relay Championship, SANTOS Stadium (U9-U17 only)
    • Sunday 15 December 2012 - 9.15am Christmas Break Up
  • Newsletter (7 November 2013) - (Posted: 7 November 2013)

    Message from the President

    Well done and thank you to all of our athletes (and parents) that participated in the Westfield TTP Christmas Parade on Saturday. It sounds like Grahame Ellis our Team Manager was inundated with phone calls querying about our centre after the Parade so even though we didn't hand out any promotional pamphlets, we were truly noticed!!

    The weather on Sunday for the Regional Meet at Elizabeth was ideal and we had 74 athletes out for the day. Thank you to the all Tea Tree Gully parents who assisted on the day - our 2 Long Jump pits ran smoothly!

    T&F Competition

    The next competition meet is this Sunday 10 November 2013 at home starting at 9:15am. The start time may be delayed by 15 minutes due to a visit by Tom Kenyon MP (see below) to present our successful Active Club grant.

    The Parent Roster allocations for the meet are:

    • Set-up (2) - U13B
    • Canteen (2) - U13G & U12B
    • Starter - U12G
    • Timekeeper - U15B-U17B
    • Pack-up (2) - U15G-U17G

    Active Club Grant

    The TTGAC has been successful in its application for an Active Club Grant for $2860 which will go towards equipment and training. Tom Kenyon, state MP for Newland, will be visiting on Sunday to make a presentation on behalf of the State Government Office for Recreation and Sport. Tom has been very active in informing local clubs of the various local, state and federal grants available to clubs so we thank him for his ongoing support.

    Club Captains

    The TTGLAC Club Captains and Vice Captains will be announced on Sunday at the start of the meet with the presentation performed by Tom Kenyon.

    Level C Official Course

    The re-scheduled Level C Officials Course will occur this Sunday 10 November 2013 from 9:30am. The course will be run by Craig Davison from the SALAA Officials Club and TTGAC Member. For more details visit the website. If you are interested in participating please contact the centre Education Officer, John Bos (Email: la.education@ttgathletics.com.au, Mobile: 0437 088 087).

    Key Dates 2013/2014

    • Sunday 10 November 2013 - 9:30am C Grade Official Course
    • Sunday 15 November 2013 - Registration Cut-off for State Team eligibility (U13 and U15 only)
    • Sunday 1 December 2013 - 9:00am State Relay Championship, SANTOS Stadium (U9-U17 only)
  • Newsletter (31 October 2013) - (Posted: 31 October 2013)

    Message from the President

    Thank you to all those who invited friends last Sunday. I hope they enjoyed their experience with TTG Little athletics. We are going well with registrations numbers this year - so far we have a total of 248 registered athletes with a whopping 21 girls in the Under 9 age group.

    Reminder to all that we are away this Sunday for the regional Games at Elizabeth. It is a great opportunity for our athletes ( including the Tiny Tots) to compete against other centres and make some new friends. We will have our TTG tent up so be on the lookout for it when you arrive. Details of the programme of events and times are on the website and will also be available in the age group folders on the day. For those who do attend please remember that we require you to assist on Long Jump Pits 1 and 3 during the day. We will have committee members there who will help make sure the event runs smoothly.

    T&F Competition - Regional Games (Northern)

    The competition meet this Sunday 3 November 2013 is the Regional Games (Northern).It is hosted by Elizabeth LAC and is located at Duncan Anderson Reserve, Trimmer Road, Elizabeth Vale. Competition starts at 9:15am so please arrive earlier for a 9:00am warm-up. The programme of events and map of the oval can be downloaded from our website.

    TTGLAC is rostered to run the Long Jump so please approach a committee member on the day if you are able to offer your assistance with raking, measuring or recording half an hour is all that should be required if we get enough helpers.

    The Parent Roster allocations for the following home meet on Sunday 10 November 2013 are:

    • Set-up (2) - U13B
    • Canteen (2) - U13G & U12B
    • Starter - U12G
    • Timekeeper - U15B-U17B
    • Pack-up (2) - U15G-U17G

    Westfield TTG Christmas Parade

    The TTGLAC will be participating in the TTG Christmas Pageant on Saturday 2 November 2013. For families interested in participating could you please register by emailing a committee member. We meet at the TTG Council Depot, Tolley Road (entrance opposite Stratco) at 8.45am, with the parade due to start at 10:00am. We are position 28. Athletes, please dress in centre uniform and don't forget your hat and sunscreen.

    Level C Official Course

    The Level C Officials Course was cancelled on Sunday so we have tentatively rescheduled it for Sunday 10 November 2013. The course will be run by Craig Davison (TBC) from the SALAA Officials Club. For more details visit the website. If you are interested in participating please contact the centre Education Officer, John Bos (Email: la.education@ttgathletics.com.au, Mobile: 0437 088 087).

    State Relay Championship

    The State Relay Championships occur on Sunday 1 December 2013. The last chance to nominate is this Sunday. Teams are in process of being selected. Those in a team will be notified by Grahame Ellis in the following week. Parents of athletes will be required to assist with the running of the championship and a roster will be established. Also, we don't have any nominations yet from any mums or dads for relay teams. Its only 4x 100 so please consider this and let Grahame know ASAP!

    Specialist Training - Middle Distance

    The specialist training in Middle Distance commenced this week. The session days/times are:

    • Monday from 6:00pm - 6:45pm at Angove Conservation Park, Bowen Road
    • Wednesday from 4:30 - 5:15pm at Bulkana Oval
    • Every second Friday from 6:00pm - 6:45pm at Bulkana Oval

    There are still a few places available. Please contact the Education Officer, John Bos, or Jane Sternagel if you are interested in participating.

    Key Dates 2013/2014

    • Saturday 2 November 2013 - Westfield TTG Christmas Parade
    • Sunday 3 November 2013 - Regional Games (Northern)
    • Sunday 3 November 2013 - TTGLAC Relay Team Selection Cut-off
    • Sunday 10 November 2013 -9:30am C Grade Official Course (To Be Confirmed)
  • Newsletter (24 October 2013) - (Posted: 24 October 2013)

    Message from the President

    Last weekend was a fantastic meet with Eastern Districts with beautiful weather that lent itself to some fantastic results with many athletes achieving Personal Bests.

    We were struggling to set up in time as we had no assistance from the rostered groups coming out early to help with set up. Please check the parent roster and make the effort to assist us with duties otherwise it will be the athletes who will suffer from delays as we try to find volunteers to help out.

    Relays - athletes Under 9 and up, don't forget to nominate if you are interested in competing in the relays this year. There are track relays, field relays and SALAA are also trialling medley relays with mixed ages. Call out also goes to any Mums and Dads who would also like to run - please add your names to the sheets ( it's great for our kids to see that parents can run and give it a go too!).

    T&F Competition - Bring a Friend Day

    The competition meet this Sunday 27th October at 9.15am is our designated Bring a Friend Day. The McDonald's Bring a Friend Programme is designed to increase attendance numbers for Little Athletics Centres in SA. The Little Athletes are encouraged to bring along a friend to enjoy what Little Athletics has to offer. Children are rewarded for their efforts in promoting the sport to their friends. If a Little Athlete's friend joins the centre after their Come & Try session, the friend goes into the draw to win 1 of 7 $100 sports vouchers. The Little Athlete who invited their friend along goes into the draw to also win 1 of 7 $100 vouchers. The TTGLAC Bring a Friend day is the competition meet held on Sunday 27 October 2013 from 9:15 am. A free sausage sizzle (limit of one per child) is provided to the athletes.

    The Parent Roster allocations for this week are:

    • Set-up (2) - U10B
    • Canteen (2) - U10G & U11B
    • Starter - U11G
    • Timekeeper - U14B
    • Pack-up (2) - U14G

    Results from previous meets are now available on the website.


    We have noticed that some athletes are not wearing the correct centre uniform. Can you please ensure that athletes are wearing the correct uniform including socks. When we participate in association events, such as the forthcoming Regional Games, athletes may be precluded from competing if they are not wearing the correct centre uniform. Uniform details can be found on our website.


    The T&F general training session occurs every Wednesday from 5:00pm-6:30pm at Bulkana Oval. This session is open to all registered athletes.

    The centre is offering the opportunity to athletes to undertake additional specialist training in Middle Distance and Throws. The Middle Distance training sessions will be run by John Bos and Jane Sternagel and are likely to be:

    • Monday from 6:00pm - 6:45pm at Angove Conservation Park, Bowen Road
    • Wednesday from 4:30 - 5:15pm at Bulkana Oval
    • Friday from 6:00pm - 6:45pm (TBC) at Bulkana Oval

    The Throws training session will be run by Di Ferguson and islikely to be:

    • 4:30pm-5:15pm Tuesday at Bulkana Oval

    Numbers will be limited. If you are interested please contact the Education Officer, John Bos, or the listed coaches. If numbers are high then places will be allocated based on attitude and commitment with a slight preference to older athletes.

    Code of Conduct

    We would like to draw the attention of parents to the Parents Code of Behaviour. There have been a few instances during competition that have caused us concern. Codes of behaviour also exist for administrators, athletes, coaches and officials. If we follow these then a more enjoyable experience can be had by all.

    TTG Christmas Parade

    The TTGLAC will be participating in the TTG Christmas Pageant on Saturday 2 November 2013. We do this to promote our centre and to provide an opportunity for our athletes to be a part of the festivities of the day. For families interested in participating could you please register by putting your name down on the sheet provided on the table near the noticeboard. We meet at the TTG Council Depot, Smart Road (entrance opposite Stratco) at 8.45am, with the parade due to start at 10:00am. We are position 28. We will provide lollies for the athletes to throw to the spectators. Please wear full uniform, hats, sunblock and bring plenty of water for the walk. We will have one support car coming with us.

    Level C Official Course

    Officials are an essential part of running an athletics competition. Level C is the entry level into the official accreditation scheme. The course is run by Gaynor Garnish from the SALAA Officials Club. For more details visit the website

    If you are interested in participating please contact the centre Education Officer, John Bos (Email: la.education@ttgathletics.com.au, Mobile: 0437 088 087).

    Level 0 Introduction to Coaching Course

    The Level 0 Introduction to Coaching (ITC) Course is our coaching entry point. It is aimed at parents or other interested people who have little or no experience of Track and Field athletics. The 4 hour course is designed to provide training for beginner coaches so that they may assist athletes during competition and coach under the guidance of an accredited coach. The course is run by the centre Level 2 and Level 3 coaches.

    The Level 0 ITC course will occur at Bulkana Oval on Sunday 27 October 2013 starting at ~12:00 (after conclusion of meet). There is no cost and all participants receive an Introduction to Coaching manual and certificate. For more details visit the website.

    If you are interested in participating please contact the centre Education Officer, John Bos (Email: la.education@ttgathletics.com.au, Mobile: 0437 088 087).

    State Relay Championship

    The State Relay Championships occur on Sunday 1 December 2013. The sub-committee for selection consists of Grahame Ellis, Steve Borgas and Jason Noye. The final cut off for teams is Sunday 3rd November as teams need to be submitted by the 11 November. Sheets to register interest in relays will be out again this Sunday, and Mums and Dads are also encouraged to fill a team! Check the website for more information.

    Key Dates 2013/2014

    • Sunday 27 October 2013 -9:15am Bring a Friend Day
    • Sunday 27 October 2013 -9:30am C Grade Official Course
    • Sunday 27 October 2013 -12:00am Level 0 Introduction to Coaching Course
    • Saturday 2 November 2013 - TTG Christmas Parade
    • Sunday 3 November 2013 - Regional Games (Northern)
    • Sunday 3 November 2013 - TTGLAC Relay Team Selection Cut-off
  • Newsletter (17 October 2013) - (Posted: 17 October 2013)

    Message from the President

    After a beautiful day for our very first meet of the season, it was bit of a shock to have a wet and cold day on Sunday. Fortunately we didn't get too wet but the downside was obviously not being able to get the hurdles out.

    It was fantastic to see a number of parents coming out that morning despite the inclement weather to help set up and hope that as people settle into the athletics season, that we will see more of you take the step to learn starting and timekeeping to give our committee members a chance to take a rest and see their own children compete.

    Congratulations to our Cross Country athletes who received their medals and to our two Coaches Awards recipients: Jacob Bos for the boys and Jennifer Cummings for the girls.

    We have a number of medals and trophies left over from last season. Please see a committee member if you wish to collect them.

    T&F Competition 2013/2014

    The competition meet this Sunday 20th October at 9.15am includes a visit from Eastern Districts LAC. We have a number of meets scheduled during the season whereby we either host or visit another centre. The purpose of this is to provide the opportunity for our athletes to meet and compete against other children. Please make them feel welcome.

    The Parent Roster allocations for this week are:

    • Set-up (2) - Tiny Tot Girls
    • Canteen (2) - U7G & U8B
    • Starter - U8G
    • Timekeeper - U9B
    • Pack-up (2) - U9G

    Level C Official Course

    Officials are an essential part of running an athletics competition. Level C is the entry level into the official accreditation scheme and is aimed at parents who want to be able to help out during our home competition meets. The course is run by Craig Davison from the SALAA Officials Club. For more details visit the website.

    If you are interested in participating please contact the centre Education Officer, John Bos (Email: la.education@ttgathletics.com.au, Mobile: 0437 088 087).

    Level 0 Introduction to Coaching Course

    The Level 0 Introduction to Coaching (ITC) Course is our coaching entry point. It is aimed at parents or other interested people who have little or no experience of Track and Field athletics. The 4 hour course is designed to provide training for beginner coaches so that they may assist athletes during competition and coach under the guidance of an accredited coach. The course is run by the centre Level 2 and Level 3 coaches.

    The Level 0 ITC course will occur at Bulkana Oval on Sunday 27 October 2013 starting at ~12:00 (after conclusion of meet). There is no cost and all participants receive an Introduction to Coaching manual and certificate. For more details visit the website.

    If you are interested in participating please contact the centre Education Officer, John Bos (Email: la.education@ttgathletics.com.au, Mobile: 0437 088 087).

    Bring a Friend Day

    For the McDonald's Bring a Friend Day little athletes are encouraged to bring along a friend to enjoy what Little Athletics has to offer. Children are rewarded for their efforts in promoting the sport to their friends. If a Little Athlete's friend joins the centre after their Come & Try session, the friend goes into the draw to win 1 of 7 $100 sports vouchers. The Little Athlete who invited their friend along goes into the draw to also win 1 of 7 $100 vouchers. The TTGLAC Bring a Friend day is the competition meet held on Sunday 27 October 2013 from 9:15 am. A free sausage sizzle (limit of one per child) is provided to the athletes.


    Training occurs every Wednesday from 5:00pm - 6:30pm. A training schedule is provided on the website. A reminder to parents that if you are dropping your children off then please write your name and contact details in the notebook provided.

    Key Dates 2013/2014

    • unday 20 October 2013 - 9:15am EDLAC Visit
    • Sunday 27 October 2013 - 9:15am Bring a Friend Day.
    • Sunday 27 October 2013 - 9:30am C Grade Official Course
    • Sunday 27 October 2013 - 12:00am Level 0 Introduction to Coaching Course
    • Saturday 2 November 2013 - TTG Christmas Parade
    • Sunday 3 November 2013 - Regional Games (Northern)
  • Newsletter (3 October 2013) - (Posted: 3 October 2013)

    Message from the President

    The weather was very kind to us for our first home meet of the new season and it was fantastic to see many new faces plus returning families. We had around 196 athletes competing so if it looked like a crowd - it was!!

    Roster this week:

    Due to the long weekend and school holidays, quite a few of our regular helpers and committee members are away so we will be short on the ground this weekend. It is times like this we really need help from others to set up, pull down and be prepared to have a go at learning to start a race or do some timing. If we can't get people to assist us, then we will not be able to start races or run the canteen.

    On duties this Sunday are:

    • Set-up (2 helpers) - U12B
    • Canteen (2 helpers) - U12G & U13B
    • Starter - U13G
    • Timekeeper - U14B
    • Pack-up (2 helpers) - U14G


    Reminder for chaperones - please follow the programme on the front of the age group folder. If events are done out of order, it will often lead to backups on other events.

    Change in Programme:

    Since we printed the handbook, Eastern Districts LAC have asked that we change their visit as they cannot use their oval on the 20th October.

    So please note that Sunday the 20th October will no longer be "Bring a Friend" day, but will be Eastern Districts visiting us at home. We will hold the "Bring A Friend" day on the following Sunday, 27th October instead.

    Upcoming dates:

    • Sunday 27 October 2013 - Level 0 Coaching and C Grade officials courses
    • Sunday 3 November 2013 - Northern Regional Games. More information will be provided closer to the event.

    Second Hand Shoes/Uniforms

    A few people have asked about selling second hand uniforms and shoes at the centre so we have decided to set up a section on our notice board for people wishing to sell items to place a note with their details on the board. The committee will clear the notice board of these second hand sale notes if they remain on for too long or there are too many.

    SALAA Rules in regards to shoes

    We have had clarification from SALAA in regards to shoes for shot and discus. The waffle type shoe is OK. The reference to moulded shoes refers to the hard moulded surface of spike shoes and it is these that are not allowed to be worn for shot and discus.

    Apologies to those on the email list who are not returning this season. We are in the process of changing over emails for the new season and hope to have it done in the next week or two, until then you may still receive the odd email or two!

  • Newsletter (16 September 2013) - (Posted: 16 September 2013)

    Message from the President

    The start of the new season is nearly upon us and we look forward to seeing you all plus many new faces. The first few meets are always very hectic and we rely on our experienced members to help manage the day.

    Information for the new season including registration forms, competition dates, new rules, training times etc. can be found on the website and will be included in your registration pack. Please make use of the Registration Night to avoid the queues on Sunday morning.

    Thank you to our continuing and new sponsors. Your support is much appreciated.

    Working Bee

    A working bee is being held on Saturday 21 September 2013 from 8:00am - 12:00 (although line marking will commence from 6:00am). If you can spare an hour or two please come and help out. Many hands make light work.

    Registration Night

    Reminder that we are holding a Registration Night at the clubrooms on Friday 27 September 2013 from 6.30pm - 8.30pm Registration forms are on the website along with our bank details for EFT. Please remember to put in your family name as a reference. On registration night, those that have paid by EFT and have their forms already to go will be able to use the Express Line.

    This year, in addition to cash, cheque and EFT payment methods, we are also introducing credit/debit card (Mastercard and Visa) payment facilities using PayPal Here but please be aware that an extra cost (2.9% + 30c per transaction) will be incurred. A cost calculator is provided on the website.

    T&F Competition 2013/2014

    Our first competition is at home on Sunday 29 September 2013 at 9.15am. The first meet can often be a bit late in starting as new members find their way and parents try to organise children into their age groups. For those of you that have chaperoned and officiated in the past, please be ready to take the initiative to get your child's age group started. I also encourage you to involve new parents and ask if they would like to help out, even if it means raking the long jump pit. There will be roving committee members and coaches on the day so please feel free to ask us for any assistance!

    The new season Parent Roster is attached and also on the website. We have added the roles of starter and timekeeper to the roster. Training and support will be provided. For our first home meet the allocations are:

    • Set-up (2) - U9B
    • Canteen (2) - U9G & U10B
    • Starter - U10G
    • Timekeeper - U11B
    • Pack-up (2) - U11G

    Uniform Rule Changes

    SA Little Athletics Association has introduced some new rules about shoes to be worn, so please read and take note before buying your new shoes for the season. Spiked shoes (7mm spikes) can now be worn from Under 11 and up. Under 10's and below are no longer allowed to wear spike shoes with blanks or spikes removed. For shot and discus, shoes must not have moulded soles, i.e. plastic or rubber mouldings in the shape of spikes or wedges.

    Athletes may now wear a second pair of shorts or skins under their centre shorts, but they must be above the knee, plain without logos and in the same colour as the uniform shorts or black.

    T&F General Training Session

    The general training sessions for the 2013-2014 Track & Field season starts on Wednesday 7 October 2013 between 5:00pm-6:30pm at our Clubroom, Bulkana Oval. A training schedule (currently in draft) is available on the website.

    We welcome and congratulate our new Level 1 accredited coaches Wayne Jacka, Emma Chalmers and Melissa Pullinger. Also congratulations to Cam Rudge and Annie Simpson for completing their Level 2 Intermediate Club Coach accreditation.

    Vale - Pam Sard, SALAA Executive Officer

    It is with great sadness that we report that Pam Sard, SALAA Chief Executive, passed away on 19 August 2013 following her battle with cancer. Pam dedicated more than 30 years to Little Athletics in SA, and her service to the sport of Little Athletics will be long remembered.

    Email List

    This is the last email using the season 2012/2013 email list. We will now be wiping our email list and creating a new one based on information provided on the 2013/2014 registration forms. All newsletters are replicated on the News page of our website. If you think that we have missed you off the email list then contact the Registrar or webmaster. Keep in mind that there may be some delays for the first few weeks because there is a large amount of work involved in handling all the new registrations.

    Key Dates 2013/2014

    • Saturday 21 September 2013 - Working Bee from 8:00am - 12:00
    • Friday 27 September 2013 - Registration Night from 6:30pm - 8:30pm
    • Sunday 29 September 2013 - The first T&F competition from 9:15am.
    • Wednesday 2 October 2013 - The first T&F Training session from 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Season 2012/2013

  • Newsletter (5 August 2013) - (Posted: 6 August 2013)

    Message from the President

    Well done to all our Cross Country athletes who competed over the winter season. Our hosting of the last Cross Country event before the championships was a great success and thank you's must go to all those Tea Tree Gully Centre volunteers who helped during the day. The weather wasn't perhaps the kindest to us , with some rain and wind in the middle of the meet, but overall it was a successful day. The Canteen run by our new Canteen Manager Pam was a great success, and Ry's efforts in organising the raffle and prizes was also fantastic. Thank you also to John and Paula for their coaching of our cross country athletes over the winter months.

    The Summer season will soon be upon us and the committee are starting to think about preparing everything in readiness for our first home meet on September 29th! We are always on the look-out for new sponsors so if any of our families know somebody who would be interested in sponsoring TTG Athletics through either monetary donations or donation of goods, please let us know so we can send out a letter detailing levels of sponsorship available.

    Cross Country Season 2012/2013

    The 2012/2013 Cross Country season concluded on Sunday 21 July 2013 with the State Cross Country Championship hosted by the Noarlunga LAC. Congratulations to all who participated and especially to our medal winners:

    • Annie Simpson 3rd U16G 3000m
    • Harrison Bagley 2nd U13B 3000m
    • Kyla Stear 3rd U11G 2000m

    We had 53 athletes competing during the season with the overall participation rate during the season up 30% from last year. Thirty (30) of our athletes qualified for the TTGLAC Cross Country Medal - these will be presented early in the new season. Attendance at training was also considerably higher.

    We travelled to cross country meets across the city and from the Barossa Valley to Victor Harbour. Our athletes crossed (and swam through) creeks, climbed hills, jumped over logs, sloshed through mud and in general had a great time. The weather was great all season (...because all weather is great for cross country). There were falls, cuts, tears and smiles. Thank you to the parents - it's a tough gig sometimes. We hope to see you all out again next season.

    The complete set of results for the season are available on the Cross Country page of the website.

    Pre-Season Training

    Pre-season training for the 2013-2014 Track & Field season starts on Wednesday 7 August from 4:45pm at our Clubroom, Bulkana Oval. We will be working on general athletic ability (flexibility, agility, speed and strength) across all the events. We won't be getting many implements or equipment out until September unless there is a particular need. The training session will go for approximately one hour.

    SALAA State Conference 2013

    The TTGLAC will be represented at the 2013 SALAA State Conference by Jim Stear and John Bos. The conference is held on the weekend of 10 - 11 August 2013 at Port Augusta. The state conference provides an opportunity to get together with the other clubs and discuss the direction of the sport, learn about how other clubs operate and share ideas.

    SALAA Executive Officer - Ill Health

    The SALAA Executive Officer, Pam Sard has recently discovered that she has incurable cancer. Pam has been involved in athletics for decades - she was the Executive Officer when some of the committee members were still little athletes. We extend our best wishes to Pam as she undertakes her treatment programme.


    In the transition between seasons the website undergoes significant change as last season's results are archived and information for the new season is included. Please be patient as this is undertaken.

    Key Dates 2013/2014

    • Saturday 21 September 2013 - Working Bee from 8:00am - 12:00
    • Friday 27 September 2013 - Registration Night from 6:00pm - 8:00pm
    • Sunday 29 September 2013 - The first T&F competition from 9:15am.
    • Wednesday 2 October 2013 - The first T&F Training session from 5:00pm - 6:30pm
  • Newsletter (8 July 2013) - (Posted: 9 July 2013)

    Message from the President

    The committee have been working hard over the last few months reviewing policies and information for the Season hand book, setting dates for the summer season and preparing for hosting our Cross Country event. Some of you may have been reading in the Messenger Newspaper about Sporting Clubs and Tea Tree Gully Council Lease agreements. Whilst we are in negotiations with the Council over our lease fees, we are fortunate that the TTG Athletics Centre Management Committee has decided that we do not need to increase our Centre joining fees and there will be no other impact for TTG Little Athletics at this point in time.

    Other things that we have discussed and are currently looking into is the setting up online registrations, ordering of uniforms and payments, hoping that it will reduce the need to have cash and lining up on Sunday mornings.

    We were fortunate to have two delegates from our Centre attend the SALAA AGM who have reported to us a couple of significant changes for the 2013/14 season. For Relay Championships, SALAA is trialling mixed age group medley relays as well as removing the 4 x 400m relays for the older age groups to all ages running 4 x 200m and 4 x 100m. Field Event relays will remain the same. The other decision made was that at SALAA events ( e.g. Regional Games, Personal Best days etc.) high jump will NOT be offered for Under 6 to Under 8 age groups due to the confusion amongst centres about interpreting the rules of landing/scissor kick.

    Cross Country Season 2012/2013

    The cross country season is coming to an end with one more host day (TTGLAC - see following) and the Championship still to be held. We've had 50 athletes competing during the season so far and a very good turn out to training. This represents another big increase in participation from previous seasons. We can be proud of the way our athletes have performed and represented our club. The results for the season so far are available on the Cross Country page of the website.

    TTGLAC Cross Country Host Day

    On Sunday 14 July 2013, TTGLAC hosts the final cross country event before the championships. It is a big day for our centre and a lot of effort has gone into the organisation. Competition starts from 11:00am and concludes at 3:00pm. The programme of events is provided in the attached flyer and the course maps are provided on the Cross Country page of the website.

    If you haven't competed in cross country before and want to have a go then please come out. The cost is just one dollar. Training on Wednesday starts at 4:30pm and our athletes will have the chance to run the course. This will be followed by some cross country games.

    The canteen will be open and there will be a BBQ (featuring the Gully Gut Buster Burger, sausages, egg and bacon sandwiches etc.).

    We will also be conducting an instant raffle with great prizes from local businesses. If you are able to donate any goods or know of any businesses that are able to offer support then please let us know by responding to this email.

    Setup for the host day starts at 7:00am so if you have a bit of spare time please feel free to wander across early to help with marking out the course and setting up the tents and other facilities.

    Track & Field Season 2013/2014

    The committee has set the initial dates for the T&F Season 2013/2014.

    • Saturday 21 September 2013 - Busy Bee from 8:00am - 12:00
    • Friday 27 September 2013 - Registration Night from 6:00pm - 8:00pm
    • Sunday 29 September 2013 - First T&F competition from 9:15am.

    The Busy Bee involves marking out the track on the oval, filling the LJ/TJ pits with more sand and a general tidy up in the clubroom.

    Dates for the major SALAA events have been set and these can be found on the website by browsing through the Calendar on the home page or by looking at the (empty) results table on the T&F page.

    T&F training will start on Wednesday 2 October 2013 from 5:00pm.

    Message from the Education Officer

    Congratulations to our athletes Cam Rudge and Annie Simpson on achieving their Level 2 Intermediate Club Coach certification. They are now qualified to coach the fundamental skills of athletics at club and school level.

    We have three more volunteers undertaking the Level 1 Community Athletics coaching course in September.

    The Level 0 Introduction to Coaching course has been tentatively scheduled for Sunday 27 October 2013. See the Coaches page on the web site for more details.

    Email List

    On Friday 27 September we will be wiping clean our email list and then starting afresh from the registrations for season 2013/2014. We do this every every year so there is no need to unsubscribe/subscribe. You can always contact us at any stage to change details. Keeping our email list current is always a bit of a challenge so please be patient with us. The latest news is always published on the News page of the website.

  • Newsletter (28 May 2013) - (Posted: 28 May 2013)

    Hi everyone,


    Following our call for volunteers and recent TTGLAC Committee Meeting we have been able to finalise the Committee:

    • President: Di Ferguson
    • Secretary: David Skene
    • Team Manager: Grahame Ellis
    • Chief Recorder: Di Ferguson
    • Education Officer: John Bos
    • Registrar: Emma Chalmers
    • Fund Raising/Social: Ry Kemp
    • Publicity & Promotions: John Bos
    • General Committee: Paula Blagrove, Steve Borgas, Tim Chalmers, Kym Collins, Pam Cummings, Kirsty Keegan, Jason Noye, Jason Seymour

    Pam Cummings has also volunteered to fill the role of Canteen Manager. Whilst this is not a Committee position it is nonetheless vital for the successful running of our club since we derive a good income from the operation of the canteen whilst providing our members with a service. The role of the Canteen Manager is not to serve behind the counter so we will continue to roster parents by age group throughout the T&F season.

    Thank you to those that have stepped up to help. You may notice that some committee members are filling multiple roles. If you are able and interested in filling some of these then please contact us. General Committee positions are still available.

    SACSA Cross Country Championship - Call for Volunteers

    The South Australian Christian Schools Cross Country carnival is being conducted at Bulkana Oval on Friday 7 June 2013 from 8:50am to 1:30pm. TTGLAC has been asked to provide canteen facilities to support the event. If you are able to assist in the canteen for the whole or just part of the day then please contact us (la@ttgathletics.com.au).

    General Business

    The committee has been busy attending to the running of the club. Activities include:

    • Application for a Coach Education grant through the SA Government Office For Volunteers
    • A review of awards and policies (ongoing)
    • Support to the SAPSASA cross country carnival
    • Attendance at the recent SALAA AGM
    • Attendance at the SALAA Coaches Club AGM
    • Organisation of coach education programmes for new and advancing coaches
    • Enhancement of the web-site
    • New registrations for cross country
    • Conduct of the Cross Country training and competition programme
    • SALAA IGA Award nominations
    • SALAA Affiliation for season 2013/2014

    If you have any questions about any of these areas or wish to contribute then please contact a committee member.

    TTGLAC Cross Country Host Day

    The cross country season is well under way and TTGLAC has been well represented at the three cross country host days conducted so far. Our participation levels have increased again this year. Competition and training details are available on the web-site. A reminder that a separate email group is maintained for the Cross Country participants and a weekly email is sent out. If you want to be added to this list then contact the Education Officer (la.education@ttgathletics.com.au) or webmaster (webmaster@ttgathletics.com.au).

    The TTGLAC Cross Country Host Day is on Sunday 14 July 2014 between 11:00am and 3:00pm from our clubroom at Bulkana Oval. More details will be forthcoming (and can also be found on our website) but please put this date in your diary. This is a major event for our club and requires the support of volunteers to fill numerous roles including timekeeping, starting, announcing, marshalling, canteen, BBQ, set-up, pack-up, recording etc. If you are able to assist in any way on this day then please contact us.

  • Newsletter (3 May 2013) - (Posted: 6 May 2013)

    Hi All,

    We trust that everyone enjoyed the T&F Presentation Day on Saturday 6 April 2013. We had great weather and a great turnout.

    Call for Committee Nominations

    Following the AGM on Saturday 6 April 2013 (before our presentation) we were left with a number of vacancies on the Little Athletics committee. These included the positions of:

    • President
    • Secretary
    • Fund Raising/Social
    • Publicity and Promotions
    • Clubroom Management Officer
    • General Committee Members

    We also have one non-Committee role to be filled:

    • Canteen Manager

    The positions of President, Secretary and Canteen Manager are especially important. A few more parents have stepped forward to help since the AGM but we need a few more volunteers. Don't worry if you don't have much experience with athletics - we have a good number of experienced volunteers continuing on the committee this year. The committee meets approximately once a month. If you are interested and would like to help out at a great club then please contact us (la@ttgathletics.com.au).

    SAPSASA Cross Country - Call for Volunteers

    The TTGLAC supports the SAPSASA District Cross Country competition by providing canteen services. This year it is being held at Bulkana Oval, from our clubroom, on Friday 17 May 2013. The competition runs from 12:00- 2:30pm. We need volunteers to run the canteen. No previous experience is required. If you are able to help then please contact us (la@ttgathletics.com.au). These days are significant contributors to our fundraising efforts.

    Cross Country Competition

    The first Cross Country event of season 2012/2013 is hosted by the Hills LAC on Sunday 5 May 2013 at Heathfield High School, Hender Road, Heathfield.

    Competition starts from 11:00am but check the programme of events available on the website to find out when your race starts. Try to get there an hour before the start so that you can check the course and do a warm-up.

    The course is a tough one for the U8 and above age groups with a mixture of open oval, single track, steep climbs and descents. It is much easier for the Tiny Tots to U7 age groups.

    Note that your registration fee for season 2012/2013 includes both the Track and Field and Cross Country seasons. There is no more to pay other than a gold coin donation to the host club.

    Cross Country Training

    Cross Country training has been underway for the last three weeks. Details of training are available on the web-site. The regular training session occurs every Wednesday at Bulkana Oval starting at 4:45pm. Training goes for about 1 hour.

    Cross Country Email Group

    A separate email group has been established for Cross Country participants with a weekly email being sent out. If you haven't been receiving the emails and would like to then contact our webmaster (webmaster@ttgathletics.com.au) or coach (la.education@ttgathletics.com.au).

    Next Newsletter

    The next newletter will contain information regarding the TTGLAC Cross Country Host day and announcements regarding the new Committee.

  • TTGAC: Financial Statements in support of AGM this Saturday at 4pm Bulkana Oval Clubrooms (3 April 2013) - (Posted: 5 April 2013)

    Dear Member,

    Please find attached the following files:

    • AGM 2013 Balance Sheet as of 31st March 2013;
    • AGM 2013 Income and Expenditure (1st April 2012 - 31st March 2013);
    •  AGM 2012 Minutes (232 KB)

    Petra Wiesner

    TTGAC CMC Secretary

    Webmaster Note: Our website policy precludes public disclosure of financial information. If you are a member and did not receive the files via email then please contact a committee member.

  • AGM and Presentation this Saturday 4pm (2 April 2013) - (Posted: Posted: 3 April 2013)

    Hi all

    Firstly well done to all our athletes who competed at the State Individual Championships and Improvers Championships - there were some awesome Personal Bests, medals and even a few new Centre Records!

    AGM/Presentation - This Saturday, starting at 4pm at the Clubrooms, Bulkana Oval, is our AGM followed by Presentations, BBQ and disco. Ideally we would like one parent from each family to attend the AGM whilst the other parent supervises their child/ren on the oval with face painting/jumping castles available. Also if you are thinking of coming along but didn't pre-order food, there will be the opportunity to purchase some food on the day or otherwise feel free to pack your own picnic. BYO drinks.

    Coach Education - Are you interested in becoming an athletics coach? Athletics SA run a series of coaching accreditation courses over the winter season. The entry point to the Athletics Australia Coach Accreditation Framework is the Level 1 "Community Athletics Coach". This course is certified by the Australian Sports Commission and allows participants to be nationally accredited as a community coach which is transferable to other sports engaging in the community coach programme. Courses are scheduled for Sunday 19 May 2013 and Sunday 8 September 2013. Higher level courses are available for those that already have coaching accreditation.

    If you just want to know enough to help out during T&F meets then the Level 0 "Introduction to Coaching" course held in November by the TTGLAC is sufficient. Note that this is not an accredited course but is one supported by the SALAA Coaches Club.

    For more details visit our web-site (http://www.ttgathletics.com.au/la/Coaches.php).

    If you are interested in becoming a coach and prepared to undertake an accredited course then please contact our Education Officer, John Bos (Email: la.education@ttgathletics.com.au) or a Committee member.

    Cross Country - Don't forget about the Cross Country season! It is a good way to keep up some fitness, and an opportunity for Mums and Dads to also get involved and have a run. The winter programme is available on our website and John Bos conducts training throughout the winter season. The first training is on Sunday 14th April, 9am at Angove Conservation Park, Bowen Road.


    TTGLAC Committee

  • SALAA Newsletter (23 March 2013) - (Posted: 27 March 2013)

    Read the SALAA newsletter distributed at the recent State Individual Championships. It covers a wide range of topics.

  • Leader Messenger Article (20 March 2013) - (Posted: 25 March 2013)

    Read the Leader Messenger article featuring Tea Tree gully athletes following the State Multi-Event Championships.

  • Call for help this Friday (20 March 2013) - (Posted: 21 March 2013)

    Hi all

    TTGLAC is running the canteen this Friday for a school sports day and we have 2 helpers in the canteen, but desperately need another, as due to personal reasons our 3rd volunteer may not be able to make it. If you can help, even for the rush hour at lunch time, please email Leanne Norbury our Club Rooms Manager at lmnorbury@gmail.com


  • Yesterday and Today! (18 March 2013) - (Posted: 18 March 2013)

    Hello all

    Firstly congratulations to all that competed at Improver's games on Sunday. It was great to see so many wearing medals at the end of the day. Also a huge thank you to all parents for helping with their roles on the day.

    On another note TTG hosted the local SAPSASA meet today. Not only was it great to see so many TTG kids competing and benefiting from what they have learned during the season we also want to acknowledge the fantastic people from our club that helped out on the day to make it the success it was.

    • Canteen- Leanne Norbury, Narrelle Vink, Di Hams, Kirsty Keegan
    • Set up- Craig Hams and Grahame Ellis (Both there from 7:30 until 3:15)
    • Officials- Suzanne and Grahame Ellis, Pam Cummings, Paula Blagrove, Jordan Staples, Craig Hams, Emma Chalmers, Di Ferguson, Jim Stear, Sal Lo Iacono and Julia Sambell.

    Truly if it was not for these people the event would not have happened so thanks to them all. It also helped raise around $1700 for the club and YOUR kids.

    Please consider getting on board the committee for next season. You are appreciated and do make a difference to this community.


  • SIC Files (16 March 2013) - (Posted: 16 March 2013)

    Hello all

    Attached are three important forms for the State Individual Championships.

    • Parent help roster. Please note some of you have been allocated one role each day. For those who have only one role please listen out on the day for the announcer asking for assistance. In order for the events to run to time these roles need to be filled. It is only the kids you are letting down. The roles are not difficult and last around 45 minutes in most cases. I have tried to put you on the job when your kids are not competing and spend quite some time working on this.
    • Arena Map. This will help with where the events are.
    • The final times of each event.

    The following info is important especially for newies to the state champs.

    • All kids will need to marshall prior to their events. They will need to be at the marshaling tents on the home turn at least 20 minutes prior to their start time of event. Listen out for the officials at the tent calling the relevant event. Can I suggest purchasing a program when you enter the arena ($2).
    • Apart from the parent help role, parents are not permitted on the arena. If you have any problems please contact me on 0402 900 098 and I will try to assist.
    • Please respect the officials. They are hard working and try to do the best they can in some cases trying conditions. They have been there since 6am each day and dont leave until 8pm.
    • IMPORTANT. Parking will be at a premium this year due to netball being held and ETSA park car park closed to athletic people. Please leave yourself extra time to get a park.
    • Finally, congratulations to your kids for making the champs. They should be proud of their achievements and enjoy the experience. Not all can win medals so remember the moto "BE YOUR BEST". This is the best we should expect from each and every kid.

    Represent TTG with pride. The club is proud of you all, no matter the result.

    See you all next weekend!

    Craig Hams

  • Improvers Game's Sunday (11 March 2013) - (Posted: 11 March 2013)

    Improver's Games are on next Sunday at Elizabeth LAC and the programme is now on the website to find the times that your child is competing.

    Elizabeth LAC Centre Address: Duncan Anderson Reserve, Trimmer Rd, Elizabeth Vale

    Please find attached the parent roster for those attending the Improvers' Games. There are 2 pages so please find your name (you may be down twice). Parents of Tiny Tots have also been allocated roles at times either side of the Tiny Tot programme. If you are not able to attend, please email reply to let us know as it is important that we reallocate these roles - without a full allocation of parental assistance, the events will not be able to be run.

    Don't forget to look for the TTGLAC sunshade as a meeting point and best of luck to all of our athletes competing!

  • Improver's Games (9 March 2013) - (Posted: 10 March 2013)

    The Programme for the Improver's Games is attached. We still are unsure as to what events TTG parents are rostered on so will hopefully be able to advise you during the week.

    Also attached are the Constitutional Amendments for discussion at the AGM.

  • Presentation Day 6 April 2013 - (Posted: 8 March 2013)

    Our Presentation Day is on Saturday 6 April 2013. Entertainment starts from 4:00pm and concludes at ~9:00pm. Presentation of awards starts after the AGM and is followed by the BBQ dinner.


    Entertainment includes Jumping Castles, Face Painters and a Disco.

    The Jumping Castles are open from 4:00pm - 7:00pm. This year the Jumping Castles include the Large Funhouse Combo Jump 'n' Slide and the new Maxi Fun Factory. The Maxi Fun Factory has 15 activities including chair lifts, spiral stairs, rocking horses and moving mouths.

    The face painters are available from 4:00pm - 6:00pm. Two face painters will be present.

    The disco will be on from ~6:00pm - 9:00pm.

  • Last Home Meet Sunday! (7 March 2013) - (Posted: 8 March 2013)

    Last home meet this Sunday before we head into Championships. Set up duties this Sunday are Tiny Tot Boys, Pull down is U12 Boys, Canteen U16/17 girls. It has been a great summer season with a fantastic number of athletes, both new and returning. Thank you to all those parents/adults who have officiated, chaperoned, helped out in any way - and especially a big thank you to the Committee and Coaches for their hard work throughout the season.

    Results for Under 11 boys

    There was no record sheet in their folder last Sunday so Di, the Recorder cannot enter in the results. If you know the whereabouts of the sheet please let Di know, or otherwise you can email through their results from their tickets.

    Canteen Assistance Friday 22nd March

    There is a Sports Day meet on Friday 22nd March at which TTG Athletics runs the canteen and always returns good profits for our Club. We are in desperate need for 2 more helpers in the canteen mainly to cover the lunch time rush, so if you or a grandparent would like to help please contact Di Ferguson (dferguson@adam.com.au) or Leanne Norbury (lmnorbury@gmail.com).


    This Sunday is the last day for BBQ orders to guarantee food for the AGM/ presentation day. Attached is the Agenda for the AGM as well as nomination form, proxy form and constitutional amendments. The Nomination form is for any position on any of the Committees, so if you are thinking of joining the Little Aths Committee, please fill it in and submit.

    At present we do not have a President nor Secretary for the Little Athletics Committee. It is vital we fill these two roles as the advice from Centre Management is that we should not continue as a club without them as they are essential for the successful running of the TTGLAC.

    Improvers and State Championships

    For those attending these, there will be rosters for parent assistance once we have confirmation as to what events we need to officiate at. Information will be emailed out and posted on the website as they become available so please keep an eye out for them


    TTGLAC Committee

  • News for TTG Little Aths (28 February 2013) - (Posted: 1 March 2013)

    Multi Event Championships - well done to all those who competed and to all the parents who fulfilled their volunteer roles. Special congratulations go to our medal winners:

    • 1st U12 Rachel Gill
    • 2nd U11 Emilaya Ellis
    • 2nd U14 Emily Scutter
    • 3rd U14 Maya Lange
    • 3rd U16 Annie Simpson

    Sunday Meet - We have changed the programmes for the next two home meets so this Sunday will be Program 1 and the following Sunday, programme 2. Both are now correctly stated on our website calendar. Set up duties this week is U9 Girls, pull down U10 girls and canteen 16/17 boys.

    SAPSASA Athletics - Monday 18th March: This event for the Tea Tree Gully zone of SAPSASA is held on our oval and any officials/volunteers that TTG Little Athletics provides, earns the club $25 per official. If you are planning to attend with your child please consider helping. Please contact Craig Hams if you would like more information or willing to assist.

    AGM & Presentation Day, 6th April: Remember to get those orders in for the BBQ. Forms are available in the canteen. This is always a great way to finish the summer season and entertainment for the day includes Jumping Castles, Face Painters and a Disco. This year the Jumping Castles include the Large Funhouse Combo Jump 'n' Slide and the new Maxi Fun Factory. The Maxi Fun Factory has 15 activities including chair lifts, spiral stairs, rocking horses and moving mouths.

  • Meet this Friday (21 February 2013) - (Posted: 24 February 2013)

    Hi all

    Reminder : competition at home is this Friday night at 6.30pm with Golden Grove LAC coming to visit. Those on set up duty are U9 boys, pull down U10 boys and canteen U14/15 Girls. As well as the canteen, we are also planning to get the BBQ out for sausages and egg and bacon sandwiches, so some extra hands cooking at the BBQ would be great.

    State Individual Championships - money and forms are due Friday night or Sunday at the Multi Events at the latest.

    Multi Event Championships - These are on at Santos this Sunday. Don't forget to take a copy of the parent help roster so those attending remember to fulfil their roles. At the moment the weather forecast is 35. The Hot weather programme will come into effect if at 4.10pm on Friday the Bureau of Meteorology forecast is between 37 and 40C.

    Training - Don't forget that we hold training on Wednesday nights from 5 until 6.30pm. With Improvers and State Individual Championships coming up, that extra bit of training and coaching may result in a fantastic Personal Best!

    Cross Country - Don't forget that the Cross Country season will be coming up soon and we have our Hoodies available for sale for those cold days. The programme of meets for 2013 is on our website now.


    TTGLAC Committee

  • Open Meet Sunday (14 February 2013) - (Posted: 14 February 2013)

    Sunday at Home: Open Meet

    Duties for setup are U8 Girls, pull down 15/16/17 Girls and canteen U14 boys. To make this work we need parents/caregivers to officiate at the events your child is on, as there are no Chaperones as such to co-ordinate this week. Once again the committee is under the pump with quite a few absent this weekend, so please volunteer, learn a new skill and help out where you can see an event is struggling.

    At the moment the forecast for Sunday is 37. As per our hot weather policy if the forecast on Saturday, 5pm for Adelaide on the BOM website is 37 or higher, then warm up will commence at 8.30am. Those setting up will then need to be out around 7.30 at the latest! The hot weather programme and normal start programme are attached and also on our webpage.

    Improvers Games: Forms and money are due back this Sunday.

    State Individual Championships

    Nomination Forms, rules and programme are all available on the website and a few will be available from the canteen on Sunday. Nominations and money need to be returned to the Recorder by Sunday 24th February (Di will be at the Multi Events so you can pass them to her then if not before). Cost is $3 per event nominated (with a maximum of 5 events).

    Behaviour of Athletes and Parents

    The committee would like to thank parents for their patience and understanding over the season as we try to grapple with the huge numbers of athletes. It is absolutely wonderful to see so many of the TTG Uniforms out on a Sunday or interclub meet and for the fun and enjoyment both child and parent gets. Unfortunately, however, there have been a few instances where parent behaviour has not been seen as adhering to our Code of Behaviour and we would like to remind all parents of their responsibilities for their children and towards the wonderful volunteers we have. This policy is in the blue book and also on the website.

    Presentation Day and AGM 6th April

    We have a few key people advising that they will be stepping down after this season so are looking to get some new people into the following roles:

    • President
    • Secretary
    • Registrar
    • Canteen Manager
    • Clubroom Management Officer (part of the Centre Management Committee)

    If you are interested in any of these positions or would like some more information in the first instance, please feel free to speak to one of the committee members.

    Also in preparation for the Presentation/end of year break up we would like families to pre-order their food to help with catering. All athletes will receive a sausage in bread at no charge. The form is attached and copies will also be available at the canteen.


    TTGLAC Committee

  • TTGLAC Newsletter (7 February 2013) - (Posted: 8 February 2013)

    It was good to see so many Tea Tree Gully athletes out at Munno Para last Sunday. Results are on the website and please let the Recorder know if there are any omissions as it was quite a task to go through all the result sheets to record all TTG athletes' results!

    This Sunday is programme 4 at home. Duties for setup are U8 Boys, pull down U16/17 Boys and canteen U13 Girls. The following Sunday 17th is an Open Meet where the athletes can choose which events they would like to do. It provides a chance for those who need a second qualify for State Individuals to do that event before nominations close.

    Improvers Games: Just a reminder that this event is for all Tiny Tots up to Under 8 and Under 9 to Under 17's who do not qualify for more than 2 events for the State Individual Championships. Forms are available on the website or some will be available in the canteen and are due back by Sunday 17th February. A list of those who have qualified for SIC will be again be available this weekend.


    TTGLAC Committee

  • Munno Para on Sunday (31 January 2013) - (Posted: 1 February 2013)

    We are off to Munno Para Little Athletics this Sunday for the Northern Region Open Day. At the moment we are short on committee help for running the Long Jump pits 3 and 4 so desperately require parents of Tea Tree Gully athletes to step up and assist us on these for the day. If your child is competing at one of these pits, please either rake, measure or help wherever possible as we need 4 people per pit to run the event. It is disappointing when these volunteering jobs are always left to a handful of parents/committee members to do and ultimately we all want to be able to provide our children with the chance to have fun and compete in these events.

    Welcome to the Committee: Ry Kemp (Dad to Zack in Under 7's) has also recently joined the TTGLAC Committee!

    Improver's Championships: These nomination forms and rules are now available on the website and some will be printed off and available from the Canteen at the next home meet. These Championships are for Tiny Tots to Under 8's, and any under 9 and up athletes who have not qualified for the State Individual Championships (SIC) in more than 2 events. Entries must be received with money by the TTGLAC recorder before Sunday 17th February. Cost is $7 per Tiny Tot to Under 8 athlete, Under 9 and up is $8 per athlete.

    State Individual Championships: A print out of those who have qualified for an event, the number of times they have reached qualifying and how many meets are required to reach the 50% attendance rate will be made available on Sunday at Munno Para and again at our next home meet. SIC entries need to be in before 27th February.

    See you Sunday!


    TTGLAC Committee

  • Home Meet this Sunday (23 January 2013) - (Posted: 25 January 2013)

    Well done to all those who attended last Sunday at the Personal Best Day at Santos. It was fantastic to see so many Tea Tree Gully athletes out and performing well. Results from that meet are now available on the Results page of our Website.

    We have a home meet this Sunday, with the following groups rostered on for helping: set up - U7 Girls, pull down - U14/15 Girls and canteen - U13 Boys. There will be a few committee members absent this weekend so we will need people to step up to help us fill some of the roles on the track - these roles are quite easy and the committee are more than happy to show you the ropes.


    The money from the chocolate fundraiser is now due so please bring back money and any unsold chocolates this Sunday.

    Multi Events Entry Forms:

    These are also due back along with entry fees. Please pass them in to the canteen or to Di Ferguson, our Recorder.

    Open Day Northern Region

    This meet is being held at Munno Para on Sunday 3rd February. This is a whole day event where all athletes can turn up and participate in events of their choice. Once again Tea Tree Gully is required to look after 2 Long Jump pits for the day, so we ask that you help out whenever possible. Our athletes and others cannot compete at Long Jump unless we get the required number of volunteers to run it. Please find attached the programme and rules or look for them on the notice board and TTGLAC website.

    TTGLAC Committee:

    We welcome Emma Chalmers onto the committee and thank Jim Stear for being our President in the first half of the season. Unfortunately Jim had to resign due to health reasons and at the moment the Committee have divided the President's role amongst themselves.

    Diary Dates:

    Our end of season Presentation day/AGM is coming up on Saturday 6th April. This is a great family outing with jumping castles, face painting, a disco and BBQ . We also hold the AGM at this time so if you have a passion for athletics and enjoy helping out, please consider joining our committee in a designated role or as a general member.

    Improver's Championship nomination forms will soon be out - keep watch for news on this as entries will need to be back by mid February.


    TTGLAC Committee

  • Santos this Sunday (18 January 2013) - (Posted: 19 January 2013)

    Hi all

    We have the Personal Best Day at Santos on Sunday, so no home meet this week. As stated before, Tea Tree Gully has been allocated Long Jump 1 to look after for the entire day, and whilst we have some committee members who will attend and help run it, we need at least 4 in total to run the Long Jump smoothly and on a timely basis, so please lend a hand when you can. If you are coming Sunday, most of us attending will probably congregate in the grandstand near the Long jump pits (LJ1 is down near the finishing line). The weather at the moment is looking good so we hope to see lots of you there!

    First Aiders and Mandatory Notification

    The committee are keen to organise a database of people in the centre who are qualified First Aiders and are willing to volunteer their skills to the club in the event that somebody receives an injury. Ultimately we would like to organise a roster of First Aiders and provide vests indicating that they are designated First Aid helpers. Also, we would be interested in collating a database of those of you who already have police checks/ mandatory notification training for work/volunteering in other situations as this is an area we are currently looking into for future policy. If you are happy to provide us with some, or all of this information, please email through your details with expiry dates.

    Athletics SA (seniors) - State Junior Track and Field Championships (Under13's and up)

    This year's Athletics SA State Junior Track & Field Championship will be held on Friday 8th, Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th February 2013. The Age Categories of events are U14, U15, U16, U17, U18, and U 20. These age groups are required for State and National team selection.

    This State Championship event is open to any athlete registered with Athletics SA (no pre-qualification is required). This is a great opportunity for any of our older athletes who are interested in pursuing athletics at the Seniors level, to experience the competition, plus get the opportunity to compete in state championships without the need to reach qualifying standards.

    If you are not already registered then registration is online via the Athletics SA website. Cost is $60 ASA affiliation fee and $50 for the club fee which will be reimbursed by TTGAC if already a Little A member. In addition Dual Registration is available for LA athletes who are 12, 13 or 14 years old, the fee is $30 ASA affiliation and $20 club fee which is reimbursable by TTGAC. (Check requirements on the ASA website). Note that "One Day" registrations are not available for this event. Please email secretary@ttgathletics.com.au with details of your registration for reimbursement.

    To register visit Athletics SA Website. To compete in the State Juniors Championship you also need to register/enter online at the Athletics SA website. The event registration fee is $20 for the three days and you can enter as many events as you like.


    Please note that when you register you may need to register under the normal seniors age groupings of U14, U16, U18 & U20. The computer on this end will pick up if you are an uneven age group.

    Entries will close on Sunday 3rd February at 10.30pm. PLEASE NOTE we will not be taking any late entries.


    The timetable is subject to change depending on entry levels and weather. The timetable attached is a Draft and will be subject to change. A final timetable will be available online on Monday 4th February 2013.

    If you have any questions please contact Megan on 83543477 or email megan.szirom@athleticssa.com.au or TTG Athletics secretary secretary@ttgathletics.com.au


    The Committee

  • News (11 January 2013) - (Posted: 11 January 2013)

    Hello to all.

    This Sunday sees us back at home - reminder that Under 7 boys are on set up, Under 14 boys on pull down, and Under 12 girls are on Canteen. Our favourite canteen helpers Brian and Barb are away, so we will definitely require as much help in the canteen as possible, or otherwise we will be unable to open it. Also the council is working on the carpark and at the moment can't be used - alternative parking can be accessed off of Elizabeth Street at the TTG Gyymnastics and Tennis courts.

    Personal Best Day

    A great fun, free day for all at Santos on Sunday 20th January. Check the webpage for programme details, or check the notice board on Sunday. Reminder that TTG requires officials on the day to run Long Jump 1 so please help us out and volunteer yourself for even 1/2 an hour so that we can share the load to give some of our committee members a chance to watch their own children.

    Multi Event Championships

    On Sunday the 24th of February the State Multi Event Championships will be held at Santos Stadium. This event is open to all athletes from Under 9 and up. This event is held as a set program for each age group and kids will get points for each event and at the end of the 5th event points are tallied up and placings are determined. It is another great opportunity for all to compete on Santos Stadium and a chance to mix with other clubs and their children.

    Attached is an entry form and the days program. The entry form must be filled in along with your child's personal best for the particular events that will be confirmed by the club recorder and placed in an envelope along with $5 entry fee per child. Entries must come directly to the club (hand in at the canteen) and last date for entries is Sunday the 27th of January. ABSOLUTELY NO LATE ENTRIES AFTER THIS DATE TO ALLOW THE RECORDERS TO SIGN OFF THE FORMS.

    Any further questions please see Craig Hams or Email him on hamsy05@gmail.com

    IGA Promotion

    IGA, our sponsor for SA Little Athletics, is running a promotion for the general community, with the potential for some great rewards. Please see attached.


    Congratulations go to Darren Schnieder, Kirsty Keegan and Mick Adey for completing their Level 0 Introduction to Coaching Course. Also well done to Paula Blagrove for reaching her Level 2 Coaching.

  • Happy New Year (2 January 2013) - (Posted: 3 January 2013)

    Happy New Year to all.

    We hope you all had a lovely break and an enjoyable Christmas and New Year and are ready for the business end of the year. January through to the end of March is full of athletics events both at home and away, with upcoming events including:

    • Personal Best Day at Santos, January 20th - TTGLAC is rostered on to Long Jump, so we will need people attending to help officiate. More info to come.
    • Multi Event Championships , Sunday 24th Feb - Entry forms and money need to be in to the Centre Recorder by Sunday 27th January.
    • Northern Region Open Day at Munno Para
    • Improvers Games
    • State Individual Championships (SIC)
    • Presentation Day/AGM

    Information regarding these events is available on the website, and reminders about volunteer rosters and nomination form closing dates will be sent out closer to the events.

    Meet at Golden Grove Friday 4th January, 7.00pm

    Don't forget out first meet of 2013 is this Friday 4th January, at Golden Grove Little Athletics, Tilley Reserve. Because the forecasted weather for Friday is 42, Golden Grove have advised that the meet will now start warm up at 7pm and only 4 events per age group including only short sprints up to 400m.

    Pro's Meet Saturday 12th January, 5pm-9pm

    Every year, the Tea Tree Gully Athletics Centre hosts a Pro's Run Meet. This is a fantastic evening event where our families can go and watch some impressive running by the pro's and have a fun evening of food, athletics and socialising. This is a great fundraiser for the centre as we run a BBQ and the canteen, but as with all of these great events, we need volunteers to help cook, serve and assist in the canteen. If you could spare even half an hour to help out please drop us an email so we can work out a roster as well as ensure that we have enough volunteers to run this event. For those of you who do assist us, we run a special event so your children get to run a 70m (with handicap) during the break in the meet (around 7pm but subject to programming on the night). We need to cap this to a maximum of 16 athletes, so get your name down to help out early and let us know which of your children would like to run!

    Training and First Home Meet

    Training resumes on Wednesday 9th January as per normal and first home meet is Sunday 13th January. Rostered on for Set up duties are Under 7 Boys, pull down - Under 14 Boys, Canteen help - Under 12 Girls. Our meets run smoother and quicker if we can all pitch in and do our bit when we are rostered on, so if you can assist, we all really appreciate it.


    Don't forget to keep selling those chocolates - this is our only fundraiser for the year and chocolate monies need to be returned by Sunday Jan 13th.


    TTGLAC Committee

  • Message from the President (24 December 2012) - Information about January (Posted: 1 January 2013)

    Hi all

    Just a reminder about a couple of events happening in January.

    Firstly we are having our first meet for 2013 at Golden Grove on Friday 4th January at Tilley Reserve, starting at 6.30 pm. Out first home meet for 2013 is Sunday 13th.

    Secondly, for Under 10's - U17 {Mon -Fri) and U9's (Thurs, Fri only) SALAA has advised that they will accept late entries for the Holiday Training Clinic held at Santos Stadium from Monday 14th to Friday 18th January. Details of the programme and registration form can be found on the TTGLAC website or on www.salaa.org.au.

    Also, the TTGLAC Committee has a couple of positions still vacant so if you are thinking about becoming more involved, we would be very happy for you to join for the last 3 months of the season!

    Merry Christmas to all and we hope to see you all come back after the Christmas break fresh and ready to finish the Athletics Season in a flurry of Personal Bests!!


    TTGLAC Committee

  • Message from the President (15 December 2012) - Sunday and January 2013 (Posted: 17 December 2012)

    Hello everyone,

    The committee have been flying around this week to get things ready for Sunday, they have all done a fine job.

    The chickens will be picked up on Sunday, so they will be fresh and hot when we serve them up, which would be at around 11:30 ish. Thank you all for replying via emails to me, never had my inbox so full !!. Some of you I'm afraid were not specific about having the chicken, just acknowledging that you would be there. So I hope my calculations on the numbers eating are not too off the mark. I've gone for 128 servings of chicken and salads, and ordered 150 sausages...............should be fine.

    The day will be a normal meet, followed by some fun for those that want to take part. We will have some family relay races.

    • Family Relay - Open (The Gill family are the defending champions)
    • Family Relay - TT to U10 only
    • All comers relay (Form your own all star team)
    • Committee versus Captains............excluding the President !!

    Please note that we may be restricted time wise due to the Cricket club having a match.

    We still have chocolate boxes left, please take one if you haven't. There is no limit to how many you can take. They need to all go on Sunday. Thanks for everyone that has already boxes.

    Hope to see you all there. If not on behalf of everyone at the club we would like to wish all families a Safe and Merry Christmas, and a Happy, healthy new year.

    Jim Stear

  • Message from the President (10 December 2012) - (Posted: 11 December 2012)

    Hi Everyone,

    One of our Dad's had an unfortunate accident yesterday in the Discus area, and thankfully he is now recovering well from his injuries. But it has given us all a "wake up call" with regards to safety on the Oval. Please, please get into the habit of getting everyone behind ( children and Parents) the cage / nets when athletes are throwing the discus. The only exception would be the parents that are marking the throw when an athlete throws, and even then due care should always prevail. Other areas of concern are the High Jump mats. As a club we do pride ourselves on teaching the kids how to jump correctly and safely. Our training will maximise technique and minimise injuries. As parents could you please ask your children to refrain from jumping on the mats when not in competition or training please. The equipment rooms and weights room are also restricted areas without supervision from an adult. If a positive can come from this accident it would be for all to use common sense and be aware of potential dangers.

    On to more pleasant things now ........................


    We only have until Wednesday afternoon to tell our suppliers what quantity of food we require. The food served will be roast chicken pieces with two salads (coleslaw and pasta) and we guess it will cost approx $5-6 a serve. The BBQ will still be cooking sausages for the kids. So could you please email me after you read this if you wish to have the Chicken. Those who don't reply I will take as either not coming or who don't wish to eat. The committee have agreed that as we want to make it a social gathering as well you may bring your own drinks. But we must stress that it cannot be consumed until everything is cleared from the Oval.


    Thank you to all that have taken a box (or 2) so far, it really will help out. There are still around 40-50 boxes left and they must go either at training on Wednesday or on our break up this Sunday. Otherwise the whole exercise would be wasted if the club had to pay for the boxes that are unsold. What's christmas without chocolate !!.

    Jim Stear

  • Message from the President (5 December 2012) - This Sunday at Little Athletics (Posted: 5 December 2012)

    Hello to everyone,

    What a great day we had at Santos last Sunday, with some fantastic team and Individual performances on the day. Collectively we came in third behind Eastern Districts and Henley, although everyone gave it a good shot that overall Shield eludes us for another year. I would like to thank all the coaches who prepared our teams magnificently in the short time that they had. Thank you also to the parents that helped out on the day with the roster, with a special mention to those that stepped in where needed. To Paula for getting all the wigs, glasses, streamers and much more, the kids looked great in the parade. And lastly to our athletes who where a credit both on and off the competition areas, you all performed to the best of your abilities and made us all proud. Lastly if anyone has any photo's that they took on the day I would like to brighten up our clubhouse. So please forward them on to me, by receiving them I would acknowledge that you have given your consent that they can be displayed.


    Sunday 20th Jan: Personal Best Day. Open to all age groups (inc Tiny Tots) U6 - U10 Can choose 5 events. U11 and up can choose 6 events. The program for the day is now available on the club's website.

    Sunday 24th Feb: Multi Event Championships. Open to U9 and up. 5 events programmed by the association

    Sat / Sun 23rd & 24th March: State Individual Championships. Open to U9 and up. Athletes must attain qualifying standards on 2 occassions between 1st Sept - 1st March. A maximum of 5 chosen events can be performed.


    It will be program 1 and not 6 as advertised in the blue book, so most athletes will have 100, 200 and 800m runs, and it is slightly shorter than other programs. This weeks parent roster falls upon the parents of the U6 Boys to assist the committee with set up, could you please be on the oval by 07:45. Parents of the U9 Girls could you please make yourselves available for the canteen if required. And pull down goes to the parents of the U13 Boys please. A kindly reminder that all athletes should be in full uniform please, including all badges.


    We would like ALL families to take a box home on Sunday to sell to friends , family, work colleagues. We would like all monies collected to be with us by Sunday 13th Jan please. It really helps the club to keep the registrations down and buy new equipment that will bring the club forward. So please support your club that supports your children.


    There's a strong rumour that the big guy in red will be at our oval on the 16th Dec, so we want you all there. We are planning a bit of fun for all the family. Could you please either confirm via an email to me, or place your family name on the sheet inside the clubhouse on Sunday. We need to know the number of family members in order to cater for that amount, thanks for your help in this matter.

    Hope you can all make it on Sunday, would be great to see you all there.

    Jim Stear

  • TTGLAC Athletes at SAPSASA Nationals (Posted: 3 December 2012)

    Congratulations to our TTGLAC athletes who competed at the recent SAPSASA Nationals representing South Australia. They were:

    • Erin Chalmers
    • Emilaya Ellis
    • Rachel Gill
    • Ivy-Rose Hughes
    • Ryan Marshall
    • Kyla Stear
  • Message from the President (28 November 2012) - Friday Night Meet (Posted: 29 November 2012)

    Hi everyone,

    Due to the State Relay Championships being held this Sunday at Santos this Friday will be the first of 3 twilight meets this season. It will be a program 5 meet which is one of our less demanding ones. The night will begin at 6:30 and will last approx 90mins. Personally I have always liked the twilight meets and in my opinion seems more sociable and relaxing. So it's a great time to unwind for you parents, gets the kids knackered and ready for bed !!. So if you can make it that would be great. We'll have a BBQ going so it should be a pleasant night.

    Like every non-profit club up and down the country we do rely on fundraising events to help us maintain equipment and keep registrations affordable to all families. This year we have spent money on the following items (so far) :

    • 2 new laptops and accessories for our recorders.......... $1300
    • 1 High Jump Bag, Stand and Bar.................................$2500
    • 1 Portable Discus Cage...............................................$1000

    We still need some more discus plus a set of markers, so as you can see it really does mount up. If we can raise anything over half that total it would be great. The committee have decided that a Chocolate fund raiser will be the best way to go to generate those funds. Most of you involved with other sports will know how this works, and if everyone helps out it is a huge fund raiser for your club.

    Narelle Vink and Mim Pullinger have kindly agreed to take this on board, and we as a club would like to start straight away with the project. the boxes are with us now and ready for distribution. So please help as much as you can by selling the chocolates to family, friends, work colleagues etc and contact Narelle or Mim for your box.

    If we dont see you on either Friday or Sunday at Santos, have a great weekend and take care.

    Jim Stear

  • Message from the President (27 November 2012) - Parent Roster for Sunday (Posted: 28 November 2012)

    Hi to all,

    As you may all know that without parent help the "show" can't go on, and with such a big event as the State relays every club is given different tasks to perform on the day. The size of memberships in each club will reflect the amount of tasks they will be allocated by the association.

    The attached spreadsheet that I have compiled is purely random, some parents have a task, some don't. My only omissions are the Team coaches,the Team Manager and the committee. I have tried to slot parents into a time that would be near to their child's own events, so waiting time is minimal.

    If you have been selected to a field event, so will have parents like yourselves from other clubs. A long Jump pit may require a recorder, racker, spiker and a coordinator. You will be asked to perform one of those roles. All tasks that most of you should do with your age groups on our oval. The same applies to the other field events, most of you have done this before.

    Track roles may be a bit new to most of you, but they are not hard. There will be SALAA officials there to guide you on your role. Timekeepers will be asked to use a simple stopwatch to record times. This is purely a back up for the timing gates. Change over Marshall's will be asked to observe runners when they change batons. Marshall's at the Marshalling tent will be asked to chaperone a group to their event from the Marshalling tent. A finish Marshall maybe asked to place markers on each lane before a race finishes.

    Please, Please, Please make sure you go to your allotted event in time, if anyone doesn't fore fill their roles it reflects on the club as a whole. We have prided ourselves on filling these roles so that the day runs smoothly for all athletes.

    It's been a frantic few weeks for many people and some understandable frustrations along the way. It's all over now and the only thing that remains is to go and give it our best shot on Sunday. I really do wish all the athletes and parents a great day, and let's bring it home !!

    Last but not least a few words from Craig,

    Hello to all

    Reminders about the days proceedings on Sunday for the State Relay Championships.

    • Our club will be situated on the home bend under the large canopy there. We will also have our sun shade and banner there. Please make this area your base so coaches can find you for training and marshalling.
    • Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your first event. Parking is difficult so keep this in mind when arriving. It takes about 30 minutes travel time from the club to get to Santos Stadium. Entry is free for all. Please come and see me when you arrive so i can tick you off.
    • Bring chairs, food and drink with you. Canteen is available but the coaches would prefer this is used as an after event treat. Plenty of water please.
    • If your kids have iPods, Nintendo etc, please bring them with you. Anything that stops the kids running around and tiring themselves out is a bonus.
    • Please come in full uniform. This includes age number, rego number and IGA badge (right sleeve). If you do not have your number please let me know ASAP and we will try to sort things out. No numbers and you will not be able to compete. Association rules also stop the wearing of SKINS type compression pants.
    • Parents are allowed on the arena only when they are filling their assistance roles.
    • Please fill your allocated time for the parent assistance roles. Without you filling these roles the day will not run smoothly for YOUR kids. Our club has a great history for filling our jobs. Lets continue this tradition.
    • Remind you kids that they are representing TTGLAC. Be proud of this and also proud of the fact that they have made the squad. I know they will all do their best.

    My number is 0402 900 098. Any issues please call be as soon as you can.

    Regards and see you Sunday. The forecast is looking great.

    Craig Hams

  • Awards - Cam Rudge (Posted: 25 November 2012)

    Congratulations to Cam Rudge, our current Vice Captain, on being the recipient of the Gawler High School Dr John Harbison Bursary and the South Australian Olympic Council Pierre de Coubertin Award.

    The Dr John Harbison Bursary recognises academic and sporting achievements. Pierre de Coubertin is considered to be the founder of the modern Olympics and the award in his name recognises and rewards fair play, attitude, leadership and consistency.

    Congratulations Cam. We are pround of your achievements.

  • Message from the President (23 November 2012) - This Sunday (Posted: 23 November 2012)

    Hello Everyone,

    Just wanted to thank all the parents for their help last Sunday, it was one of the smoothest days we have had on the Oval this year. Again a massive turn out for the set up, all packed up earlier than expected and some great help in the canteen. The new BBQ was christened by some good chefs treating us all to some good food !!. The takings from the canteen was fantastic, and this reflected the hard work those parents put in. Thanks again to all.

    RELAYS U9 - U17

    The relay teams have now been announced, and congratulations to all those that have been selected. It's been a hard few weeks in getting those teams selected with a few hiccups on the way. Now all those involved with the relays should think about preparing them in the short space of time available. The coaches will be playing a huge role in those preparations and parents have their part to play in getting them ready mentally. Together we can achieve our goal in doing our best at Santos on the 2nd December. Each team will have a coach, and that coach will be in direct contact with you to arrange training for your group. So please listen out for further instructions. While at Santos each participating club will have roles to perform to aid the smooth running of the day. I will over the next few days compile a parent roster for that day, taking into consideration when your child is competing.


    I'm away this week so John has kindly agreed to run the day. This Sunday will be a program 4 meet that means all groups above U6 will have hurdles, and the oval track will be pretty busy with 300, 400, 500,1500m and the walks !!. The walks will revert to the slots on the program this week ( at the end ). The committee will be a bit stretched this week as some of them, including me, will be at Santos for the SAPSASA Nationals. I know that some of you good parents have approached me in the past about helping out, well we could teach you how to start a race or even time a race. It's not that hard and if we get a few mums and dads it will go a long way in helping us out. Have a think about it and approach a committee member on Sunday. This weeks parent roster falls upon the TT Boys for set up please, can you be there for 07:45 to assist our committee members. The canteen duties will be the U8 girls (if required), can you please make yourself available to the canteen helpers. Pull down will be the U11 Boys please.


    This week we will be running a " C " Grade course throughout the meeting, anyone who is interesting please go to the clubhouse and find Craig Davison. It's a great course and tells you more about how the kids should be doing things on our Oval, every age group ideally should have a C Grade official in their ranks. If an athlete in your group performs a centre best it needs to be ratified by a C grade official. It really isn't that hard and it's a good insight on how our sport is done.

    The "0" level coaches course will be conducted after we have finished the day on the oval. It's a fine stepping stone for the novice who maybe looking at coaching at some point. It also teaches parents the basics to help improve their child's technical abilities. It's a bit more in depth than the officials course and could take a few hours to complete. John Bos will be conducting the course and we are expecting visitors from other clubs to participate on this course as well. If you are interested please see John Bos for further information.

    That's about it for me, just a reminder that due to the State relays being held on Sunday 2nd December we will be having our annual twilight meeting on Friday 30th November.

    Take care all, and have a great day on Sunday

    Jim Stear

  • Message from the President (20 November 2012) - Relay Teams selected for the State Championships at Santos (Posted: 20 November 2012)

    Hi everyone,


    The TTGLAC Relay Team for the SALAA State Relay Championship to be held on Sunday 2 December 2012 has been selected and is provided in the attached file. The SALAA Rules and Programme of events have previously been distributed and are available on the web-site.


    The main training sessions for the Track Relay team are:

    • 5:00pm Wednesday 21 November 2012
    • 5:00pm Wednesday 28 November 2012

    All track relay team members should attempt to attend these sessions. The coaches have generously offered additional training sessions as follows:

    • 8:30am Sunday 25 November 2012 (Competition starts at 9:15am) - Craig, Di
    • 5:00pm Tuesday 27 November 2012 - Di, Paula, Trish
    • 5:00pm Thursday 29 November 2012 - Paula, Trish
    • 5:00pm Friday 30 November 2012 (Twilight competition starts at 6:30pm) - Craig, John, Paula (from 6pm), Trish
    • 9:00am Saturday 1 December 2012 - Craig, Paula

    For those additional training sessions held next week we ask that teams get together and register their interest in attending them. The allocated coaches will approach the team members on Sunday during competition to discuss training arrangements.

    There are no special training requirements for the Field Relay team.

    Well we have finally selected this years teams for the State relays at Santos. The selection process involved a sub committee who have worked hard to adopted a fair policy (see attachment) for everyone. I'd like to thank them for their efforts and time in what was a challenging episode for all involved.

    Now we must move on quickly if we are to achieve what we all know we can do, and that's win the overall trophy this year. We have a great Manager and Coach in Craig Hams and he is ably assisted by some great Coaches in John, Di, Paula, Trish. We also have help from 2 of our elder athletes in Cam and Annie. We will have a fantastic team both on and off the track this year. These coaches are willing to put more of their own time in training the teams to prepare them for these Championships. I'm asking you all as parents and athletes to give that commitment back please. Wednesday 28th will be a crucial time for that preparation and I'm asking all athletes to be there for that 90 minutes (5;00-6:30).

    There will be a parent roster for the day at Santos, and when we get the clubs roles from SALAA we will devise a roster for all involved, this will excluded the Team Manager and Coaches.

    The teams will be placed on the website before Thursday for the rest of the members to see.

    Any questions or concerns please drop me an email.

    Take care all

    Jim Stear

  • Message from the President (16 November 2012) - Sunday (Posted: 17 November 2012)

    Hi everyone,

    As promised here is just a quick update regarding volunteers for Sunday............

    3 people have kindly put their hands up for the BBQ on Sunday, but one of those must leave at 10:00. 4 people have also been very kind to assist in the canteen. Anymore takers out there please, so these roles could be shared and people can spend some time with their children.


    This year's SAPSASA (primary schools athletics) Nationals Track and Field Championship are being held in Adelaide (SANTOS). Our association has asked our club for help on Saturday 24th November. They are asking for athletes from U12's and up to help out on the track. The duties would be to assist as basket carriers and medal assistants during the Championships from 8.00am to around 5.00pm.They would be looked after for lunch and refreshments during the day. The association would like to know by Monday at the latest if we could help them in this matter, so could anyone interested could they please contact me as soon as they can. As a club we will have 6 of our athletes representing the State in these Championships,so will will have some familiar faces in the team and as spectators.

    Lastly, the new High Jump Bag arrived today, and we also purchased a new and bigger BBQ.

    Take care, and see you all on Sunday.

    Jim Stear

  • Message from the President (14 November 2012) - General Information (Posted: 15 November 2012)

    Hello to you all,

    A big welcome to all those that have joined the club recently, hope you are enjoying this wonderful sport. Our official membership now stands at 265 !!

    To all those that attended last Sunday I thought the minutes silence was just wonderfully respected by everyone, the kids were fantastic. And I think you would all agree that Harrison Mackenzie played beautifully, thank you and well done Harrison.

    We tried out the walking events first, and again I think people would agree they didn't go too well. We tried something new, and it didn't get the desired outcome. The walks are an inaugural part of our programs and we aim to keep it that way, and we will carry on to look for better slots to do those walks. It was pleasing to see so many taking part in those walks.

    The help was fantastic from all those age groups parents that were rostered on, thank you all so much. It really does make a huge impact on the running of the day.


    The visit of Eastern Districts will make this Sunday the busiest we have had so far. They like us have encountered huge rises in their memberships, and although they wont be all traveling to us, we are expecting a large number. I have attached a program for the day (prog 5) which is one of our lighter ones. I have modified it slightly with the older groups (swapped Disc for High Jump) to allow other younger groups to utilise both discus rings. The day will run exactly the same as we do on any other meet where each group will have a chaperone. Eastern Districts will also have a chaperone for each age group for their own athletes. We have now purchased a new High Jump bag that will be in place on Sunday, and also a new portable discus ring that should be with us by our home meet on the 9th Dec.

    I'm really eager to put on a good show for our visitors and with this in mind I'm asking for all your help please. This weeks roster falls upon the 9 girls set up ( please be at the oval by 07:45 ) and pull down for the 10 girls ( stay behind after finish please). The canteen duties will fall upon the 8 boys this week, and with a BBQ this is where the club needs the most help. What I'm proposing is an email response from all the 8 boys on the canteen so that we can sort out those duties before Sunday. The greater response the less time for all. I'm also asking for email responses from all other age groups about helping out on the BBQ. There are so many of us now in this club that if we all responded we would only have to turn one sausage each !!!. So please help the club out with this. I will send an email out on Friday night updating you on the responses I have received. I have also attached a spreadsheet of the parents roster for all our new Mum's and Dad's.


    These teams will be selected AFTER all the results are calculated on Sunday with Eastern Districts. Those selected will be notified as soon as possible and a Coach will be assigned to each age group for training. One of those training sessions will be on Wednesday (28th) prior to the championships all selected athletes will be expected to attend the oval (5.00- 6.30) this date and time must take preference over any other sports that may clash. As a club we want to do well at Santos, and we need to prepare accordingly to have the best chance in achieving that goal.


    Lastly, and also importantly two things. Can I ask that anyone that hasn't purchased a hat please do so soon. Paula now has hats, Polo shirts and Bike pants available this Sunday, but please see Paula before 09:30 as she would like to be on the oval as well.

    The other point was could you please use the age group trolleys for drinks and hats only, other items are being put in them that could be carried by the athlete or their parents. Thanks.

    Like always we want you all to enjoy your time with us, if you have any queries or questions please email me and I will do my best to help out.

    Take care

    Jim Stear

  • Message from the President (9 November 2012) - Sunday 11th November (Posted: 9 November 2012)

    Hello all,

    We had a fairly good turnout for last Sunday's Regional Games (107) and those that went I'm hoping that you all had a good time. The weather was a bit hot, and this may have been a factor to those that did not come. A quick reminder to all about our hot weather policy: If the temperature forecasted by the Bureau of Metrology at 5:00pm Saturday night is 37 or above the meet will commence at 08:45, with warm up at 08:30. While we are out there and the temp reaches 35, it will become a modified program, ie, long distance and Javelin will not be done. The committee will make any other decisions with safety the key factor on the day.


    Many of you will know that the above date is Remembrance day, and like many I would like our club to remember those that have fallen in all conflicts. I believe it would not be practical to hold a minutes silence at 11:00, so Im suggesting we do this at the beginning of our day on Sunday.

    I will be announcing this years Club captains and their vice Captains, I will also have a Centre best record to present. I will try to minimise the time taken up on announcements, hence the reason for my long emails. I'm sure you would rather read my words than hear my voice !!

    A kindly reminder that the parents roster this Sunday falls upon the U9 Boys for set up (can parents please be at the oval at 07:45). The U7 Girls we need parents from this group to assist in the canteen please. Can you present yourselves to Michelle (canteen Manager) after announcements. And the U10 Boys could you please stay around to clear things up at the end of the meet. Thank you all.

    Please find attached a modified program for Sunday. Not too much impact for the 9's and down age groups. We want to take the opportunity to begin the day on the oval track with the WALKS (1100 and 1500). We really want to test this and see how it goes. The U10's have to take part in the 1100 walk, but the U11's get a choice of the 1100 walk or a 1500m run. Please note that 1500m will still run as usual at the end. So could all walkers please go straight to the start after announcements, thanks. The biggest change will be around the U12 boys ( 8 Athletes) who will be joining up with the U13 Boys (6 Athletes). Again we will monitor this and ask for some feedback within those groups to how things went.

    Craig Hams our Team Manager for this year's State relay's will be announcing those U9's and up teams on Sunday. It has been a really difficult time for Craig and I thank him for his endeavors in doing a great job.

    Our new High Jump mat will be with us on Sunday 18th, which is great news as we are hosting Eastern Districts in our annual inter club meet. We are still looking at a new portable discus ring, which when purchased will go on the inside of the track near the 700m starting line. We will also move High Jump 2 this week adjacent to High Jump 3 ( in between the straight track and the home straight of the oval ).

    Lastly a big thank you to the families that provided an excellent picture in the Messenger (Leader) this week. For those that haven't read the article on the club it's on page 14.

    Well I think that's all, may I wish you and your families a great weekend. Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

    Jim Stear

  • Message from the President (1 November 2012) - Regional Games at Ingle Farm (Posted: 2 November 2012)

    Hi everyone,

    It would be great to see you all at Ingle Farm on Sunday for the annual Regional Games, it's a good opportunity for our athletes to compete against other clubs. I have attached the program for the day for you to print off. The events marked in Yellow are the clubs allocated events to look after.

    Just look out for the clubs sunshade and we can all meet there, the age group folders will be there for the chaperones to collect. Bring your chairs, drinks and food and relax between events. Might be a good idea to bring something to keep the kids amused like books, electronic games etc.

    Don't worry if your child hasn't got any registration numbers or only part uniform, or even both. Like us some clubs haven't had the stock to issue these items. The regional committee have all agreed to make allowances in this matter.

    Just turn up and have a great time. I wish all the athletes plenty of fun and lots of PB's !!!

    Take care all

    Jim Stear

  • Message from the President (29 October 2012) - News (Posted: 29 October 2012)

    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to send this out to you all so those that were not present at Sunday's meet would be aware of what's happening next weekend.

    It is with regret that I have called off the planned club's participation in this year's TTG (Westfield) Christmas parade. The reason is that as a club we can't take anymore athletes at the moment, and that was the main aim of the parade, to promote the club and gain more members. It's a decision that I didn't feel comfortable with, but I feel I had to make.

    It is the same reason that as a club we have decided to suspend anymore registrations ( apart from any come and tries already on our books ), until our new equipment arrives. We can then assess the situation from there. High Jump 2 caused a massive bottleneck and I do sincerely thank everyone for their patience who was affected on Sunday. We must look after your interests before we recruit more that might add to the problems.

    Remember Sunday is Regional day at Ingle Farm, so our place will be closed. We are part of the Northern region that consists of Elizabeth, Salisbury, Salisbury East, Munno Para, Golden Grove and Ingle Farm. The day is open to all ages, just turn up. The day is run just like we do on Sunday's, a chaperone is required in each age group and you follow the program of the day. What normally happens with the field events is that each club's athletes will compete after each other. So if we had say 9 boys from TTG in the long jump they would all jump after each other. This allows the chaperone of the group to record their distances one after the other. So they stay in that order for anymore field events, just like we do at our place. We will have the TTG Sunshade there, so please use that as a "homebase", it also encourages a bit of team spirit, and of course some much needed shade !!. Bring a pack lunch and chairs and relax in between your events.

    I am aware that some Athletes have registered but have either no registration numbers, no uniforms, or in some cases both. I am in discussion with all the other clubs about this situation, and we are not alone in this matter. As soon as I hear of a decision on this matter I will let you know, but Im sure it will be a favourable one. So please don't worry.

    Look on our website for anymore details about Regional day.

    I'm always open to any question's, or problems that you may have about anything to do with your time with us. Please dont hesitate to get in touch with me, just drop me an email and if I can help, I will.

    Jim Stear

  • Message from the President (25 October 2012) - Nov 3rd and 4th at TTG (Posted: 26 October 2012)

    Hi all,

    As promised my 2nd email of the week,

    Saturday 3rd November


    For the last 2 years this club has taken part in the Tea Tree Gully (Westfield) Christmas Parade, and have had a great time in doing so. If you look at the attached picture it shows us before we set off last year. Our main aim as a club is just to let people in our community know who we are. The day begins in Tolley Road, St Agnes and we walk the 2k route along Smart Road and finish on the top car park area of the Plaza shopping centre. Whilst walking with Santa and all the other floats we will be giving out lollies and flyers to members of the public. It would be great to see as many kids as we can on this great day. The only request from you as parents is to walk with us if you have children 8 and under, or you can even join the fun if you have older children !!. If you are interested I will place a clipboard by the canteen area this week, or you can email me to let me know. Thanks

    Regional Games Sunday 4th November

    This annual event is being hosted at Ingle Farm this year and is open to all ages. This includes a Tiny Tots program from 09:30 until 10:30. Please see the attached program for the day. We will still need chaperones for age groups as it will be run just like our own meets. Each club has been nominated an event to look after and our club has been allocated the Long Jump 1 and Triple Jump 1. Again we do ask for parent help in these events, so if your child is competing in Long Jump 1 or Triple Jump 1 please help out the committee member assigned with you. It's nothing more than you would do on a Sunday at our place. Thanks.

    Parents responsibilities on the Oval

    Just a kindly reminder that a child must have either a parent or guardian present on the oval at all times. We understand that parents with more than one child can't be in two places at once, and this is unavoidable. We ask all parents of all age groups to adhere to this policy please. It's a matter of common sense that we don't leave our children on their own. It also causes unwanted pressure on the other parents within the group. Any child found to be alone will not take any further part, and will sit with a committee member, all who have police clearance checks. I hope it doesn't get to that stage.

    On to a more happy note to end................breakfast will be served on Sunday morning !!!!. We will have the BBQ going and eggs bacon and sausages are on the menu.

    Take care and see you Sunday

    Jim Stear

  • Message from the President (25 October 2012) - What's happening at TTGLA (Posted: 25 October 2012)

    Hi all,

    Hope all is well with everyone and you are all enjoying the season so far.As a club we have now entered "unchartered waters" with the fantastic amount of memberships that we now have. Currently we sit at 247 athletes from approx 150 families, of which we have 28 Tiny Tots, 165 athletes 11 and under. The other 51 are from our 12's and up age groups. And we are only in week 5 !!

    Due to those high numbers there has been some problems that have occurred on the Oval, of which we are all aware of. I just want to let you all know what the committee intends doing to help alleviate those issues that we currently have.


    The club currently have 3 high jump bags, each a different size to accommodate different age groups. HJ3 (6 & 7's) HJ2 (8,9,10 & 11's) HJ1 ( 12 & UP).

    We are experiencing large bottlenecks on HJ2 , and HJ3 have encountered some waiting time as well. We have now ordered another high jump bag. The new bag will be the same dimensions as HJ2, but delivery is 3-4 weeks away. We would still like to remind you all about letting the children in your group "come in" at a height that is approx 25-30cm below their Pb's. That would have a huge positive impact on waiting times. We do thank you all in anticipation for your patience in this matter.


    We only 1 fixed ring and 1 portable one at present. U6-10's on Disc 2 (portable) and 11's up on the fixed ring. Again we have encountered bottlenecks in Disc 2. The biggest problem might be where to place another portable ring where everyone is safe, we are working on that.


    Not as bad as the bottlenecks in HJ and Disc, and we currently have 3. Again we would have to look at space so we could mark out another area if possible.


    Having benchmarked other clubs that place 2 runners in a lane for this event, we feel it good practice in keeping the whole day running more smoothly. Matching a fast runner with a not so fast runner seems to work well. We will adopt this practice for the season but will also monitor the situation.

    If anyone would like to learn more about officiating our events and help out the committee members, please approach anyone of us. You wont be thrown in the deep end. You'll spend a session with a timer or starter, and when you feel confident you can try. So please think about it, thanks.

    Sorry for the amount of emails as I will be sending one out again regarding the Regional Games ( Sun 4th Nov) and our involvement in the Westfield Christmas Parade ( Sat 3rd Nov) tomorrow.

    Take care all

    Jim Stear

  • Message from the President (12 October 2012) - Relays (Posted: 15 October 2012)

    Hi all,

    This message should only be going out to U9 and upwards age groups, so if you don't fall in that category please ignore this.

    On December 2nd at Santos Stadium the State relay Championships will be taking place. Please read carefully to what our Club coach Craig Hams has to say :

    Hi all

    Over the next two weeks I will be looking for kids under 9 and upwards to nominate for the State Relay Championships to be held at Santos Stadium on December the 2nd. We are traditionally a strong club at this event and this season will be no different. As part of the selection process I will select the fastest 4 kids for each event. This brings me to my next point. For under 12 and up you will run in the 4x100 and 4x400. There are a number of you that have not run 400's and there is only one more opportunity to do so (21st of October) before the teams are selected. Please make sure you attend to run that weekend to ensure your spot. I know some of you are doing soccer trials etc but if you can turn up and do the one event prior to your trials I can then select you. For age groups of only 4 or less this is not an issue.

    Craig Hams

    Jim Stear

Season 2011/2012

  • TTGLAC Cross Country Host Day (Posted: 10 June 2012)

    The TTGLAC Cross Country Host Day is on Sunday 8 July 2012. It is an important day for our Club and we would like to see a big turnout of our members. As usual an event like this requires support from volunteers and whilst your new committee will fill the majority of roles we will still need some assistance with marshalling, canteen etc. Please let Jim know if you can assist. Further details including a timetable and map of the courses will be sent out closer to the event.

    The first race starts at 11:00am with the remainder spread throughout the day and finishing with the family Fun Run at 3:00pm. Follow the link to obtain the timetable and rules:

    TTGLAC Host Day 2012 Timetable & Rules (PDF 31 KB)

    Each course is derived from one of four different loops of length 500m, 750m, 1000m or 1500m. The surface is predominantly grass but includes dirt tracks and sand. Multiple creek crossings are included in each loop. Follow the link to obtain the detailed course maps:

    TTGLAC Host Day 2012 Maps (PDF 543 KB)

  • Throwing Implement Weight Changes for Season 2012/2013 (Posted: 10 June 2012)

    Read about the change in weights for discus, shotput and javelin to be introduced for the 2012/2013 T&F Season:

    Implement Changes Memo 2012-2013 (PDF 61 KB)

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