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The TTGAC is undertaking the STARCLUB - Club Development Program run by the South Australian Government Department of Recreation and Sport.

A STARCLUB is a well-run club where quality coaches and officials work alongside valued volunteers in a safe and welcoming environment. STARCLUBs will be recognised by the government and other organisations that value the role well-run community clubs can play in our community.

This page contains the following sections:

SALAA Policies

As an affiliated member of the SA Little Athletics Association, the TTGLAC is bound by the association policies and procedures. The SALAA guidelines are non-binding but are used to inform our own centre decisions and activities.

These may also be viewed on the SALAA website.


  • Acceptable Use

    The purpose of this policy is to establish acceptable and unacceptable use of electronic devices and network resources at the SALAA in conjunction with its established culture of ethical and lawful behavior, openness, trust, and integrity.

     Acceptable Use Policy (347 KB)
  • All Weather

    This policy aims to provide the South Australian Little Athletics Association (SALAA) with a set of strategies to provide a safe environment in regards to weather events, and to reduce the likelihood of illness or injuries occurring as a result of inclement weather. This Policy covers weather events such as heat, sunshine, cold, rain and lightning.

     All Weather Policy (314 KB)
  • Anti-Discrimination

    The SALAA endorses diversity, supports equal rights, and does not advocate, support or practice discrimination based on race, religion, age, national origin, language, sex, sexual orientation, or mental or physical handicap, whether covered by applicable legislation or not, except where affirmative action may be required to redress individual or social handicaps of people from disadvantaged groups.

     Anti-Discrimination Policy (497 KB)
  • Committee's

    This policy gives direction on the policy and procedures relating to the formation of Board standing sub-committees and ad hoc committees.

     Committee's Policy (330 KB)
  • Conflict of Interest

    This policy has been developed to provide a framework for individuals including but not limited to; Board Members, Coaches, Officials, State Team Selectors and sub-committees to the Board in declaring conflicts of interest.

     Conflict of Interest (350 KB)
  • Drug and Alcohol

    The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that Little Athletics in South Australia remains a safe, healthy and fair environment, free from drugs and alcohol.

     Drug and Alcohol Policy (427 KB)
  • Extreme Weather

    This policy provides guidelines to assist our association, its affiliated centres, clubs and members in deciding whether to modify, cancel or postpone events or training.

     Extreme Weather Policy (446 KB)
  • First Aid

    First aid is an important aspect of Work Health and Safety. In recognition of this, the South Australian Little Athletics Association is committed to providing suitably trained First Aid Officers, together with first aid facilities to administer first aid treatment.

     First Aid Policy (385 KB)
  • Inclusion

    The Mission of the SALAA and its Centres in respect to inclusion is to guarantee all children and adults have access to a complete range of participation, training and competition opportunities, and to ensure inclusion in all aspects of athletics, including the provisions of rewards and incentives, Coaching, Officiating and administration.

     Inclusion Policy (327 KB)
  • Injury and Incident Reporting

    The SALAA recognises that the health and safety of its employees, members and volunteers is paramount. If accidents or incidents do occur, they should be reported. Incidents should be investigated to ensure that the possibility of recurrence or further risk is minimised.

     Injury and Incident Reporting Policy (471 KB)
  • IT Disaster Recovery

    The South Australian Little Athletics Association recognises that our data, member and volunteer information is a major tool for all of our lines of business. As such, certain steps need to be taken to protect our investment and ensure maximum continuity of functions is ongoing in the event of a disaster.

     IT Disaster Recovery Policy (406 KB)
  • Media Relations

    Local, state, national and international media are vital in achieving the goals of the SALAA. In order to maximise the advantages of media presentation and minimise the risks of media misrepresentation it is necessary to establish how media contacts and correspondence will be conducted. The intention is to establish a framework for achieving an effective working relationship with the media.

     Media Relations Policy (330 KB)
  • Member Protection

    The South Australian Little Athletics Association (SALAA) is strong in its commitment to a coordinated a comprehensive approach to promote the protection of children and adults. In accordance with the South Australian State Government principals for child protection and intervention, SALAA aims to promote a safe environment for all children and adults and to recognise and notify suspected child abuse and neglect.

     Member Protection Policy (919 KB)
  • Privacy

    The South Australian Little Athletics Association understands that you may have concerns about the privacy, confidentiality, and security of personal information we may obtain about you. SALAA's policy is to protect participant's privacy and personal information that it may collect from time to time.

     Privacy Policy (332 KB)
  • Refunds

    The SALAA has adopted a no-refund policy with regards to all association, registration, clinic/development and event fees. All Centres affiliated to SALAA can only allocate refunds at Centre level, but can do so at their own discretion.

     Refunds Policy (476 KB)
  • Risk Management

    SALAA is firmly committed to the systematic process of identifying, analysing, evaluating, treating, monitoring and communicating risks associated with its operation. In addition SALAA recognises that such a process is vital in promoting a safe environment for members including but not limited to; officials, volunteers, spectators and all other relevant parties, while at the same time minimising potential exposure to financial and legal risks.

     Risk Management Policy (336 KB)
  • image

    Smoke Free

    The SALAA understands the harmful effects of smoking on health, fitness and performance in sport and that passive smoking is also hazardous to health. It is acknowledged that non-smokers should be protected from the involuntary inhalation of tobacco smoke. As a result smoking shall not be permitted in any competition or spectator area during any SALAA competition at Association and Centre level. This includes the TTGAC clubroom and Bulkana Oval.

     Smoke Free Policy (387 KB)

  • Social Media

    This policy acts in conjunction with the South Australian Little Athletics Association's Media Relations Policy in order to maximise our social media reach, while protecting our public reputation.

     Social Media Policy (401 KB)
  • State Team

    The purpose of this document is for the SALAA to ensure that all eligible athletes have an equal opportunity to be selected in the State Team without fear of prejudice or favouritism.

     State Team Policy (315 KB)
  • Volunteers

    This policy is intended to ensure that volunteers working for the SALAA have work that is safe, significant, fulfilling, and appreciated.

     Volunteers Policy (305 KB)
  • Work Health and Safety

    The SALAA is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace, state events and functions for all employees, volunteers, visitors and subcontractors.

     Work Health and Safety Policy (435 KB)


  • Complaints Handling and Grievances

    The SALAA Complaint Handling Procedure defines the system for dealing with complaints submitted or referred to SALAA. It serves to ensure that complaints are dealt with fairly and impartially and strives to satisfactorily resolve disputes between the Association and complainants in a timely fashion.

     Complaints Handling and Grievance Procedure (585 KB)
     Complaint Form (474 KB)
  • In the interests of creating a Child Safe Environment, all TTGLAC Committee Members, First Aid Officers, Canteen Manager and Coaches are required to have a National Police Clearance.

     National Police Clearance (177 KB)


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TTGLAC Policies

TTGLAC policies apply to:

  • Coach Accreditation

    The TTGLAC is committed to providing high quality athletic training opportunities for its members. The TTGAC seeks to ensure that all coaches are appropriately trained and accredited under the Athletics Australia Coach Accreditation Framework.

    Rationale: The Government of South Australia Office for Recreation and Sport has initiated a STARCLUB program.

    "A STARCLUB is a well-run club where quality coaches and officials work alongside valued volunteers in a safe and welcoming environment."

    The STARCLUB Club Development Program identifies 25 steps to successful club management. Part 2 (Coaches and Officials) Step 7 relates to the use of accredited coaches and makes the following statement:

    "By committing to using accredited coaches, instructors and officials, a STARCLUB is going the extra step to ensure that participants get the best possible outcome. You work hard to persuade people to join your club so you don't want to lose members through poor coaching or not having any coaches at all! Having at least one person who is qualified means they can provide leadership to other coaches."

    Accreditation also requires that coaches Play By The Rules. Play By The Rules is a partnership between the Australian Sports Commission and all state sport and recreation agencies. It involves ensuring that coaches provide an inclusive, safe and fair environment for participation.

  • Relay Team Selection

    The Relay team is selected by a sub-committee of the TTGLAC Committee and is comprised of three members: Team Manager, Coaches Representative and a Committee Member. As determined by the TTGLAC Committee, the Relay Team Selection Sub-Committee shall select the team in accordance with either the 'Participation Model' or the 'Competitive Model':

     TTGLAC Relay Team Selection Policy - Participation (TBD KB)
     TTGLAC Relay Team Selection Policy - Competitive (71 KB)

  • Website

    Whilst not an official policy, this section contains some general principles adopted in development and maintenance of the TTGLAC website:

    • TTGAC financial statements/records will not be published.
      Reason: Protection against fraud.
    • TTGLAC Committee Minutes will not be published.
      Reason: The minutes may contain financial statements and/or personal information relating to members.
    • Images of children will only be included with the consent of the parent/guardian. The children will, in general, not be identified by name unless permission is obtained from the parent/guardian. Images will be of low resolution.
      Reason: Child protection

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